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An Affordable Insemination

My wife Sunita and I have been married for ten years. As far as I know Sunita has never strayed although she seems to constantly get hit on. Even at 33, her 5'4", 120lb frame and long light brown hair attracts a lot of attention. Sunita has always been an icon to her younger sister, Amita. Sunita was always the one that got the better grades, popular friends, better jobs, etc. Sunita recognizes Amita's envy of her and tries to help her whenever she possibly can. They have kept extremely close over the years.
Amita's desire to try and compete with her sister led her to the biggest mistake of her life, and his name is Anil. Very shortly after Sunita announced our engagement, Amita latched on to Anil. Or, maybe it was, he latched onto her. Simply said, Anil is a lazy dickhead and unfortunately for Amita, seven years ago she married him. I can't stand Anil and neither can my wife and most of her family. He has never been able to hold down a job, drinks way too much, constantly reeks of cigarettes, and acts like an ass most of the time.
One thing that Sunita has that Amita doesn't and has always been a sore subject for Amita is children. Sunita and I have been blessed with two beautiful kids, while Amita has never been able to conceive. Over the years Amita has become more and more depressed about not having children. A couple of months ago, Sunita asked if we could give Amita some money so she and Anil could see an infertility specialist. I should have said no. Why didn't I just say no? Sunita and I don't have a lot of money. We had enough to get them tested, but not enough money to solve whatever their problem was. I wish I had said no, but I gave in to Sunita and said yes. I opened a door for Anil to leech off of me. Little did I know at that time what exactly that meant.
After spending most of what little available savings we have on infertility tests it came back that Anil was more than fertile, but Amita was not. Believe it or not, Anil actually took pride in the fact that "his boys could do the job." That just made Amita's state of mind worse. She seemed to cry constantly. Sunita seemed at a loss on what to do to console her.
One night, Sunita came to me with a question. She stuttered and stammered and then asked me what I thought about her acting as a surrogate for Amita. I was annoyed. "Who's gonna pay for that?" I asked. Sunita reminded me that our health insurance covered pregnancy. "That's not what I'm talking about." I responded sternly. "Who's going to pay the thousands of dollars it would cost for the artificial insemination?" I almost fainted at Sunita's response.
"There wouldn't be an artificial insemination. None of us can afford something like that. Amita wants Anil to impregnate me with a baby for them." She said.
I was stunned. "You want to fuck ANIL?" I yelled.
"No, I don't WANT to have sex with anyone. I just don't know what to do with Amita. She asked me and I said I would ask you. Just forget I said anything." Sunita replied.
I couldn't forget though. I never seriously considered Sunita fucking another man. Now there were constant visions of my creepy brother-in-law's cock spraying my wife's womb with his seed. My daydreaming became more and more vivid and somehow became sexually stimulating. I found myself with a constant erection. While making love to Sunita, I found myself visualizing another man on top of her with his cock pounding away. As my sperm flowed into her body, my thoughts betrayed me with visions of Anil impregnating Sunita. Then, one day after a period of arousal while thinking about Sunita and Anil, she caught me at the wrong time by casually mentioning Amita's depressed state. I know that bad things happen when you speak before you think. However, at that moment, I wasn't thinking. My blood must have been pooled in my cock rather than my brain.
"If it would make things better, you can make a baby for Amita."
Who in the hell said that? Did I just say that? What the fuck had come over me? I found myself hoping, in that flash of an instant, that Sunita would give me a way to back out. But, It didn't happen. Sunita grabbed me, hugged me, and swore that it wouldn't cause any problems between us.
Eventually, plans were made for the conception. In the week leading up to my wife's infidelity, we made love every night. Apparently, I wasn't the only one aroused at the thought of Sunita giving herself up to another man. Each night, her pussy was absolutely soaked. Each night as I licked up her sweet juices, I counted down the days until the most precious part of Sunita would be revealed to Anil.
Anil and Amita arrived at our house on that fateful Saturday night. Our kids were at Sunita's mother's house, so we had the house to ourselves. Sunita was quiet. Amita also was very quiet, but didn't seem unhappy about her husband getting ready to fuck my wife. Anil, on the other hand, was his usual ass of himself by making rude comment after rude comment about the act that was about to take place. Naturally, he was ready to consummate the deed the minute he walked in the door. I couldn't blame him for that. Sunita is much better looking that Amita, who is heavy set and plain. I suggested that maybe we all have a couple of stiff drinks to break the tension and that was readily agreed to by all.
Finally, after a half hour and a couple of drinks for everyone, Anil decided it was time. He stood up and held out his hand to Sunita. "Come on." Was all he said. Sunita stood up and looked at me. I simply nodded once in approval. Anil didn't seek any approval from Amita as Sunita placed her hand in his. I watched in disbelief as my wife slowly walked down the hall with her stud, hand in hand, and disappeared into our bedroom. The bedroom door banging shut sent a wave of repulsion into the deepest recesses of my gut. This was the feeling I should have had all along. How could I have stopped, though? After all, Amita was sitting across from me hoping that the filthy action about to take place would deliver her the baby she had dreamed about for years.
I hadn't prepared myself for the waiting. I think I assumed it would be a two minute 'wham……. Bam……. thank you ma'am' episode. Amita and I sat there quietly sipping our drinks and watching the time pass. It had been fifteen minutes. Wasn't Anil done yet? Shouldn't Sunita be coming out of our room full of his seed by now? It struck me that they could have used our guest room. Sunita shouldn't be in our marital bed with Anil's cock inside her. It was too late for those thoughts, though. As my mind delved deeper and deeper into imagining their intertwined bodies, I realized my cock was straining to escape my pants. The silence between Amita and I was deafening until those all too familiar sounds came from down the hall.....AHA…..AHA…..AHA……AHA. It was Sunita in the throes of an orgasm.
I looked at Amita. "Anil can go for a long time sometimes after he's had a few drinks." She smiled and said.
What the fuck, I thought? I never contemplated Sunita receiving enjoyment from this lewd partnership. Amita let me pump her husband full of alcohol, and now he was using my gratuity, and my bed, to pump my wife into an orgasm. Amita and I were treated to even more lovemaking sounds. Only, this time we could hear both of them moaning. Amita began to squirm in her seat. The mischievous sounds emanating from my bed must have been arousing her as well. A half hour had now passed and Sunita and Anil were still going at it. The frequency and volume of their mutual pleasure increased steadily. Finally, we heard Anil yell out. "Oh Sunita here it cums. You're about to be fucking pregnant!" Amita and I stared quietly at each other as behind closed doors her husband poured his virile sperm into my wife.
My cock begged for relief as we waited for them to come out. Minutes passed, but they didn't appear. I watched intently for our bedroom door to open and my wife to appear, but instead I was hit with the sound of Sunita's voice. "Oh gawd, Anil."
I looked at Amita.
"They must be doing it again." She said seemingly indifferent.
I just shook my head in disbelief at what was happening in my own home.
This time, another hour passed as Amita and I quietly sat there waiting for the two lovers to disengage. My cock was aching. Several times I even thought about throwing Amita down on the floor and fucking her as we waited, but I was strangely drawn to listening to what was going on in the bedroom. Their lovemaking was much louder this time. I watched Amita squirm to the sounds of her husband's moans of pleasure he was receiving from my wife's silky vagina. I continuously re-adjusted the front of my pants as Sunita screamed out the effects of another man's cock mercilessly coercing her body into waves of tremors. Once and for all both of them screamed out simultaneously and it was over.
After a few minutes, Anil appeared from our bedroom by himself. Carrying his clothes, he was half naked. He was wearing only his loose underpants. His flaccid cock, almost visible inside his loose underpants swung triumphantly from side to side in front of his ball sack. A simple thank you from him would have been nice after loaning him my wife's body, but he simply ignored me. He put on his pants and spoke directly to Amita. "Come on sona. Maybe there's a little left here for you too." With that, she stood up and they walked out the door.
I slowly made the long walk down the hall to our bedroom. Awkwardly, I looked into the room unsure of what I might see. What came into focus was exactly what my mind had envisioned. The bed covers were bunched up at the foot of the bed. Sunita's sari and blouse were strewn about the floor. She lay half naked on her back. Her petticoat was rolled up to her waste. Her hair was a mess and she looked exhausted. Wet spots on the sheets provided visual evidence of their encounter. Within the dense musky smell that permeated the room, my nose could detect faint wisps of her scent.
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