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Meera's Greencard Wedding

Meera, Rahul and Sujith studied together and were classmates during their Engineering days.

For as long as he could remember, Sujith had a crush on Meera.

But he could never muster up the courage to say anything to her in college. He mooned over her, made occasional awkward conversations about home work etc. But nothing beyond that. Meera, raised in a Westernized liberal household, dated Rahul. Sujith always felt jealous of them. Meera, being a woman, knew that Sujith had a crush on her but she never reciprocated. He was simply not her type. She always made excuses and moved away whenever Sujith tried approaching her in any direction.

Rahul and Meera's relationship, meanwhile, progressed in leaps and bounds after that. They were almost inseparable whenever they had any free time. The personal chemistry was perfect, and they both really cared for each other. They never made their relationship official on Facebook or told their respective parents, who were kept in the dark.

After graduation, both Rahul and Meera stayed in Delhi where they worked as software professionals in an MNC. Sujith however, moved to the US as a citizen. Sujith's parents relocated to India shortly after he was born in the US to take care of their ancestral property and business. Having US citizenship meant that Sujith had all the options in the world. He soon found a job in the silicon valley as a chip designer and started working there.

Meera was a head turner. She was cute while she was a student but after graduation, with money in her bank account and a great fashion sense she turned into a gorgeous woman. She was really fit and looked hardly 25 or 26. Her curves were all in the right places. There was not a single extra ounce of weight on her body, she took care of that with a twice-a-week gym routine. Her hair were dark and long, right now made into a stylish hairdo that kept them up, leaving her back bare.

Her color was really fair and her arms looked really nice and smooth in the deep sleeveless cut of the tight suit. Her slim, sexy figure was accentuated by the tight fit of the suit she wore to the office everyday.

She was wearing a bra but it was the bare essentials type that didn't hide her nipples so well, her dupatta, white like her suit, was completely transparent, didn't hide her deep cleavage from the view, rather made it more interesting to look at it.

The kurti stopped after covering her thighs, and the salwar though not so tight being white, had some transparency in it. You could see her white, smooth, well-toned thighs when the loose salwar clung to her legs. Her panties, were the stylish, sexy, French cut cottons that covered the essentials and only that. The salwar ended at her ankles which were quite shapely, and then she had on, 4" high white, clear heels, so sexy.

Everybody in her office including her manager lusted after her. Rahul also was in the same team as her. One day, there was a sudden on-site requirement on the client site in US. Except for Meera and Rahul everybody else on the team got the opportunity to relocate to the US. The reason was due to an internal company policy of only sending candidates who had less than 6 years of experience to on-site. Both Meera and Rahul completed 6 years and were ineligible. They both had a chance earlier (2 years back) but the client project got cancelled and the US dream did not materialize.

They were both stunned. Rahul left early for his home. His sister greeted him enthusiastically at him when he reached home but he did not respond. He turned his cell phone off and dozed off.

Meera tried reaching him and became very worried when he did not pick up her calls. She could hardly sleep that night. Next day, in the office, Rahul was standing near the coffee machine early in the morning. He heard a light tap on his shoulder. Half dead, he turned around weakly. It was Meera.

Meera was furious.

"Rahul! Can we talk in the conference room?", she asked him.

He just stood there without saying anything. Meera took him by his hand and dragged him into the room and closed the door with a loud thud.

"Why didn't you pick up my call yesterday? Do you know how worried I was about you?", she screamed at him.

The normally very quiet and mature Rahul broke down into tears. She walked slowly towards him and put his head in between her boobs. Rahul wrapped his hands around Meera's waist and was crying shamelessly.

"Shhh! Come on Rahul! Don't be so emotional! We will get through this one! You know how much I love you! It will be alright. We will get married next year and we will have a happy married life! It will be so much fun Rahul!", she consoled him.

"Meera, if we make it to the US, we can earn a lot of money. There are so many opportunities for us there. I really want to go there Meera!", he wailed.

Meera was heart broken seeing Rahul in this condition.
Rahul soon composed himself. His head still resting on Meera's boobs which were almost as big as Amisha Patel's and Gul Panag's milk tankers. Meera was also hugging Rahul trying to calm him down.

He suddenly gripped and squeezed her large tits, amazed at how firm and heavy they felt in his greedy hands. “Nooo, Rahul, not now!...” Meera shouted as she started struggling against the Rahul but every time she moved he just seemed to squeeze harder and hump against her more firmly. She fought back trying to swing her elbows back, her beautiful face becoming very angry.

She tried to break free and he humped against her ass and forcefully groped her chest.

“Oh my God!!! these feel fantastic,” Rahul said as he squeezed Meera's impressive tits. He reached up and grabbed her dupatta and with a strong pull he got rid of it exposing the cleavage.

“Rahul! Control yourself!”, Meera shouted as she spun around, barely noticing her exposed breasts. His eyes were locked on her boobs, reminding her of her exposed breasts.

Rahul couldn’t think as he watched Meera's large tits moving side to side on her chest. The large breasts movement reminded him of his favorite porn stars.

Rahul took a moment to look at Meera before moving closer and kissing her. He thrust his tongue past her lips and caressed her warm, pink lipstick decorated mouth while groping one of her tits with one hand and trying to feel her ass with his other hand. Finally, he started massaging her tits with both hands, amazed at how silky smooth they felt and how firm they were. They barely moved as he groped at them but felt amazingly soft. His lips left her mouth and he licked down to her impressive chest, quickly catching one of her nipples between his lips, sucking hard on it as he licked it to full hardness. He switched to the other tit, still massaging both breasts as Meera and fell down under him.

“God your breasts are amazing,” Rahul muttered as he buried his face in Meera's tits, amazed at the feel of them surrounding his head.

He could spend all day in the conference room playing with her amazing boobs. He stopped groping her firm breasts and began pinching and rolling her hard nipples, tugging them and pulling them around on her chest.

"AHHHHhhhh!Uhh, Uhh, Uhh, Uhh, uhh! UH, UH, AHH, AHH, UHH, AHH, UHH! "AHHH, N-N-Nnooooo, Nooo, Plleeeasee..." she begged while her breasts were toyed with by Rahul. "AHHGGGG,, GGGODDD, NOOOO", she screamed helplessly.

To control Rahul, she gave him a resounding slap. Rahul was stunned and came to his senses. "Meera! Let me suck on your breasts for just 5 mins! It's so hard to control myself after all these years of not touching you. We are the only couple who don't have sex!"

"Rahul! I understand. But only after marriage. We had this agreement right from the start!", she said trying to reason with Rahul.

Even before she completed her sentence Rahul started sucking again on her right breast. With his left hand he kept tugging her left nipple.

Meera was getting exhausted trying to fight him off. As much as she loved him, it was against her principle to have premarital sex.

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the conference door. It was Meera's manager.

"Guys! Our team has a meeting here in 30 mins. Please finish the meeting and vacate!"

Both Meera and Rahul quickly adjusted their clothes. Meera's bra was torn in the excitement. She removed it and gave it Rahul looking at him angrily. He put it inside his pocket. Meera placed the dupatta in the proper position and walked out.

"Meera! Can you come to my cubicle?"

It was Raj. Her manager.

"Let's go over the ppt for the client meeting we have tomorrow."

Raj switched on the projector and Meera stood up and was explaining and going through each slide till she reached the 5th slide.

"What is this?", Raj asked Meera sternly.

Meera then went into the technical details of the slide. She always was an ace student and a total pro with doing her homework.

"No! I am not talking about that!", Raj shouted becoming irritated.

Raj walked closer to Meera.

"I am talking about this!"

With both his index fingers, he traced circles around both her areola simultaneously.

The light brown areola surrounding her nipples were clearly visible like a cricket stadium as they pressed against the outer white transparent fabric of her clothes. Thanks to the stunt pulled by Rahul earlier her entire body was soaked with sweat. Sweat from her face drained downwards and collected against her breasts displaying her assets in full glory with no bra to obstruct the view.

With Raj's touch, Meera's nipples suddenly came to life almost doubling in size. They became rock hard poking through her top. Raj's attention were 100% on her twin towers. He pulled her breasts up by her nipples, forcing them into cones. He twisted them to the side, pulling on them. He released them, her heavy breasts bouncing back on her chests. He then pinched her nipples and kept twisting them like the volume button on a speaker.
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