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Indian Wife and Her College Friend - 3

"Hmm now it's getting interesting."

"Our room was on the first floor so that we had a sort of attached balcony which opened out into the park. We made our way to the balcony and we were kissing passionately. It was deserted at that time of the day and we, we, "

"Started doing it."

Shriya blushed a lot and then continued.

"Yes. It was very romantic and both of us were in a naughty mood. We had taken off our clothes and were doing it when we heard a noise."

"Oh my god what was it?"

"There was a Spanish guy standing there looking at us doing it. We were both shocked for a second and I didn't know whether to run and hide, or continue. But the guy just smiled and Varun started doing it again."

"Oh my god, with the guy watching?"

"Ya! I closed my eyes and let Varun do it. When I opened them again, the Spanish guy was still there, and he was. "

"Jerking off?"

"Yes, Varun made me get down in the doggie position and we did it again, all with the guy watching us. I know it was wrong, but it was so hot! Gives me the shivers to think of it even today."

"But what happened then?"

"The guy finished, and smiled at us and left. After that we didn't see him again in the villa."

By the time Shriya finished saying this, both Sriram and I had raging hard-ons and you could see the erect nipples of Shriya through her saree and blouse. It was incredibly sexy, her sharing this private incident with her college friend who was hearing it with a hard-on!

'Wow that was pretty wild! And you liked the incident a lot?"

"At that point I didn't know how to react so I went along with what Varun did. But yea, it was so hot you know. Doing it in front of the guy. Felt very wild and naughty."

"Only one problem."

"What is it?"

"I don't believe a word of it! I'm your friend and you haven't even kissed Varun in front of me. You expect me to believe you did it in front of another guy!"

"Hey it really did happen! It was all in the heat of that moment."

"Yeah right!"

I thought Sriram was playing it exactly right - Shriya is very argumentative, and she loves to prove people wrong.

"Oh come on! Why would I make that up!"

"Then prove it! Just kiss Varun!"

Shriya strode over to me and kissed me lightly on the lips.

Sriram sneered, "Are you his sister or his wife?"

Shriya then grabbed me and we started kissing in earnest. Shriya really wanted to prove her point so she kissed me even more passionately than usual, hugging me tightly to her hot body and running her hands through my hair. I ran my hands all over her body and squeezed her waist as we kissed.

Shriya let out a small moan as I squeezed her and we started to French kiss, our tongues playing together. I could make out that Shriya was really aroused and turned on, because she doesn't French kiss unless she is extra horny.

We finally broke apart and looked at Sriram, who was sitting on the sofa with his legs wide and his hard huge cock poking through the shorts. Shriya's boobs were heaving from passion and she asked Sriram, "Do you believe me now?"

"Yeah that was quite a performance! Did kissing in front of me give you a thrill?"

"Yeah a little but not as much as that time."

"Well feel free to do it anytime! Don't mind me!" said Sriram and then wandered off. We both knew he would be going to the bathroom to jerk off his huge meat, thinking of us kissing and my hands all over Shriya.

As soon as Sriram had left, Shriya dragged me to the bedroom and she practically dropped her clothes and jumped on me in her horniness. Soon she was moaning heavily as I was fucking her tight pussy while slapping her butt.

"Did you really enjoy us kissing in front of Sriram darling?"

"Umm oh god yea, it was so hot with someone watching."

"He's probably jacking off now thinking about your body baby."

"Oh Varun do you really think so?"

"Yeah, of course, who wouldn't get hard watching you kiss darling."

"Oh god that's so hot I'm coming, AAAAH."

Pleasure rippled through her body as Shriya came heavily. She lay in a stupor for a while, with the drowsiness of orgasm washing over her. Then she realized that I hadn't come.

She caressed my cock lovingly and said, "I know what will make you cum baby. Do me in my other hole darling, I know you love it."

She once again got into the doggie pose but put her head in the pillow and lifted her ass up for me to fuck. I jumped at the opportunity and was soon ramming her ass hard.

Shriya was moaning hard again, "Oh yesss Varun that's it I'm going to cum again, harder baby harder."

Soon I came, unloading my hot cum in her asshole. While I was cumming, Shriya once again came violently and we collapsed on the bed, sweat lining our bodies.

By now I was so horny and definitely liked the horniness that Shriya got from all the sexual subtext with Sriram. So I asked her again about the kissing and she admitted she liked it. She asked me if it didn't make me jealous that Sriram was looking at her when we kissed. I said of course not, it was hot just like the time in the villa. Then came the really horny request.

"If you don't mind, I want to do it again then Varun."

"Do what baby?"

"Kiss in front of Sriram."

To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

"What? Are you sure? What if he gets hard like that Spanish guy darling."

"He's hard all the time anyway Varun."

I got the feeling we had crossed some line here.

"What if he, he brought it out baby?"

"No, no he won't do any such thing Varun."

"But what if he gets carried away darling?"

"No, no he won't. He might stroke it but he wouldn't take it out Varun."

My horniness won out.

"Mmm, alright."

I was curious to see how far Shriya would take this. I badly wanted to see Sriram take out his monster cock and Shriya suck on it. But I wanted things to proceed at their own pace, without me pushing my wife into the arms of another man.

When the next morning rolled around, I could see Shriya was super excited about what we were supposed to do that day. She donned a super sexy transparent saree with a low neck blouse. She was looking as sexy as her namesake in the film industry in that costume. Sriram, as usual came for breakfast and feasted his eyes upon her exposed hip and hint of cleavage through the saree. By now, his becoming hard was common in our household, and so he didn't even try to hide it, and instead sat down with his huge bulge showing.

Even he could see that Shriya was glowing with excitement today and said, "Looks like you had a great time last night huh?" with a grin.

Shriya just blushed.

Sriram went on, "Did you try the back entrance again?"

Shriya just nodded in shyness.

"How was it?"

"It was really great Sriram," gushed Shriya.

"Good, good. If your kissing had anything to do with it, feel free to do it again."

I could tell Shriya was just waiting for this, and immediately came to my side. But Sriram interrupted saying, "If my watching gives you a kick, then I want to watch well! Lets move to the sofa, I can't see well from here."

Shriya blushed at the straight forward request, but we complied and moved to the sofa. Shriya and I were sitting on one couch, with Sriram sitting opposite us.

Shriya began kissing as soon as we sat down, and I could sense from our kiss that she couldn't take it anymore. We kissed passionately with our tongues soon seeking each other. As we kissed, Shriya had an eye on Sriram. I also looked, and to my shock Sriram was rubbing his cock through his shorts and a spot of precum had already appeared on his shorts from his rubbing. Shriya reached for my cock and rubbed mine as she eyed Sriram rubbing his. I squeezed her waist and this added to her pleasure in this incredibly sexy scene that I couldn't believe was happening on my own couch.

We kissed hard as Shriya squeezed my cock over my shorts. I put my hand inside her saree and inched it up to her swelling boobs. To my surprise, she didn't resist as I started squeezing her hot and heavy boobs. She started moaning audibly now, glancing at Sriram, sitting there rubbing his cock, watching me fondle here body. Her eyes were trained on his cock as she put my hand over her boobs and pressed them into her soft flesh. Her saree was still covering her body so Sriram couldn't see her boobs, but he would have known that I was pressing them right there, just beyond his sight.

When I pinched her nipple through her blouse, Shriya gave a small moan and came to her senses. She got up and adjusted her saree. She smiled at Sriram and said, "Hope you enjoyed the show!"

He complained saying, "I didn't get to see anything."

"What you got to see is enough! And you can't tell me that you didn't like what you saw!" She pointed to his cock.

Sriram grinned and said, "Yes it was very hot! How was it for you?"

Shriya just blushed and slightly licked her lips.

"Let me massage you now," said Sriram. I was alert - did massage mean something else today? Shriya consented and Sriram strode over to our couch. He was much more confident, and directly stripped Shriya of her pallu. She was looking like a goddess standing there with her milky cleavage jutting out, and her soft waist waiting to be squeezed. This was the first time some other guy had stripped any part of her clothing.

But Sriram did not stop there. He put both his hands on her milky waist and pulled her to him. Then he rotated her so that her back was facing him. He moved in, rubbing his cock on her ass. He started undoing her blouse. Shriya just stood there with her eyes closed enjoying it all. Soon he had unhooked her three blouse buttons. Now Shriya stopped him and turning around, slowly shrugged off the blouse, off her shoulders so that it was only covering her boobs, supported by her hands.

She looked at me and I read carnal lust and animal desire in her face. This wasn't the shy wife I knew at all.
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