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Confession Of A Cuckold Part 03

I said that’s not possible. Vidya will never allow that.
Akram, said she needn’t know. I asked how is that possible.
He came up with another one if his strange but erotic ideas. He told me that when my wife goes to sleep, I should allow him inside and then I should take her clothes off and have sex with her, as he will hide and watch. And after all is over and she goes back to sleep again, he will leave.
It sounded erotic ..all his ideas were always erotic but risky like hell too.
He told me he is not asking but is instructing me and I need to arrange it. I could have easily said no, but I just said a yes !!!
During that week we enthusiastically fixed up the date and time. It had to be a weekday otherwise my wife wouldn’t go to sleep early. It was fixed for Wednesday at 11 pm. Akram would come to our building and wait for my SMS.
Wednesday arrived and I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I told my wife to take leave so that we can go out and spend time with each other. She was a bit surprised but immediately complied.
“So hubby dear, what’s on your mind ?” she asked me with a warm smile “ what’s this suddenly ?”
“Nothing, just felt like spending time with you” I replied, trying to be calm “we will eat out, watch a movie..”
My wife said
“Can I make a request” I asked looking into my wife’s eyes.
“yes” she replied puzzled
“Just for one day , I want to spend time just with you”. I said
My wife smiled “ok..if that what you wish”
I too smiled and kissed her.
She called her office and informed them she wouldn’t be able to come to office that day.

As she was getting ready, I told her to wear something sexy and revealing.
She turned around surprised
“What’s got you today, Ravi” she asked with a inquisitive smile.
“Pleeeaaase” I pleaded with a smile
“ok, baba.. Lets see what I can wear without attracting too much of attention”
As she was selecting between two cotton saris, I walked upto the almirah and pulled out a chiffon sari and low cut blouse. “this will look nice” I said
“No way. I can’t wear that at my age. Moreover this is to be worn in evenings not afternoon. And I can’t walk out with the security guards watching”
“Please Vidya, don’t be a spoilsport. Women all over Mumbai wear this, and who are much older to you. And why bother about the guards. See how some of the other women wear their dresses. Do they bother about the guards? Those guards are used to all this and don’t care.”
My wife wouldn’t agree but after a lot of persuasion she finally agreed. And when she got ready she looked too hot. The Sari was quite transparent revealing her stomach and navel. And her deep cleavage was clearly seen. He back was also greatly exposed. In my mind I was thinking the guards will surely bother and I smiled, especially as they have never seen her like this.
She again started protesting that she can’t walk out like this, that too in bright daylight. But I cajoled and pleaded till she gave in. Though I must say that it was not a dress which was revealing too much. Many women wear clothes revealing much more, but it was out of the ordinary for my wife. When we walked out, the guards did notice the change. I could see the surprise on their face. She quickly got into the car.
We first went to Atria mall. It was quite arousing to see the men lustily staring at my wife. Then we had lunch in a restaurant in Colaba and went for a movie at Sterling cinema hall. Apart from my perpetual state of lust, I could feel a lot of love and warmth as I held her hand in the ciname hall, as if I was on a date ! We kissed in the cinema hall and she didn’t stop me, but just giggled like a young girl.
After the movie, we walked upto the car, holding each other’s hand. Moment we sat in the car, I pulled her close and started French kissing her.
“What’s got to you today” She asked, asked with a giggle.
“Why you don’t like it ? “ I asked
“No, No I didn’t mean that. I really liked it. It was so nice. Thanks Ravi.”

We smiled at each other and kissed again. A minute later I started the car and headed back home. I began to drive through the crowded roads of Mumbai, It was late evening and as I began to think of the impending night, my cock began to grow and my heart starting beating faster. Once we were back home, I couldn’t concentrate on any of the routing things. My wife had changed into a night gown. I put on a movie on Star Movies, as we had dinner. My mind was of course on what was to happen later in the night. By 9 pm all household work was over and we all settled down in front of the TV to watch the rest of the movie. Gopal asked if we needed anything else, and when we replied in the negative he left for the day.
By 10 pm the movie got over. Vidya also got upto go to our bedroom, I pulled her back, straight onto diwan (bed) where I was lying down. I didn’t want her to sleep in the bedroom but in the drawing room, for easy access.
She giggled like a young girl and looked at me questioningly.
“Lets just watch another movie together” I said and I hugged her.
“Ok that’s fine.
I lay down behind her and hugged her tight.
“I don’t know what’s got into you today, but I am not complaining” she said with an equally naughty smile. My wife turned around and kissed me on the lip. We kissed for a while. She was getting more passionate and I could make out she was aroused and ready for sex. But that was not in my mind. I was not looking for sex but rather waiting for her to fall asleep.
I broke the kiss and stretched out my hands with the remote, to change the channel to some interesting program.
“Baby this looks interesting” I said point at the TV.
It was one of the regular Star World program that she used to watch. She immediately started watching it holding my hands, which was wrapped around her. I snuggled my face into her neck and we both started watching the program. Of course my mind was not at all into it. Instead I was waiting for my wife to fall asleep. And she didn’t disappoint me. In the nights she could never manage to watch a program completely without falling asleep. In 20-30 minutes she was fast asleep. I looked at the clock. It was 11 pm. My heart was pounding hard. I was nervous like hell. I slowly got up and looked at my wife. She was fast asleep. She was looking peaceful and beautiful in her sleep. With trembling hands I picked up the phone and typed a message. “Come over, she is asleep”.
I typed Akram’s phone number, but hesitated before pressing the send button. Was I going too far ? But I was too aroused to stop now. I pressed the send button and in a short time I got a message that my SMS was sent.

(To Be Continued)
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