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The Best Pair

It was 2.30 in the morning and we should be getting back so I started the car and departed, before getting home I stopped the car and kissed her and pressed her boobs at that time she gave me something in my hand and said bring it back the next time, I looked at the thing she gave me and realised that they were her wet panties, I kissed them and put it in my pocket and thanked her. I dropped her and the car at her place took my bike and went home, I went to my room and had a quick shower and then went to bed with her panties, I sniffed her panties many times before I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up around midday, I saw pinkies pink panties lying next to me I kissed them and went to the bathroom with it, I finished my morning chores and came downstairs Kamal kaka (Suman Aunties husband) had come and was busy talking to my dad, I said hello to him and sat down next to him. The servant brought me some tea; I was listening to kaka’s conversation with dad and guessed that kaka is going away somewhere, later I asked kaka where he is going so he said that he is visiting his in-laws and will return after 3 weeks with Suman kaki, I said let me know if I could be of any help so he replied that as a matter of fact you could help me by looking after my house while I was away I sad no problem, I will go to your house everyday, he was quite pleased with my reply and said thanks and gave me a set of keys for his house.

I was very pleased with this arrangement as now I had a place to fuck Pinky. Kaka was due to leave at 3pm so I decided to let Pinky know that tonight we enjoy ourselves in kaka’s house, I went to pinkies house but she had gone out, so I asked pinkies mum to ask her to phone me and also asked her if pinky is going to come for garba tonight to which she replied that she does not know of her plans. I left her place and just round the corner from her house I bumped into her, she was pleased to see me, I asked her if she is going to come with me tonight and she replied yes then I told her of the accommodation and she was very happy with the arrangement, I also asked her if she could take her school uniform with her as I would love to fuck her in her school uniform she said it will be difficult to take the uniform with us at night as her mum will ask questions, then she said wait here I will be back in 5 mins, she came back 10 mins later with a bundle and said this is for tonight, I took the bundle and went to Kaka’s house, kaka had already left so I opened the house and went in, I opened the bundle pinky had given me and saw her school uniform a towel and a black bra, I kissed them all and laid them on the bed ready for the night.

I came back home and did some other chores and anxiously waited for the night. At around 9.30 I had my dinner and left home, I arrived at Pinkies house and called out for her, she was still getting ready so I waited in their veranda and chatted with her mum, in about 10 mins pinky came and we left on my bike, on the way I asked pinky if we should go straight to my kaka’s house or she wants to visit a few garbas she said no go straight to the house, her reply pleased me. We arrived at kaka’s house at 10.30, I opened the house and we went in, I asked Pinky to make herself comfortable, I took her to the bedroom and she saw her clothes laid on the bed, she told me to go out so she can change into something more comfortable, she was wearing a green Ghaghra choli. I went out and waited in the living room and lit a cigi, I was puffing away when she came out of the bedroom dressed in her school uniform, and she looked very sexy in it. Her tits were pushing outwards and her black bra was visible through the thin fabric of her shirt,

her skirt was shorter than usual and displayed a lot of thigh, I was stunned at the sight. I stood up and went towards her and took her in my arms and started kissing her she responded and kissed me back our tongues were doing a battle and the room was filled with our kissing sounds, both were loosing control, her hand went straight to my zipper and she opened it and started caressing my lund through my underwear, I in turn lifted her skirt from behind and massaged her arse cheeks, I noticed she was not wearing any panties. I suggested that we go to the bedroom so she just turned and took my hand in hers and pulled me towards the bedroom, there she ordered me to undress so I took my clothes of in a flash and stood in front of her totally nude, she asked me to lie on the bed, I lied on my back flat on the bed, she then got on the bed and put her legs on either side of my stomach and stood above me, she then raised her skirt and showed me her pussy, her pussy looked marvellous, fresh as a daisy and clean as a baby’s bottom, her pussy was freshly shaved and I could see the wetness on her pussy lips.

She asked me if I am enjoying the view I didn’t reply instead just sat up and kissed her pussy lips, I tasted her juices she sighed, I was holding on to her muscular thighs and felt the shiver in her thighs, I parted her pussy lips with my tongue and licked her deep she could not bare this and collapsed on me I was crushed, her pussy was fully on my mouth and it was getting difficult to breath so I push her off me and turned her over and laid her on her back on the bed, I looked at her face and saw her eyes closed, I raised her skirt and massaged her choot she was breathing heavily and moaning, I got between her legs and started sucking her pussy her juices were oozing out and I was lapping it up as fast as I could, I must have sucked her for 5 mins when she clasped her thighs together and trapping my head between them, I felt her pussy shudder and knew that she was having an orgasm, her juices were gushing out of her choot she was thrashing about like a fish out of water, I pulled out from between her legs and watched her she was incredible.

After a while she calmed down and I asked her to undress she said no you take my clothes off so I gently started undoing her shirt buttons, she said not like that just rip it open and said I like rough sex, I liked her idea so I ripped open her shirt and then her skirt then I pushed her bra over her tits and started pressing her boobs roughly, she was moaning continuously, my cock was rock hard and in her hands she was moving the skin to and fro, her palms were wet with my precum, she then brought her palm to her lips and licked my cum of it and said you taste nice, then she asked me to lie down on my back, she then took off her bra and took my cock in her hand and massaged it for a while then bent down and took half of my cock in her mouth, she was bobbing her head up and down in a nice rhythm and was giving me a wonderful blowjob, her tongue was swirling around the head of my cock, then she took me even deeper and I felt my cock head touch the back of her throat, she was making humming sounds while sucking my cock just like a baby while being breast fed.

She sucked me for about 10 mins the pulled my cock out of her mouth and straddled me and positioned my cock at her entrance and started sitting on it, I was soon fully inside her, her pussy was like an oven, and I could feel the heat on my cock, she then started fucking me moving her hips up and down, I was enjoying the ride her boobs were jumping up and down and the sight was very erotic, she increased her speed and soon reached her second orgasm I felt her hot juice on my cock and then on my balls, she collapsed on my chest with my cock fully inside her, I turned her over and without waiting for her to recover started fucking her at full speed, I was stroking her so hard that with each stroke she was being pushed upwards and soon she could go no further and then I pinned her down with my hands and fucked her brains out she was begging me to stop but I did not listen and fucked her for 10 mins then I ejaculated in her choot, we were both sweating and were exhausted,

I had collapsed on her and was just lying there with my cock buried deep in her choot, my cock was slowly loosing its hardness and soon popped out of her pussy and I felt hot juices oozing out of her pussy, I got up and gave her ripped shirt to plug her hole, she got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, I wiped my cock with her skirt and sat on the bed smoking, she came out after 5mins and sat next to me and said that this was the best fuck of her life and thanked me and also said that this was the first time she has been fucked in a bed. I hugged her and kissed her then I took her to the kitchen and found something to eat, we ate and drank and relaxed we still had about an hour more, we were in the living room sitting on the sofa hugging each other, I was massaging her boobs and she was playing with my cock. She then asked me if I would fuck her once more to that I said I could if you could suck my cock to hardness, she didn’t waste any time and got on the floor and started sucking my cock,

she was a good sucker and within 3 to 5mins she had my cock rock hard, she looked up at me with my cock still in her mouth, it was a very sexy scene, my cock in her mouth and her lips wrapped tightly around my cock, I caught hold of her hair from the back and pulled her to her feet then turned her around and she spread her legs I checked her pussy for lubrication and found that she was ready to accept me so without any foreplay or delay I rammed my cock in her pussy and settled in a nice rhythm of fucking, she was leaning on the wall for support and I was ramming my cock deep in her pussy she was moaning like hell and calling me a bastard and a dog and every name under the sun, I was enjoying her vulgar language, to be honest it encouraged me to fuck her even harder. She said phad daal meri choot KO, aur daal ander, I paused for a moment so she said Ruk mat sale chod mujhe ruk mat mera pani chhootne wala hai chod aur jor se chod, I was fucking her as hard as I could and in a few minutes she came I felt her cum on my lund it was warm, I was approaching my own orgasm so I kept on fucking her and with a few hard jerks I came in her choot,

I withdrew after a while and sat down on the chair fully exhausted she was still standing against the wall with juices pouring out of her cunt, the juices were running down her legs to the floor.
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