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Virgins On The Bean Bag

This happened when I went to receive my best friend from Bangalore airport, and the things that followed. To tell about our relation, we discuss everything, from career to our sexual fantasies. But have never planned, to be involved in one. About her, she is a pretty girl with a body to die for. She is too hot and beautiful for any guy. Still, I had not thought about her sexually, due to our strong friendship.

It was after months, that we were seeing each other. I received her at the arrival gate, and hugged her tight. Draped in a white shawl, she looked pretty as ever. Her spectacles added to her beauty. I planted a kiss on her cheeks, and her smile made my day. We sat in my car and started our journey back to the city. On the way, we both told how badly we missed each other. And continued making fun of each other. We reached my home in an hour. As we entered the main hall, I asked her to freshen up and then we would order dinner. I relaxed myself on the beanbag, and she entered the bathroom.

After about 10 minutes, the door opens, and there she was standing only in her bra and panty, and was looking smoking hot. I could not believe my eyes, as she moved towards me and sat cross-legged on my lap. I was taken aback, while she moved her hairs back, and kissed me gently on my lips. She looked into my eyes and did not say a word. We both knew what was about to happen. She moved closer towards me, and started kissing and licking gently all over my face, starting from lips to ears and back to lips. She gave me a bite on my chin over my beards. I caught her by her hairs, and smooched her, which continued for 10 minutes. I sucked her juicy lower lip, and then we started to explore our mouths through our tongue. All this while, I got an erection in my jeans, which she felt. She moved aside and un-buckled my jeans, and pulled out my cock and licked it. She asked me to unbutton my shirts, and I followed her instructions obediently.

She started kissing my chest and stroked my penis with her hands. She sat again on my lap, as before, and we continued with our smooch. I caressed her bare back with my hands and she was moaning and pulling my hairs. I moved my head aside towards her neck, and I started kissing her neckline towards her cleavage. With each kiss she started moaning louder and hornier. I moved towards her cleavage and started licking all over. The aroma of her body drenched me completely in. I pulled her bra straps aside with my teeth, and immersed my face between her boobs. She started breathing heavily and she pushed my face deeper inside. I continued licking her between the boobs. And moved my hands inside her panty which was wet by now.

I encircled with my tongue around her nipples, and sucked her boobs for next 10 minutes, and she continued grinding my penis. She was aware of the tension underneath her butts. And she whispered that she wanted to give me a blow job. I readily agreed, and she took my penis and put it in her mouth. I knew it was her first time, but still, she managed to deep throat my penis, in between she also used to lick and kiss on top of the penis, which gave a heavenly feeling to me. I told her that I am about to cum, and she swallowed all of it. She climbed back on me, this time her legs wrapped around my back. She whispered, in a horny voice, that she wants me to make love to every inch of her body, but does not wants to get fucked, as she is still a virgin, and does not want to lose it. I gave her a smile and kissed on her neck. This time she was wild, and started scratching on my back with her long nails. The pain made me hornier and I kissed her more passionately. She continued grinding my penis, while I sucked her boobs.

I felt a little uncomfortable on a beanbag, and stood and lifted her up in my arms, still wrapped around my body. I kept sucking her boobs, and entered in my bed room, and placed her on the bed. I removed her bra, and there I saw the most beautiful naked body ever. She looked at me, and licked her own lips seductively. I smooched her wildly and she responded equally well. Through the passage of cleavage, I moved towards her navel, and kept pressing both her boobs with my hands. She moaned like anything and continued pulling my hair.

I moved towards her vagina. I kissed on her vagina through her panty. She shivered, and I dragged her panty down. She had a clean shaved and perfect looking pussy. It looked as if, she had planned this session previously. I started to lick her pussy, exploring it with my tongue, and simultaneously squeeze her ass with my hands. She started to moan loudly. I gave her a tongue job, trying to explore as much as possible. She came quickly with her load in 5 minutes of my job, and was breathing heavily. We both saw each other like passionate lovers, and I gave her a smooch on her lips. We slept thereafter, with our naked and wet bodies wrapped into each other. I woke in the middle of the night, to find her licking my penis which was erect enough to enjoy the moment. She gave me a nice blowjob till I came inside her. I gave her a boob job, and we cuddled again, and slept with her face and hands, immersed in my chest.

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