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Nights At The Gas Station Ch. 03

"Sorry, we took so long." Jill said as she walked into the store five minutes later.

"It's ok." I said, keeping my eyes firmly on the page I had been at for an hour now.

A few seconds later Troy walked in. I looked up and saw he was sweating. Sweating like he had just finished a workout which, well, he had. He ambled in my direction, and started getting behind the counter. I looked at him questioningly and gestured with his thumb towards his mouth, and came close to me.

There was a mini-fridge under the counter with stuff for us employees - water, juice, colas, etc. It was right next to my feet. I could almost feel the heat radiating off Troy's body as he stood right next to me, and bent down to open the mini-fridge. I looked at him from the corner of my eyes. A man I had seen just minutes back fully naked. And I could not help but think of his dick as my gaze moved towards his crotch..

Not that there was anything to see. Troy wore really loose clothes. Loose jeans, with a long almost knee-length t-shirt. The only bulge in his clothes was of his stomach bulging out of his t-shirt. Troy took a bottle of water out of the fridge, opened it and emptied it into his mouth. Standing next to me, over a foot taller than me, and pouring that water down his wide-open mouth he looked even more like a gorilla than usual.

"Could I have some water too?" Jill said getting behind the counter. With me and Troy standing there, she could not get to the fridge.

I bent down to open the fridge, and Troy had the same idea. He bent down and reached for the fridge, but a second later than me. And his big hand hit my left breast with a mild thump. I have bigger than average boobs. Not freakishly massive, but they fill out a C-cup perfectly. So when I bent down, they were sort of suspended from my body and I was sure Troy hitting my boobs was an accident.

"Umm...sorry." Troy said in an embarrassed voice and withdrew his hand.

"It's ok." I said, marveling at how hard even that gentle accidental touch seemed to be. It had made my breast gyrate a few times. I reached down, picked up a bottle and gave it to Jill, who didn't seem to have noticed what happened. Troy lumbered out from behind the counter, and walked back to the pumps. And I turned my attention to Jill.

She must carry a compact in her pockets or something. Even after what I had seen, Jill wrapping her lips around Troy's huge dick and sucking it, her make-up was perfect. Her lipstick seemed even and undisturbed. She had to have touched it up on her way back.

"What're you staring at Savvy?" Jill said, and I realized I had been staring a little too obviously.

"Oh. Nothing. I....I like your lipstick." I said, making up an excuse. And got back to my book.

When I told Vinit what I had seen, he got even more excited than before. He actually canceled a conference call to have sex with me. I told him in as much detail as I could what I remembered. And we tried the position, of him holding my ankles up, but somehow it was too uncomfortable and his dick kept slipping out. So we just did it regular doggy style.

Over the next week, it became somewhat of a ritual. At 3 a.m., Jill would say they were going for a smoke and a walk. I would wait for ten minutes, then lock up the store and head to the shrubs. Make my way through the shrubs to my spot. And watch them have sex. The range of their positions amazed me. Some times Troy would fuck her standing up, holding her against a tree. Sometimes she would ride him. There were the usual positions, and of course the one where he held her ankles up, like a wheelbarrow. I would tell Vinit everything in detail and our sex life improved beyond recognition.

One detail I did leave out was how big Troy's dick was. I was sure that Vinit might feel emasculated, even if he didn't admit it to me. So when Vinit asked me, I said "It is about the same as yours". He did not believe it at first, but I assured him that the big monstrous black guy had a dick which was roughly the same size as his. And finally Vinit seemed convinced.

The one day, a couple of hours before leaving for work, I got a call from Pareshbhai,

"Jill is taking tonight off." he said. 'It will be just you at the counter."

"Will Troy be there?" I asked, wondering if the two of them had decided to spend the night somewhere else.

"Yes, he will be there. I wouldn't leave you alone all night, dikra." he said and hung up.

Troy and I exchanged just pleasantries and nod when the shift began. We never talked much anyway. And I didn't smoke, so couldn't join him on smoking breaks. I just took care of business and read my book as Troy manned the pumps.

At 3 a.m., as per habit, I looked outside, expecting to see Jill and Troy together preparing for their smoke-sex-walk. But then I realized Jill hadn't come in tonight, so that was not going to happen. I got back to my book when the door opened. Troy poked his head in and said,

"Be back in a bit."

I nodded. He nodded back, and ambled away. In the same direction he went in every night with Jill. But there was no Jill with him. That puzzled me. Why was he going there alone? Maybe he was actually going just to have a smoke and stretch his legs, I decided. He would be back soon.

Fifteen minutes passed and he still wasn't back. That really puzzled me. What was happening? I wondered if Jill, despite taking the night off, had still decided to make their nightly outdoor sex date. Maybe they were in those trees right now, like every night, having sex. Or maybe it was some other woman Troy had called over. My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to investigate.

I locked the store and walked towards the usual spot. Got into the shrub, and squat-walked slowly past them taking my usual route. Moving past the last shrub, where I usually watched everything from, I came to a stop. And looked straight ahead among the tress at the spot they usually had sex at. But it was empty. Confused, I was about to turn around when,

"You're here." I heard a voice say close to me. I turned my neck and saw Troy sitting on the ground near a shrub about 5 feet away from me.

"Ummm..." I couldn't think of what to say.

"Been waiting."

"What?" I said.

"I've been waiting for you to show up." Troy said, looking at me with a piercing gaze.

"I was just....looking for you to....for some help...with some boxes.....of chips." I said, managing to string a story together. And once I got it strung, I continued confidently. "I needed your help to get some boxes of chips out of the storage closet."

"No, you weren't." he said matter-of-factly.

"Yes, I was." I said, resolved to stick to the official response.

Troy put his palms on the ground, propped himself up slightly and moved sideways until he was seated right next to me. Then he turned to face me and said,

"I know, Savitri." He pronounced my name almost perfectly.

"What are you talking about?" I asked angrily, deciding offense was the best defense.

"I know you watch." he said.

"Nonsense." I said.

"Okay well. Someone watches. Every night. I know that. From this very spot. It's been too dark for me to know exactly who. But I had a guess. Turns out my guess was right." Troy said with the logical elegance of a prosecution attorney making his closing argument.

I had no idea what to say. I was panicking. And I was in a very uncomfortable position, sitting on my haunches. So my face was sort of bent forwards out of the shrubs. Troy was however seated quite comfortably. And he was looking at me, waiting for the defense attorney's response.

"Well...I....sometimes...maybe..." I was having a tough time stringing this story.

"Sometimes? Maybe? No. Every night. Definitely." Troy said. This was the most I had ever heard him speak. His voice still had that phlegmatic lazy tone though, that of a man perpetually struggling to keep awake.

"Troy.............shut up!" I said a little too loudly, in a flourish of eloquence.

He furrowed his brow, and brought his face very close to mine. I could see from his face that he was annoyed. And he had the right to be. He had caught me red-handed, and yet I was the one being combative.

"Why?" he asked calmly.

"Why? You mean why shut up? Or why do I...." I trailed off.


I shifted uncomfortably on my haunches.

"You see my husband and I..." I started saying, but the sentence never got completed.

Troy's face, which was already close to me, leaned ahead and he put his lips on mine. A small bolt of electricity....or maybe it was panic....ran up my spine as he reached around with his big hand, put it on the back of my head, and drew my even closer, locking us into a kiss. I wanted to struggle and yell. I wanted to break away and run. I wanted to do a thousand things.

But at that moment, locked in my first ever kiss with anyone apart from my husband, a forbidden kiss with a co-worker, also the lover of another co-worker, I found myself unable to move. All I could think of was how his thick rough lips pressing against mine, felt so passionate and almost assertive. A strange wave of pleasure was washing over me, and it started cresting when I felt his thick tongue dart into my mouth and gently poke at my tongue.

My tongue stayed back shyly at first, like a turtle reluctant to peek out of its shell. But Troy's tongue kept inquiring, gently as well as urgently, and I did not even realize when my tongue finally got over its reticence. And started playing with Troy's. Once I responded with my tongue, Troy pushed my head even harder towards his, and his lips pressed and caressed my lips hard. He then slid his slips lower and bit my lower lip with his teeth very gently. And then got back to a lip-to-lip kiss. My mind made a note - this is a way hotter kiss than any I have had with Vinit.


As soon as the name flashed into my head, I came to my senses. I withdrew my tongue and pulled my head back.
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