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My Wife's Sacrifice - Pt. 03

My helpless Anupama was shocked and started pleading with him, ' AmeerchandJi, please Sethji . . . . have sex in my vagina. Not in my anus please. I abhor such things. It repels me. It is sinful. I will give you pleasure thru' my vagina. Please Sethji, I shall get hurt if you do that. Please Sethji, you can even put it in my mouth. I shall give you extreme pleasure while sucking! '

I also came to her aid, ' Yes AmeerchandJi, Please . . . . My wife has never experienced such a thing Sethji! She is very delicate. She will be hurt badly! Please take your pleasure from my wife's tight vagina AmeerchandJi! I can vouch that she has a very lovely cunt which will suck you up like a piston! Please Sethji!

AmeerchandJi said, ' Look both of you. Do not put my mood off. If my mood goes, then I shall leave and you know what will happen! Now Jeevan, just shut up and pry your wife's anus open with your fingers and pour the oil into it, so she won’t get hurt! Then give me the oil, I will oil my cock too! '

I did as he was told. I then handed the bottle to AmeerchandJi, who gestured to me to keep sitting next to my wife, in her misery! AmeerchandJi, now pulled off his langoti! I was amazed and shocked to see his organ! It was massive! Like a boulder! It was around 8.5 inches in length, 3 inches in thickness and was throbbing like a wild cat! It was totally black and covered with lots of white and grey pubic hair! His balls were baggy and huge and were dangling like rubber balls beneath his massive penis! They seemed to be full of his semen! I cried out, ' AmeerchandJi, this is too huge, my small little wife will be split open and torn! '

He just laughed and pushed a pillow beneath my wife's tummy and positioned his large bulbous penis head over her anus! My beautiful wife, Anupama looked helplessly at me for some help. I sadly looked back at her. I reached out and patted her. She reached out, caught my hands, closed her eyes tightly and waited fearfully for the onslaught of the old beast AmeerchandJi's gigantic organ, into her virgin, tight and unused anus!

Slowly AmeerchandJi's massive organ started inching into my lovely wife's, anus! Within some seconds, I could see her anus stretched completely! AmeerchandJi kept pushing his organ into her virgin hole. It simply would not go inside due to its massive size. He started applying pressure. It started paining her. My beautiful wife, started sweating and bearing the pain. She clung to my hands. Now AmeerchandJi started ferociously pushing his organ with a mighty force into her. I thought that she would be split up. My wife, Anupama started screaming and sobbing loudly. He then started thrusting it more forcefully. She was now totally screaming with pain and weeping. She sobbed and again looked at me. I tried to comfort her, but, to no avail. Her anus felt as if some one was splitting it up. Finally AmeerchandJi rammed the balance of his organ into her fully! My wife screamed out loudly for one last time.

I said, ' Darling, he has completely put it in now! The pain will subside in a few minutes! Just relax your buttocks and try to adjust to his organ '! AmeerchandJi kept his organ motionless into her, allowing her body and her anus to adjust to its massive size. I kept wiping her sweat and patting her cheeks. I kept saying. ' Anupama, now your pain is over! He is in you completely now. The pain will go away. Just relax your body to accommodate him better! ' AmeerchandJi was just motionless with his organ embedded in her, while I was comforting her.

The pain slowly seemed to start subsiding after 5 minutes. Slowly AmeerchandJi started moving his organ in and out of my wife's tight, virgin anus now. I could feel that he was getting a great deal of pleasure both physically and psychologically! Just as he had fantasized, he had not only had sex with a married woman in front of her husband but also, taken her anal virginity - which was a bonus in his scheme of things! Now he started moving faster and faster. Now with his passion climbing up to peak levels, he was virtually ramming his organ into my wife's anus . . . . .! Looking at an old man, slamming his rock hard, huge monstrous organ into my small wife's tiny anus, I was excited too much! Finally after ramming and thrusting into her for almost 10 minutes . . . he shouted, ' Anupama, I am going to fill your anus with my hot juice! '

He screamed, ' Ahhhhh . . . .! ' and started biting her at the back when ejaculating his semen into her. He kept biting and ejaculating for quite some time and then he completely collapsed with his weight over her. Anupama was crushed. But though she was overburdened with his massive weight over her, She did not mind, simply because she was relieved that her anal ordeal was at least over for the time being! He lay over my wife for almost 5 minutes, before he rolled over! My wife was sweating profusely and turned to look at me with her eyes full of sadness. I looked at AmeerchandJi. He was smiling! My tired wife was full of sweat! Her whole body was heaving with gasps. Her breasts, thighs and neck were covered with bite marks, when AmeerchandJi had bit her during the throes of his passion! My wife looked so tired, yet so tender and delicate! Finally she closed her eyes. After some time, she seemed to have fallen asleep!

But within an hour, after relaxing AmeerchandJi pulled my sleepy wife to himself! He again started drinking her milk, from her large black nipples! Her big lovely grey eyes widened. AmeerchandJi now stood up and placed his cock onto her mouth. My wife's eyes were glazed as she took his huge cock deep into her mouth, her red lips stretched wide as she started to suck him uncontrollably. AmeerchandJi grunted with perverse pleasure as he began to deep fuck her beautiful mouth, drawing a few gagging sounds She squirmed. Grasping her head with both hands,. AmeerchandJi's massive organ completely down her throat, pre-cum building on the cumslit of his penis. Anupama gagged as AmeerchandJi jammed his cock into her warm, wet oral cavity, forcing her to suck on him while he massaged her large breasts and black nipples. His cock was monstrous. But my wife seemed to have evolved into an expert cock-sucker and that was simply accentuated by her naturally full-lipped mouth. AmeerchandJi repeatedly thrust the swollen tube of meat into my woman’s wet mouth and took pleasure from Anu's passionate grasp of the thick shaft of his massive penis. AmeerchandJi then extends his one hand and started to play with her swollen clitoris very expertly. He also began to grunt with perverse pleasure as she sucked his huge length into her mouth, the size stretching her lips wide and tight. I watched as my wife struggled with the thickness of his girth, her natural oral talents and skills on display as she slowly accommodated the width of his iron rod mushroom shaped cock-head. Sucking a hard penis has always been a turn-on for any woman and, her mouth full of AmeerchandJi's cock, it wasn’t long before her first climax occurred. It started with her slowly rising moans of pleasure, the large slab of penis in her mouth tasting good to her as AmeerchandJi started to play with her inch long nipples, my buxom wife arching her back to allow him even more access to her large breasts. AmeerchandJi winked at me and twisted her nipples gently, then pinched them. The result was the first scream announcing Anupama's orgasm with the old stud in her mouth. Her body jerked over and over until the first wave of orgasm washed over her writhing body. She jerked violently and started emitting her secretions in spasms from her hairy, wet vagina!

When she had finished her orgasm, he pulled up her thighs wide apart, put them each on either side of his shoulders, positioned his thick bulbous cock head over her labia and started slapping her vagina with it! He would rub the head on the opening for some time and then give her vagina three quick slaps. Again he would rub the head on the opening for some time and then give her vagina three quick slaps. All the while, his hands were squeezing her breasts and sometimes he was sucking her nipples like a baby! This went on for a long time. My Anupama was once again getting excited! Finally, she could not bear the pleasure and the anticipation. She started arching her back and pushing up her vagina involuntarily, in the hope that AmeerchandJi would penetrate her vagina. But AmeerchandJi continued what he was doing. Out of sheer frustration she finally blurted out . . .

' Sethji . . . . . . . Please . . . . 'ayea na?

AmeerchandJi asked ' What Anupama? '
'Ab hume chod dijia Sethji , or raha nahi jata,
AmeerchandJi looked at me and just smiled.
I was speech less. I never hard any slang word from her mouth before.
She gasped with lust, ' Please AmeerchandJi, don’t torture me like this.!, Ap hume chod chod ke challi kordijia.
“Such bol rahi ho Anupama……..sach much tum hum se chodwana chahati ho”? Asked very pleased AmeerchandJi
“I want you Sethji. Its true…beleave me. Now please come into me.” Anupama whispered desperately.
I could not believe that I was hearing my chaste, home-loving, caring, tender and such a conservative wife, actually pleading for an old brutal stranger, to put his massive, gigantic organ into her tight and tender hairy vagina!

AmeerchandJi teased her, ' Anupama, or ekbar apne mu se bolo na tum keya chati ho? '

She said, ' Bol to rahi hu baba tab se ……chodia na hume, or raha nahi jata '

Grabbing my wife's inner thighs he spread her legs wide apart and pressed the tip of his cock in her black, hairy, pungent and wet vagina. Slowly he pressed into her a few inches and then almost all the way out before pressing slightly deeper. This slow pumping continued until he was almost fully inside her. The deeper he went the more my wife moaned. AmeerchandJi now slammed his pole with full force into my wife's vagina and impaled his monstrous, organ deep into her womb! The man with the horse sized cock! I watched with depraved awe, as his massive knob slowly stretched her tiny cunt slit and became lodged in the snug mouth of her pussy! Anupama crossed her lovely legs behind his back and their bodies melted together! My little wife's firm thighs grasped AmeerchandJi's pistoning hips! AmeerchandJi started to fuck my wife very hard and fast.
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