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Indian Wife and Her College Friend - 2

The next day being a Monday, I had to get up and rush to work. But my mind was tormented with the sexy dance that I had seen, especially the part where Shriya locked her legs around his waist. I had a very distracted day and returned home early, not knowing what that evening would bring to our sexy drama.

At home, everything appeared to be normal. Shriya was in a saree - nothing fancy, just a normal cotton one, with a tight blouse. She seemed to have lost that horniness that I had seen the previous day and was quietly going about doing her work. She smiled and welcomed me home and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. Sriram, without an erection for a change, was sitting in the hall watching TV. I was very relieved and happy that things were so normal. I went to our room, changed, and came back to the hall.

We were chatting normally about various things when it suddenly started to rain. Shriya rushed out to get the clothes off the line, and we went to help her. It was a violent down pour, and by the time we had come back inside, all three of us were drenched. Shriya immediately got us three towels and asked us to take our wet clothes off. When Sriram and I looked at each other in embarrassment, Shriya exclaimed, "Oh for God's sake, we're all adults here. Let me start." and took off her pallu.

This was the first time she had done that in front of another male. Due to the rain, all her clothes were sticking to her body and every shapely curve could be seen clearly. We could make out the shape of her bra inside the wet and clinging blouse. Her boobs looked inviting, asking us to strip her naked and suck on those mangoes.

She started pulling out her saree, and looked sternly at both of us.

Sheepishly, we started stripping also. Sriram exposed his rippling muscles and his hairy chest as we stripped to our boxers. It was very clear that he was having a huge hard-on. It was difficult not to have, considering the beads of water on my wife's sexy waist and on her back. She looked like a sleazy item girl as she stripped away her saree and stood in her blouse and petticoat.

Sriram was getting embarrassed due to his hard-on, and was trying desperately to hide it. While this was going on, Shriya was drying me.

Once she finished with me, she went to him and said, "Sriram, it's okay we're all adults here. I know you are, shall we say, excited. Both Varun and I don't mind - do we Varun?"

"Of course not," I said, backing up my wife.

"So you don't need to try and cover up. We're all wet here and that's just one more problem. So relax."

Sriram could hardly believe his ears. He slowly took his hands away and moved his legs apart so that his cock was clearly visible. I could see Shriya breathing hard as she looked at his massive erection. But she controlled herself, and started wiping his chest. But her eyes would often return to his cock and mine, as if she was comparing the two in her mind.

Words cannot capture how erotic this was, with the two of us standing there with our cocks hard, and Shriya drying him, with only blouse and petticoat on. She ran her hands over his chest and muscles to check that they were dry. She did this slowly, almost seductively. Her hands came close to his hard-on as she dried his stomach.

But she didn't touch it at all. Finally she said she was done.

She looked at Sriram and said, "You should take care of that in the bathroom," meaning his erect cock. I couldn't believe that my wife was talking about cock to another guy. Sriram grinned sheepishly and left.

That night in bed was, as you can imagine, pretty hot. I was sure that the vision of Sriram's cock stayed in Shriya's mind as we fucked again in the doggie position. She was thrusting back at me hotly and moanly "Oh yes Oh god" at each thrust.

I asked her what she thought about Sriram's cock.

"It's so big, and thick. Any girl, would want it."

The pauses in her speech were the points at which I was thrusting so she would stop moaning and give a little moan then.

"Oh really? Where would they want it baby?"

"Oh god, in every hole Varun. They would love to be filled up by that cock."

"What about you Shriya?"

"What do you mean Varun?"

"Do you like it?"

"Don't be silly Varun. ah ah ah, I'm your wife, only you can fuck my pussy."

In a way it was satisfying to see that even though she obviously wanted his cock, she was restraining herself because she was my wife. I felt a little proud of my wife's restraint. I was sure if one of her girlfriends had come and had tried to seduce me, I would have fucked her right away. But I was rapidly getting addicted to the heavy sexual atmosphere in the house. It made me hot, as if I was watching a porn film. Only here it was live, and the actress was my darling wife.

The next day, Shriya was a bit stiff in her movements. Sriram said he had learnt massaging, and offered to massage her. Normally I would object to a man massaging my wife, but here I was confused between jealousy and the obvious sexual chemistry between him and my wife. I wasn't sure how far I wanted this to go. Did I want to watch him fuck my petite wife? I didn't know, but I said okay for the massage.

We all headed to the bedroom, and Shriya removed her pallu. It was still exciting every time she did: the beautiful swell of her milky breasts through the blouse was a sight to see. Both of us became hard seeing it. Shriya smiled, looking at our hard cocks and lay down face down on the bed. Sriram moved to the side of the bed to massage her. I took a seat at the other side of the bed.

For the first time, I watched another man touch my wife's delicious waist. It looked so inviting, with its folds and all. I watched as Sriram put his hands on her waist and Shriya shivered a little at the alien touch. She gave a slight moan as he put pressure with both his hands squeezing her waist.

"Oh you're so strong Sriram," she said as he continued to work her waist.

She starting moaning, "Aah that feels so good," as he squeezed her waist.

"Varun you should learn to do this, he is doing it so well."

Sriram's bulge got even bigger hearing her moans. He was standing quite close so that his erect cock was brushing her hand on the side of the bed. I badly wanted to stroke my cock seeing this. Will this end with Shriya impaled on his cock?

I was very close to cumming as I saw Sriram pressing the creamy waist flesh of my wife on the bed, and hearing her moan that it was good as he squeezed her. He was now moving up her back, pressing and squeezing along the way.

He reached the blouse and asked, "Shriya do you want me to do your back?"

Shriya looked at me for a moment and then bit her lip saying, "Yes Sriram, can you unhook it and continue please?"

Sriram asked me then, "Are you sure? I can see this is a bit awkward. If you want to do it yourself its fine, I'll tell you how to do it."

I went to the other side of the bed and unhooked Shriya's blouse in front of another guy. I opened the blouse at the back but didn't take it off her body, leaving them attached to her shoulders. Her creamy white back was fully exposed with a sexy lacy bra. I ran my hands over her smooth back. I controlled an urge to lick her back, it was looking so good. Sriram asked me to unhook the bra too. I did that and finally Shriya's bare back was now exposed to Sriram. The guy must have been in heaven.

He instructed me how to massage her and I started pressing. After a while, Shriya said, "Varun you're learning fast, but could you let Sriram do it today? I need to do some work in the attic tomorrow and this back pain will get in the way. You could help me tomorrow darling."

My wife herself was asking for another guy to touch her back!

I moved back to the other side of the bed and Sriram started massaging her again. She starting saying 'mmmm' again as he pressed her back and arched her back in pleasure as he pressed her waist. As he was massaging I am sure the entire length of her arm felt his hard cock. Finally it was over and Shriya thanked him warmly for helping and lay on the bed as Sriram left for his room.

As soon as Sriram had left, Shriya shrugged off her bra and blouse and grabbed me and pressed my head to her swollen boobs. She moaned loudly as I sucked her tits.

"Ohh yes suck them Varun suck harder."

"How did you like the massage Shriya?"

"It was very good Varun. Sriram has very strong hands. Did you see how he squeezed me!"

"Yeah, I did baby. But was disappointed that you asked him to do it instead of me."

"Oh Varun! I'm so sorry baby. But I needed relief badly. Tomorrow you can do it all by yourself."

"No Shriya, I was just teasing! He knows his stuff, and he should do it till you get the relief. You liked his handling better right?"

"Ya baby, you have the technique but he was just more forceful and strong."

By this point I had no idea if we were still talking about the massage or whether it was about future fucking by Sriram!

"Didn't you feel shy showing your back to him baby?"

"A little baby, but since it was you who unhooked me, I didn't feel too shy. I wouldn't have done it if you hadn't been there Varun."

"I know baby. It's good that you are getting more comfortable with him."

"Ya Varun. You wouldn't mind if he massaged me tomorrow also?"

"Of course not Shriya. Whatever makes you feel good."

"Thanks Varun, you're the best!"

By this time we had started fucking and I found her pussy wet and wanting. It was really surprising how horny she was becoming. She hadn't been like this since the start of our marriage! Then we used to fuck every day, but overtime we only fucked once or twice a week.

The next day at breakfast, Sriram was very familiar with Shriya and the interpersonal distance between them seemed to have nearly evaporated. When breakfast was over, Sriram asked how the back was feeling, and reached out then and there and put his hand on her milky hip!

Shriya was shocked for a second but seemed to take it in her stride saying it was much better.
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