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I quickly went near that window but surprisingly this time I found that the door was open. I quickly entered in the room. I saw Ravi uncle riding her again very hard. Taking her from behind, he was fucking her like a bitch.
Her ass was raised high in the air; while she stayed on her knees. Her face was buried in the pillow, trying to suppress the moans she was making. He was holding her by her hips and using his powerful arms to pull her back towards him as he thrusted forward with his hips.

I automatically started masturbating seeing this. Uncle saw me, and winked, then mouthed silently" she's fantastic" while slapping her butt playfully like he owned it. All the while he was looking directly at me.

I thought about how much pleasure he was getting from my wife's body, and that pushed me over the edge. I came again. And my hot semen spurted high over the bed and landed on my wife's back. She lifted her head from the pillow with a jerk, turned to me and smiled sheepishly. Uncle paused his pile driving for a while, so that we could talk. She said "I'm sorry honey I could not serve you the dinner tonight; After Ravi and I were done, I went to the guest room looking for you. You were in deep sleep and it was late. So I came back to our bedroom without disturbing you and asked Ravi to sleep in our children’s room. I felt bad when I remembered that we actually forced you to leave the room. Actually it was my first fuck outside of our marriage, so I was not only very excited but also quite shy to show you everything we did. Ravi and I needed some time to understand each other and manage our emotions. I am very sorry honey and I hope you will understand. I kept our bedroom’s door open for you before I fell asleep. Ravi was very very horny today. He again returned in our bedroom few minutes ago and he was so excited that he just started fucking me in my sleep. It felt sooooo good and I desperately wanted to satisfy him" "It’s only been around 20 minutes, you have not missed much" she said

Uncle said-"suck on her tits while I drill her Sujoy, Your naughty wife likes that!"
I obediently slid myself under her chest and watched with glee as uncle's powerful thrusts made the firm flesh on my wife's chest jiggle delightfully.

"Stop watching and do something" my wife hissed, while swatting my head playfully.
I latched onto one juicy breast and helped pleasure her while the older man did the main duty. I fell asleep on the job, I must admit. I dreamt of my wife. I dreamt of her beautiful body and the eagerness with which she pleasured other men. I loved her, so much!

The next morning was a Sunday, so uncle and I stayed at home pleasuring my darling wife. I call my sister in the morning and requested her to keep our children’s for few more days. Their summer holiday was on so there was no problem. My sister happily agreed. We got out of bed only to use the toilet and eat. Since this was our first experience with another man, we were overdosing on the thrill. The whole day passed in a haze of sex. By evening, my wife refused to have anymore sex because her pussy and breasts were too sore from all the rough sex she had enjoyed. So, we all sat down to watch porn together and we kissed and licked my wife's battered pussy to make it feel better.

Later that evening, after dinner, we fooled around on the sofa, my wife sitting between the two of us, while we fondled and caressed her softly. Uncle was playing with her breasts and begging that he wanted to chew her nipples, but my wife said no. I was rubbing her tummy, pussy and thighs and occasionally when I got really horny, I was kissing and licking her warm flesh.

The action got hotter and hotter, and uncle and I shifted our combined attention to below her waist. We took turns licking her pussy. One of us had to hold her legs apart while the other enjoyed sucking fresh juice from her cunt. We had to hold her legs apart, because she had a very annoying habit of clamping her thighs shut whenever the pleasure built up to a high.

Uncle was getting hornier and frustrated by the minute, and that was showing, as he was getting rougher with her pussy while he licked and sucked at it. My wife, still wouldn’t let us put our cocks inside her.

Finally, he lifted up his face from between her legs and told me to get her legs high up. Her ass was hanging off the edge of the sofa, and I had pushed my giggling wife's knees upto her shoulders.
She was now shamelessly exposing her pussy to us.
"Hold her there" he said. Then he bent down his head to her pussy, kissed it and then without warning, slapped it with the palm of his right hand, sharply.
Oww! she gasped and exclaimed, then giggled louder.
I was crazy with excitement.
Naughty cunt! Naughty! naughty! naughty! He growled, punctuating each "naughty" with a stinging slap to my wife's pussy.
I was breathing hard as I watched another older, stronger, more virile man playfully punish my wife's pussy for being naughty.
Within a few minutes both me and my wife were begging him to hit her pussy a little harder.
He paused for a few secs, spread her pussy lips with his left hand and showed me her throbbing clit, which was standing up like a tiny tiny cock.
He sucked at the delicious, sensitive morsel, making her moan loudly.
"Fuck me" I heard her say. "Fuck me please....."
Uncle laughed and obliged her.
He ravished her on the sofa, while I held her legs apart.
My wife's outstretched right hand was clinging to my cock, and every time, uncle made her orgasm, her small soft hand would tighten painfully around my throbbing dick.
We carried her back to the bedroom when he had finished fucking her. She was too tired to walk. I still had not cum, and was desperate.
Uncle didn’t let me take her pussy, saying it was too sore. He turned my sleeping wife onto her stomach, and patted her ass. "Use this" he said. I refused. "are you mad?" "that will hurt even more". He said-"I didn’t mean fucking her ass" and got some oil off the dressing table, and poured it on her buttocks massaging it. He kneaded her flesh firmly, and I watched mesmerized.
He then made me place my cock in between her two butt cheeks and made me hump my sleeping wife. My cock was traveling up and down her butt crack, but not actually penetrating her. It felt awesome. My wife continued to sleep. Uncle sat by my wife's side, and said "let me help" he grabbed one butt cheek in each hand and pressed them together firmly enveloping my desperate cock within my sleeping wife's oiled butt cheeks

"Enjoy" he whispered. I came a few secs later. My wife turned around groggily, pushed her tousled hair out of her face and said, "what are you dirty men doing to me?" I kissed her lips softly, said I love you, and patted her till she fell asleep. I got up before either of them did the next morning. My wife was lying as I'd left her, on her stomach, with my dried semen on her back. Uncle was lying naked next to her, also on his stomach. His left hand was on her right butt cheek, and the finger tips had disappeared into her butt crack.

I got hard instantly, and not wanting to disturb, then went to the bathroom and jerked myself off in the shower. I got ready for work and came to the dining room. My wife was just wearing a T shirt and nothing else underneath. She still smelled of sex. She was standing next to Uncle as he sat by the table, reading the newspaper.
His left hand was absent-mindedly fiddling with my wife's pussy or ass under the t shirt, I couldn’t see. My cock was still too sensitive and sore from the morning's jerk off session, so I just smiled and said goodbye, knowing that I'd be late for work if I got involved in the nasty games uncle was playing with my wife's body.

I was useless at work. Dreaming of what he'd be doing to my wife. But I came home late because of some urgent meeting that came up at the last time. After I entered the house with my own key, I found they were very very tired and sleeping in my bedroom hugging each other tightly. I was also very tired. I took a bath and eat my dinner quickly. I found that they already had their dinner because there were some dirty dishes on the basin. I came in the bedroom and called my wife’s name. She opened her eyes, gave a sweet smile to me and signaled me to get naked. After I became naked she asked me to sleep on her other side. After I followed her order she took my head and kept it on her left breast. Then she took Ravi uncle’s head and kept it on her right breast. Then she took her hands in the downside of her waste. She used her both palms and cupped our balls. She actually griped both Ravi uncles and mines in each of her palms and started fondling them very lightly. We fell asleep very quickly hugging each other tightly.

We enjoyed lot of fun with our uncle the next day. Uncle stayed with us for few more weeks but we did not have much chance for those threesomes again because of our children. I had to sacrifice my sex life for my uncle and had to allow them some privacy for enjoying each other. In those two weeks they fucked like rabbits while I took care of our children’s daily activities like home work, bathing, eating etc. After 3 weeks of our first threesome Ravi uncle returned to USA because his job in India was completed.

I think it was one month after Ravi uncle returned back to USA, one night, out of the blue my wife dropped a bomb saying she was pregnant. She asked me if I want to keep the baby because she thinks it was Ravi uncles. I was surprised and could not utter a word. I figured out Ravi uncle must have knocked her out in the last two weeks of his staying in India when I was busy with my children’s allowing them some privacy. When I asked her how this happened she again surprised me by bluntly saying it happened 4-5 days before Ravi returned to USA. They were making passionate love…… suddenly they both became very emotional and they decided to have a baby as a symbol of their union.
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