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Confession Of A Cuckold Part 07

"Why are you asking me that? You were dead against it and you never interested in getting physical with anyone apart from me." I slowly caressed her back.

"Well let's just say I want to grant you your wish. Does it really excite you to see me naked with someone else?" She slowly pushed me back on the bed so that I was lying down on the bed. She then came on top of me as her breasts were staring in my face.

"Yes darling, it excites me to imagine you naked with someone else." She didn't remove her nighty, but pulled out both of her breasts out of the cups. Then she slowly adjusted them so that they were hanging just above my face. Then she took her left breast in her hand and slowly bent forward. I eagerly opened my mouth as she fed her breast in my mouth. I slowly licked her breast as made it with my saliva.

"Will you watch him sucking my breasts like this? Won't you be jealous when I feed my breasts to him rather than you? " I couldn't believe Vidya was saying this. She had always been somewhat conservative and shy. But somehow Akram's sight seemed to have turned her into a shameless woman. I knew Akram has some kind of inner power in his looks and personality. Earlier he made me a puppet and forced me to do what he wants. But I never imagined how my conservative and homely wife will change like this by just watching him for few moments in the webcam.
I kept licking her breast and then switched from right to left.

"Honey, I would like you to be happy and satisfied." I said before stuffing her nipples in my mouth again.

I kept licking her breast and then switched from right to left.

"Honey, I would like you to be happy and satisfied." I said before stuffing her nipples in my mouth again.

"So why do you think you can't satisfy me?" She slowly moved her hand behind her and touched my already erect dick. It was already making a tent in my pants. She slowly inserted her hand inside my pant. I was not wearing any underwear and she slowly moved her hand and put it on my dick. The naked touch of her hand on my dick stirred a horny feeling in me. She slowly caressed my dick with her soft hand.

"Is it because this is too small and doesn't stay long?" She laughed as she shook my small penis with her hand.

I moaned as mouth was still feeding on her breast nodded to her in agreement. She slowly pulled her hand out and then put it behind my neck and pulled out her breast from my mouth. I looked up in her eyes.

"I don't know from where you got that idea, but sometimes I feel like agreeing with you. So is Akram big?" She had a very sexy smile on her face. Both of my hands were slowly caressing her ass.

"He says he is. He says its 9 inch." Vidya doesn’t know that I have already seen his enormous cock that night.
She smiled and slowly ran hands through her open hair. Her lovely big breasts bounced in front of my eyes as she tied a hair with a chop that was lying on the bed.

"So you won't feel jealous if he starts fucking me with his big tool.

She tied the hair and then once again pressed my chest with both her hands and caressed it lightly.

"Darling, I want to see you satisfied and happy." I moved my hands to her breasts and slowly squeezed them. Vidya looked in my eyes for a moment before replying.
"So is he really interested in meeting me?" She moaned as I pressed her nipple between my fingers.

"He has explicitly told me that he wants to sleep with you. He is very eager to have you in his bed naked. But I never thought you would agree, so I never told him anything." Her lips were dry and there was a pink color on her cheeks.

"So you are going to introduce us if I say YES”
She playfully hit both my hands as I was playing with her breasts and moved them aside.

"Well you have never shown interest in anyone else. So I have been halting him even though he has shown keen interest in meeting you." Vidya once again bent forward and slowly rubbed her soft breasts
against my face.

"Yes, but now I would like to meet him. So can you introduce us?" She bit her lips as I extended my tongue and licked her nipple. I stopped licking her breasts and looked up in her beautiful eyes.

"Why don't we go for a dinner with him? He has often invited us for dinner.” She looked down on me with surprise.
"Where do we go?"
I wanted to get down to feasting on her breasts but stopped myself. "Well we can go to Odyssey"
She smiled at me and said “are you sure?”
"Yes, absolutely." I said.
“So when do we go?"
“We can go tomorrow.”
"Tomorrow……can you arrange it that early”?
I nodded once again and pulled her down to bury my head between her lovely breasts. I was very hard by now and wanted Vidya to finish what she had started. But instead she pushed her breasts back in her gown and got up.

"Hey what happened? Don't you want to have sex?" She laughed as she pulled out the upper part of the gown and wrapped it around her body tightly.

"Well now that you are going to be a cuckold, you better learn how to control your desires. From now on, Only I will decide whether I will fuck you or someone else." She gave me a mischievous smile and then went out of the room and I was left wondering what would be the future. So that was the end of that and I had to stuff my cock back in my underwear.

(To Be Continued)
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