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Diary Of a Cuckold Husband Part 21

We knew Rohini couldn't conceive and hence there was a potential for such a request but never though we could entertain it. Moreover, I never thought Mansi would go through pregnancy more than once. She was determined to focus on her career and hence didn't want to consider conceiving so soon, although it has already been almost 4 years to our marriage.

"How do you think Ajoy likes it?" Rohini asked quickly changing the topic.

"Does he know?" asked Rohini.


"That you practically lived with Rahul while he was gone," Rohini clarified.

"No way, I don't want him to think that I am falling in love with Rahul."

"It would only make him jealous," added Mansi.

"Are you?" asked Rohini.


"It is just lust," clarified Mansi after a nervous laugh.

"Ajoy is the ideal husband for me."

"Does he mind that Rahul gets an unfair share of sex from you?"

"I guess not," said Mansi after a thought.

"He is sensitive and doesn't demand too much over the weekends."

"Perhaps, you are keeping him busy during the week," said Mansi teasingly.

"Not really," replied Rohini casually.

"We indulge over the weekend every night after I am back from work," Mansi said justifying that I too was getting a decent share of sex from her.

"You mean after fellating Rahul," teased Rohini.

"Does he know?"

"Would he mind?" asked Rohini.

Mansi didn't respond.

"Ajoy has distinct cuckold tendencies," said Rohini.

"I suspected so," replied Mansi feebly.

"He is a passive cuckold, though."

"He would need help from the environment, to realize his fantasies," said Rohini.

"In other words, the answer is he wouldn't mind," said Rohini.

"Are you suggesting that he already knows?" asked Mansi.

"He secretly wishes that you entertain Rahul before coming to him, which you are but not to the fullest extent."

"How could you be so sure?" asked Mansi.

"I am not. But I can see the trend."

"He doesn't mind when Rahul monopolizes you. He even waits for his turn on weekends."

"What are you suggesting?" asked Mansi.

"Test the waters," replied Rohini calmly.

And they headed back to the living room giving me a chance to sneak out. It was evident that Rohini was manipulating both of us to achieve their objectives. None of us felt violated; in fact her manipulation suppressed our guilt and helped us overcome our inhibitions.

I had suspected that Mansi and Rahul must have been indulging in sex while I was asleep but never knew that Rohini was aware of it. However, Mansi rarely resisted my advances after returning to bed; hence I had no reason to suspect. This explained why she always had fresh breath.

I knew Mansi would test the waters right away; she still continued to fellate him on weekend nights. However, a new pattern started emerging and I noticed that Rohini dragged me out on the afternoons on some or the other pretext. Rahul was practically screwing her every day of the week.

Green card helped me find a job late in October. It was a management consulting job with a boutique consulting firm based in San Francisco. The MBA that I procured while trying to woo Mansi back in India came in handy. The job required travel to the East Coast on a weekly basis, so essentially my life hadn't changed much. The workload was terrible and sometimes I had to stay over the weekend instead of spending time with Mansi. Around the same time Rohini made a trip to India to take care of some domestic issues. Mansi and Rahul lived as husband and wife while we both were away.

The first time I got sloppy seconds with her was quite by surprise. Mansi's birthday was on the 23rd of November and came on the Thanksgiving Day. I was away from her for three weeks so that I could spend the Thanksgiving weekend with her. Mansi and Rahul didn't travel to San Francisco that week; it was a short week anyway. According the plan, I was supposed to reach on Thursday afternoon but I surprised her by reaching on Wednesday night instead.

I reached home around 11 p.m. and Mansi was indeed surprised to see me at the door. I had to wait at the door for a little while before Mansi opened the door.

"Surprise," I said excitedly.

"You were coming tomorrow," she said hugging me. I had missed her; it was three weeks after which I had seen her. Locking the door, I asked her, "Where is Rahul?"

"He is asleep upstairs," she said leading me to our bedroom. In the dim light of the staircase, I noticed her puffy red lips as she answered my question and I couldn't control myself. I pinned her to the wall and kissed her passionately. She resisted but not for long. Our kiss got wetter by the moment and towards the end I was slobbering. My hands moved up to fondle her breasts, which were freely dangling underneath her top. The thought crossed my mind if they were in the act when I knocked on the door. I was extremely excited and in the heat of the moment, I sneaked my hand inside her top and grabbed her right boob and gave a very hard squeeze.

"What are you doing," she complained breaking the kiss; her lips glistening red with our saliva.

"Rahul is asleep," I pleaded while sneaking the other hand inside her top.

"I am your wife not your mistress," she said and picked up the luggage and descended the stairs; almost implying that she wouldn't mind having sex with Rahul on the stairs.

Once inside the bedroom, I pulled her into my arms again and planted another wet kiss on her lips. She fervently kissed me back and my hands roamed all over her body and rested on her shapely bums. Mansi stopped me when my hands breached her underwear and took hold of her firm butt.

"Ajoy stop," she said, "I feel very dirty right now."


"I didn't have a shower today," she complained.

"It doesn't matter."

"You know I love your musky smell anyway," I argued.

"Let me take a quick shower"

"And then we can do it all night."

"No," I said and pushed her back on the bed. She indeed looked wonderful in the soft night lamp light. Her lips were rosy red and her breath labored. We again engaged in tongue duel and I got rid of her night suite in no time. She moaned as I took her left nipple in my mouth.

As I moved south wards she said, "Let me relieve you."

"I am really messy down there," she reasoned.

"No I want to taste it. Besides, I would cum in no time if you take it in my mouth."

I liked the smell and taste of her pussy, no matter the state of her pussy. I suspected she might have had sex with Rahul before I arrived. It wasn't as if I was eager to taste her pussy filled with Rahul's semen but rather that I wanted to taste her pussy. I was deprived of sex for past few weeks and needed it.

As my face hovered over her crotch, the strong stench of her urine hit me. She wasn't lying. Her crotch was damp -- was it the anticipation of sex with me or was it Rahul's semen. As my lips touched her crotch over the underwear, she pleaded, "Ajoy..." for me to stop yet her pelvis twisted up.

I didn't waste too much time and pushed her gusset aside and pushed my tongue into the folds of her lips. The bitter taste confirmed that Rahul indeed had fucked her. Her vulva was quite distended and my tongue easily slid inside and as it slithered inside more of Rahul's cum came down. From the quantity and the thickness, I concluded they must have finished 30 minutes before I knocked on the door. As my tongue curled upwards and grazed past her clit, she pushed on my head and said, "Please take it slowly baby!"

She doesn't like me to focus on her clit early on.

"It feels so good. Slide your tongue in baby."

"Don't mind the taste. I know it is messy."

Rohini must have educated her on the pleasure of having creampie eaten out. However, I wasn't sure if Mansi could muster courage to enact it. Perhaps she was just trying to make use of this opportunity. On second thought, I realized that Rohini knew about my plan to surprise her. Did they plan it I thought?

"My pussy is on fire; soothe it with your tongue," she moaned.

And for the next 30 minutes I lapped the remnants of her mating with Rahul. She had an incredible orgasm. I had performed oral sex on her several times that spanned for more than half hour but this was perhaps the firs time when she became violent and almost strangled me with her legs.

"You indeed are on fire," I said moving up on top of her.

"What's up?"

"Nothing I missed you," she said and kissed me. I realized how wide open she was when I inserted my penis in her. I could barely feel her and blurted out, "I can barely feel you."

"Did I interrupt something when I knocked on the door," I asked. I still couldn't believe I said that.

"Shut up," she said blushing in response.

"Don't ask don't policy," she retorted in a teasing manner, reminding me of our tacit agreement.

"There is no harm in breaching it every now and then," I exhaled. I was stroking her very slowly, trying to prolong the session.

"Do you want me to be on top?" she asked.

"You won't last for long otherwise."

We changed the positions and she rode me; our regular position when we intended to have leisurely fuck.

"So, how is it going?" I started again.

"What?" she asked feigning ignorance.

"Your relationship with Rahul?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"Just curious," I replied calmly.

"This is about sex and not love.” She said.
“I know I am your only love in this life," I said supporting her.

"Perhaps in the next six lives as well," she said giving me tight squeeze with her pelvic muscles.
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