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Wife Got Laid By Other

This is rakesh married to divya three years back.we both were orphans ,grown up together in government orphanage .we got married when i was 24 years old and she was two years younger than me.divya is lean 5`7 height ,45 in weight and white in colour with sexy looks on her.we both are open minded persons so we discuss everything without hesitating. divya loves men alot and she chats with them alot but she loves me too much.i am bisexual guy ,she know it.we used to discuss sex alot ,she used to say about her regular chat with different persons to me.

after marriage we has to leave orphanage home so i got a job in private company which is in another city.with help of one of my colleague i got a house for rent.the house was located at out skirts of city which is bit old with trees around.normally the strret contains only 2-3 houses .i could not get another house as rent in the city are too high .my wife divya adjust with what we got .she said that she is happy with what we got.the house we rented belongs to police officer i didn`t saw him till that time. divya used to spend her day totally watching tv and chat with men.she was virgin till our marriage but she got a close relationship with care taker at our orphanage.one fine day after three months we got into house ,owner of house came to collect rent.he was huge man 6`feet tall,120 kg in weight and he must be in his 40`s.he was chubby guy with beard and he doesnot look like police officer .he looks like gangster.he introduce to me as venu.

my wife divya came out of kitchen with tea .he stared at her continuously as she got tight nighty . divya`s round boobs are clearly visible with her outfit.divya loves to be in modern way.i asked him about his details.he said that he was married and got 2 children ,he took our numbers and he us his number for any help.my wife divya started chatting with him .he used to visit us every week. he became very close to us.he used to compliment my wife every time when he used to get chance.once i came home fro work due to my health issues.when i reached house i saw house owner (venu) bike infront of our house.i thoght he must be here for casual meet.the front door of our house was half open i entere inside but didn`t found him in front room.even i didn`t found his slippers then i thought it must be outsiders.the house consists of 6 rooms with large living room first followed by another 2 straight passage rooms.

when entered into next room i saw shoes and police dress to hangers.it conformed me that he must be with my wife.when i was close to bedroom i saw my wife`s panties and his underwear.as i am bisexual my feelings too raised high watch him with my wife and also to have him.the bed room door was half closed .my wife slept on bed with front towards upper side.he leaned on her top and fucking her hardly.i couldn`t see my wife`s body as he got huge body.i could see only his broad body and huge buttocks of him making moments.my wife making sounds. i opened the door .the soon he got from her and stood aside with his hands over his dick .my wife saw me and gave a smile.she said to me darling he got nice huge fat dick.she slowly removed his hands from it.his size was same as me but twice fatter than mine with thick hairy body.he got nice belly too.my wife took it into her mouth and sucking it.i became naked and sat on end side of bed.soon he took her legs onto his shoulders and slowly put his dick in her pussy.i took her mouth close to my mouth and kissed her deeply.

after few minutes i slept on bed and my wife came over me with her pussy on my mouth.i started licking it for some time then he put his dick in her.my wife took my cock into her mouth .i got excited it was my first time to see a sex such closely.i licked his balls to while he was fucking her.then he lifted my my holding her legs and my wife`s hands over his neck.he was pushing his dick slowly in and out of her pussy.i kneel t and cleaning the juices that are coming out of her pussy.he was kissing her deeply then he took her onto bed and fucked her deeply for few minutes then both had a nice time.he removed his dick slowly out of her ,his cum was flowing out of her and i cleaned it.he said to me that you got lucky wife who will satisfy too much.then i dressed up and left the house.then i took my wife and had sex for few minutes.then she relaxed for few minutes.from that day he used to spend daily sometime with my wife after his duty.
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