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My Adventures

Hi I am Anisree from Trivandrum.iam 24 years old married to Rahul. Rahul (my husband) and I worked for a multinational bank in Trivandrum. Well, Rahul got an assignment in Singapore and unfortunately I could not manage to get a transfer too. One option was to quit my job and join him as a housewife, but we decided against it. He left for his assignment and I settled down being a married yet single working woman in Trivandrum. That kept me away from indulging in any kind of time pass..hence the silence… This October I took a week’s leave to go to Kochi to attend the wedding of my maternal uncle’s son.

They live in a place called Aluva. This was only my second visit to Kochi. The first time I had gone there was as a kid with my parents . I was totally shocked to see Kochi 2014. It’s so green and clean and majestic. Although my uncle, who is a retired senior officer of the armed services, has a huge bunglow, I was put up in a rented bunglow close to his house. Two other families were also put up there. One was my aunt’s younger sister and her husband and the other a very close friend of my uncle from the army. I was put up in one of the bedrooms on the first floor where the army friend of uncle was given the second bedroom. This guy was around 65 and yet had a very robust look.

The first evening when we met in the living room in the ground floor for dinner, he shook hands with me so tight that I almost screamed in pain. I have always admired the courage and strength of guys in the armed forces and hence felt an instant liking for this guy. Although there is no mehendi rituals amongst Bengalis, being in Kochi and having lots of friends, my cousins had organized it a day before the wedding. Since I had just arrived by the evening flight that day and that too after attending office, I excused myself and stayed back in the house.

Same night the army uncle had also arrived from Kochi. Since the other family had gone for the mehendi, Uncle and I were alone in the rented bunglow. After dinner we went back to our bedrooms on the first floor. At around 10 p.m. the caretaker left after informing us that the family staying in ground floor bedroom have the keys to the main door and hence we need not bother to get up and open the door for them. Being totally exhausted, I decided to have a shower and go to bed immediately. I had just stripped off my jeans and top when there was a knock on my door. I knew it was the army guy, since there was no one else in the house. That’s when I did something very very weird….I decided to be naughty.

With just my panty and bra on me I opened the door. He just stood there (for what felt like hours) looking at my half exposed boobs and at my thighs and legs. I pretended to be shocked ….and trying to cover up my nakedness with my arms. Finally he found the courage to mutter an apology and said he would come back later. I closed the door and felt a little stupid to have done this. But then my aching sex urge took over. I wrapped a towel around me and went to his room and knocked. This time I was in for a big shock. He was stark naked and had an erection so firm that he could pass off as a 22 year old porn star. Omg…he had the hugest cock I have ever seen. I am sure when he was in service in the front line, if ever he was cornered he would not have to fire his guns….just unzip and show his cock…the enemy would die out of fright.

When he saw me staring at his huge cock he gave me a smile and said that he always sleeps naked and was preparing to go to bed. I was speechless and could just mumble an apology for knocking at the wrong time. He just waived his hand and said he has no problems with it. He then asked me if sleep naked too. I told him that since I live alone in Trivandrum, sometimes I do. That eased the situation a little and he asked me to come in. I asked him as to why he had knocked on my door and he replied that he wanted to know if I would like to chat with him for a while. By the time I had settled myself on the corner of the single bed that he had prepared for himself, I had noticed his hardness getting even stiffer.

I also noticed that he was constantly looking at my cleavage peeping out of the top of the wrapped towel and my thighs which were exposed almost to the Y. For a while he spoke about his family, village, years in the army and finally his fetish for younger women….I smiled and told him that I am 24.. very young . That’s when he told me the sweetest thing I have ever heard in my life. He said…with a body like yours even a 100 year old dead man would get an erection in his grave. LOL. I knew it was time to give him back my gratitude for his compliment. I got up and took off the towel. He looked admiringly at me attired in just my black bra and thongs. I posed like a porn star for him and finally approached him.

The moment I reached within grabbing distance he pounced on me, lifted me like a WWE wrestler and threw me on the bed. In seconds he had ripped off my designer underwear and was licking my dripping pussy like a starved hunter. Next thing I remember that he had made me get on all fours and was impaling me from behind. It felt as if a log was being rammed into my pussy. He was so strong and so brute in his strokes that I almost fainted. Then he did the unthinkable….he withdrew from my pussy, stretched open my ass and like a ruthless matador rammed his huge cock in my virgin rectum. I yelled like hell. I had never known getting fucked in the ass could be so painful ….. and pleasurable……when the load drips out and slowly flows past your clit and labia….
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