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Next day morning I wake up. Bani is still sleeping. She is looking like an angel. Slowly I kiss on her forehead and say,”Good morning”. She also wake up now and hugged me tightly. She wants to hide herself inside me from the rest of the world. I moved my hand on her back and said,” Yesterday night I told you that from today my turn will start.” She kissed on my chest and said , “ I love you rana. I want to stay like that for the rest of my life. Promise me that you will never leave me.”
I kissed on her forehead again with a lots of love and affection. She had her answer. We get up from the bed. I am getting ready for my office. Bani is doing her household work. Today she will not go to her office. I am ready to go. I come close to her. Hold her shoulder and turn her towards me. She looks into my eye. She moves her face close and planted a soft kiss on my lips and said. Please come back soon. I return a soft kiss on her lips and said, “ I love you, and I will come back as soon as possible. You take rest. And I lock the main door from outside. So nobody can get into our house. If anybody call, tell that you are out of station with your husband. If they want to verify and come then they will find that door is locked from outside, Ok.”
She slowly nodded her head and said, “ I will not on my mobile. Even I don’t want to talk with any of them.” I can see tears in her eyes. I promised myself That I will teach a very good lesion to all of them and leave for office.
But instead of going my office I went to meet one of my friend name Tarun. He is a high ranked police officer in Kolkata police. Moreover He respect bani like his own elder sister. He is bani’s rakhi brother but more than her real one. I know only he can help me and he is the only person who doesn’t take any advantage of this.
I directly went to his office. Tarun is very happy to see me. He welcome me with a bright smile,” are dada kya baat hain aj subha subha mere office mein?”
Me – tarun I want to talk with you
Tarun – any problem dada
Me – yes tarun, and I can only rely on you.
Tarun – tell me dada what happened.
Me – It is about bani.
Tarun – about bani, my sister!
Me – yes tarun.
Tarun - dada please tell me what happened?
I told him all the incidents. I told him every thing, I told him about Rahul, aslam, Rajeev, Raghu, and this two boys chintu and babu. Their blackmailing and threatening.
Tarun get up from his seat and lit a cigarette. He uttered very harshly, “ I will kill those bastard. How dare them to touch my sister. Rana da just give me details I will personally shoot them.”
I hold his hand and said tarun please cool down. “ I can also kill them, but if they killed, investigation will start and then everybody will know what happened with bani. So we have to move very cleverly and very silently. And if we kill them then that will not be a punishment for them. I want that they should live but each and every sec till their death they should only think that why they did this to bani.”
Tarun said,” yes rana da. You are correct. But rana da one request bani di should not know that I knew every thing, then I will lose my beautiful sister. You will tell that you are doing all this not me. Ok.”
Me –ok tarun as you say.
Tarun - Rana da I will collect all the information about them. First I will collect all the data about them. Then I will select the woman who is most precious and respected in their life. And then I will collect Such information that those woman will be ready to do any thing. Understand
Me – yes tarun I understand your plan. now we blackmail them and make them slut in front of their eyes.
Tarun smiles at me.
I get up and headed towards my office. Once I tried her in mobile but it was switched off. Then I try our landline. Now bani pick up the phone. We talked for a min. I came to know that chintu came to our house at afternoon. But my planned work. He saw the lock on the main door and returned back. Bani is crying and asking me to come home immediately.
Evening I move out from my office a little early and headed towards my house. Suddenly my phone rang it was tarun.” Dada come to my office immediately I got something for you.” Without wasting a single min I go towards his office.
When I entered into his office he is smiling. I can guess that already he has something very interesting in his hand, may be any secret so that we can execute our plan.
I take a seat in front of him. He told me,” today night only you will be going to take revenge on chintu. Ready for that. You can do anything with him and with his mom, and they will not utter a single word I give warranty to you.”
I surprised, with in few hour what secret he collected and how? Still I don’t believe it. Is that true? Does he joking with me? But it is not possible that he can joke on this sensible matter, and where bani name is involved. I look at him with a surprise look,” is it true tarun? What you Got in your hand?”
Tarun – It is also a video but a master one. One year ago Mrs sukla, mother of chintu was coming home from another city. She was coming at night. She was driving her car on her own. Suddenly in a remote place one man stopped her car for help. When she stopped the car the man got into her car and tried to rape her. She fight back and in the hit of the moment she stabbed that man and killed. Later she pushed him from her car and went to her house. She told every thing to her husband who is a powerful govt official. So he stopped the case by his influence. But the most amazing part was, the hole incident was recorded in her mobile camera which was accidentally on.
Me – and this is the video of that recording.

Tarun – yes dada, if this video come out their entire family will ruined. No 1 she has been accused for murder and at least 14 years of jail. And his husband also will go behind the bar in charge of conspiracy, help criminal to clean out all the evidence against her, minimum of 7 years jail.
Me – what are you saying?
Tarun - now take her mobile number and make her your personal slut. Then we will hunt chintu with the help of her mother.
Me – thank you tarun.
Tarun – dada one more thing if bani di is not allowed you to do what I told you, then just simple send her to me, I will take care of her. But in that case bani di never knows that chintu has been punished.
Me – ok tarun I will take care of that.
Tarun – and don’t panic if the video was deleted because I have copy of that video.
I said bye to tarun and leave his office with a weapon to hunt chintu. I comeback to my home. I get inside and lock the door behind me. Bani is running down to me from our bedroom and tightly hug me. Her hands wrapped around my back. She is now feeling safe.
I fresh up and change my dress and seat with her and drinking tea. slowly I moved my hand in her hair lovingly and caressing. She came close to me and kiss on my cheeks and said, “ love do you thing that I will again live my normal life?”
Me – yes
Bani – but how it is possible? They are all regularly enjoy my flesh by blackmailing me, and we can’t do anything.
Me – we have to do a lot of things to normalize our life and also to take revenge from those bastard. And I make sure that they will never ever think of you or try to do anything nonsense.
Bani – what we will do?
Me – answer my question first. Just a single question?
Bani – what
Me – if I fuck another woman married or unmarried in front of you, for the success of our plan will you agree with me?
Bani – (looks into my eyes, she tries to hide her emotion) yes I will accept. Not only that if you want to continue any physical relation with any other woman I will not protest you because I have no right to do that.
Me – I take her face in my hand and planted a soft kiss on her lips and said get ready. Wear your jeans and a shirt in which you look like an angel, very beautiful very elegant. Because today night we will be going to teach chintu a nice lesson Ok. So just go and change yourself. She looks at me with disbelief. I assured her and send her to our bed room for change.
Now it is 7 in the evening. Tarun already inform that chintu’s father went to Mumbai for some work and chintu is alone with her mother. I take my mobile and call Mrs Priyanka Sukla on her mobile. After 2 – 3 rings she pick up the phone and said,” hello “. Her voice is so sexy.
I told her that I want to tell her something very serious about your son, so can you please come to my room now?
She asked,” What type of problem? And from where you get my no?
Me – (very politely) mam I am your well wisher. Sukla saab ne hume akbbar police se bachaya tha isiliye main aapka help kar raha hun.”
Mrs sukla – ok I am coming but I cant give you more than 30 min. understand.
Me – ok mam as you please.
After around 1 and half hours around 8.30 pm mrs Priyanka sukla come to our room and ring the door bell. I got up and open the door. Here mrs sukla is standing. She is wearing a tight churidar. She is very sexy. Her vital stat is 36-26-36. She is very fare and attractive. No body can believe that she has a baby boy who is now studying in class 12.
I welcomed her into our house. She came in and I lock the door from behind. I take her to our drawing room. My wife bani is already sitting there. She greeted mrs Shukla and requested her to seat. Mrs sukla start talking with us.
Mrs sukla – now tell me why you asked me to come here immediately? I have so many works to do.
Me – madam your son chintu and one of his friend babu forcefully fucked my wife without her consent. Not only that he recorded their fucking session with their camera. And now they blackmailing her. After that several time chintu fucked her by blackmailing. He not only fucked her but forced her to do all the nasty things to fulfill his wild fantasy, which I come to know recently.
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