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Virginity - My Gift To My Brother-In-Law

The house was all a buzz and in a festive, joyous mood. Parvathi was visiting her parents’ house a month after her marriage. Parvathi was the elder of the two daughters, and was married to Deepak. They had just returned from a fortnight’s honeymoon trip to Shimla. The younger one, 18 year old Gayathri, a beautiful young lass, was studying in her final year college. She was more excited than all the other family members because she was eagerly waiting to ask her beloved sister Parvathi about the honeymoon nights.

The age difference between the two sisters was just two years. They had had a much-protected childhood and hence, shared all their secrets and problems, all of which, growing together brings about. Adolescence brought about a special interest in their bodies and in boys. They had watched each other grow with time and compared their vital statistics. Their choices were very compatible. The search was on for a suitable match for Parvathi, as she had completed her studies.

Any talk of marriage created a flutter in her bosom. Like it is common with all girls, she had had her fair share of sex gossip at school and college, but the actual action was reserved for the wedding night. She was aware of her ripening body and became very particular about her figure. In college boys went ga-ga over her, but she had not given them a hoot. Many a times as they changed in their room,

Gayathri compared her sister's rounded and pointed breasts to her own breasts which were just right, but curving upward slightly at her nipples. They shared a common bedroom, which had a spacious loft, used by the two sisters for studying, and also to keep their other articles. The day finally arrived when the boy was invited to see Parvathi, as is the normal custom in our culture. Parvathi had a shy blush on her face, the whole morning.

Gayathri took pleasure in chiding her by making obvious but covert remarks, about what was to happen. "Didi, are you ready for the unhh unhh? I am sure your beauty will sweep him off the floor. Gayathri carried on her banter. Parvathi shooed her away, only to find her back at her side, teasing her again. Deepak made a deep impression on Parvathi. Tall, handsome with a virile body, - he looked like a movie star. He came from the neighbouring city, a couple of hours away.

The minute he saw her, he knew he had lost his heart immediately. His eyes feasted on Parvathi and her lithe figure. All settled, the marriage took place within two weeks. Gayathri felt a pang of jealousy at Parvathi's luck and an erotic shiver passed through her, looking at this handsome hunk. But keeping her sister's joy in mind she put such thoughts behind her, and busied herself in attending to Deepak, who was now her 'Jijajee' (brother-in-law).

Parvathi had informed her parents that Deepak and she would be going for their honeymoon to Shimla and return after a fortnight. A couple of days before they left on their honeymoon, Parvathi visited her parents. As soon as pleasantries were exchanged, Gayathri pulled her sister into the bedroom and showered her with a barrage of questions. Didi, how was the first night? What did Dipu Jiju do IT to you?

How did it start? Was it painful? Please, please tell me." Gayathri wanted to know everything, but Parvathi was getting late. "Gayathri, it was heavenly, but you will have to wait till I return?' replied Parvathi and went outside.” I promise, I will tell you everything when I return". She winked playfully and left.

Parvathi and Depak returned to Parvathi’s parents’ house 2 days before their honeymoon was due to get over. Gayathri's joy had doubled when she came to know that Parvathi and Deepak would be staying with them for the next two days, before returning home. She noticed that Parvathi had a glow on her face when they arrived. Deepak too looked satisfied. When he saw Gayathri, he put out his arms to hug her. Like an automaton, she walked into his arms, to be warmly hugged.

She realized that her breasts had flattened against his chest, and she loved the feeling. Deepak whispered in her ear that he felt nice this way. She blushed as she understood what he meant. What are the Jiju and Sali whispering?" queried the smiling Parvathi. Gayathri separated herself and went to help Parvathi with her bags. "Didi, I hope you remember your promise, after your return?" reminded Gayathri.

Parvathi smiled and winked at her playfully, again. "Your Jiju is a fantastic lover. He made my nights heavenly. Of course, we did not have sex on the first night. Parvathi informed Gayathri. "What? No sex on the first night? Why? Gayathri was shocked. "No Gayathri, we were very tired. Deepak wanted it but we agreed that we should try to understand our bodies first. Parvathi eyes sparkled as she narrated how she was fondled and how her breasts were showered with sweet affection.

She also told her that her Jiju introduced her to his 9 inch penis which was very broad. "I was scared of its size, but that night Deepak asked me just to hold and feel it. Gayathri, I hope you too get a husband endowed with such a possession. It was monstrous and was throbbing in my hand." Parvathi continued, “The next few days were spent in a lot of foreplay and just exploring each others’ body and getting to know each other like new found lovers.

What about your honeymoon? What happen? Didi, please tell me. Gayathri could feel herself getting wet down below and loved the feeling of warmth and wetness there. Her sister’s experience with Jiju was turning her on immensely. She could literally see them in her mind’s eye. "Gayathri, your Jiju could not wait for the night, after we reached the hotel. Hardly had we closed the door, when he locked it and grabbed me.

His kisses flowed from my lips to my breasts, through my salwar and came to a stop between my legs. The feeling was so erotic that my legs melted." Parvathi was very specific in her narration. Gayathri's hand had traveled to her breast, subconsciously, as she imagined herself fondled. "I do not know when my salwar came loose, or when Deepak undressed himself. I felt my hand on his penis, which had grown to a massive length, and was throbbing.

My hand could not go around it. Deepak kissed me and suddenly I felt a shooting pain between my legs, and I knew that we had consummated our love, on the floor of the Hotel. After that, the pain disappeared and pleasure started. If only I could tell you how complete I felt." Parvathi had closed her eyes and savoured her first actual sexual intercourse. Gayathri found her hand fondling her breast, and decided that she must see her Jiju's penis. She got her chance the next day

The next day, Deepak was in the sitting room and Parvathi had gone for a bath. Gayathri was searching for something on the loft, hidden from below in the room. She heard Deepak entering the room, and heard him latching the door. Just then, Parvathi came out of the bathroom, wearing a bathrobe, with a belt looped around her waist. Her waist length hair was wet and lay open behind her. She was surprised to see Deepak in the room and the door latched.

Deepu, what are you doing? She said in a mock fright, understanding his intentions completely. No, Deepu, not now, Gayathri’s at home. But Jiju had already sealed her lips with his. The towel dropped from Parvathi's hand, as she tried to get away from Deepak. Deepak held her hands behind her and pushed her on the bed. Parvathi was trying her best to free herself, as he held her hands over her head. "Deepak, someone may come" she pleaded.

Gayathri could not see Parvathi’s face but she could see her breasts & thighs. With one hand Deepak pulled the belt away that held together the bath robe and opened the bathrobe to display a fine set of legs and two white breasts, which she had always envied. What surprised her was that her vagina was hairless as though a razor had been to work. Her vagina looked as though carved from marble – it resembled a beautiful flower.

No, Deepu, noo she pleaded softly, but Deepak was bent on having his way right then. Deepak then pulled down his shorts and his underwear, still holding on to Parvathi, lying on the bed. Gayathri gasped at the size of the rod that hung between his legs, which she could see clearly, hidden from their sight. Parvathi had lifted her legs and opened her thighs like an open book. Deepak then held his massive prick and held it poised over Parvathi's vagina.

Gayathri was not sure whether her Didi would be able to take it in her, it was that big. She had always imagined a penis to be smaller. As these thoughts crossed her mind, she saw the penis entering her Didi's vagina like a train entering a tunnel. Deepak had released her hands and turned his attention to Parvathi's beautiful breasts, which he put to his mouth, whilst the other hand massaged her other breast.

Her Didi's face was now visible, and she could see her eyes closed and her lips open in a smile and gasping for breath at the same time. Deepak had now entered her completely and had impaled her on his tool. Then he started the see-saw motions, which increased in their speed, with subdued sounds of liquid being pumped. Parvathi had wrapped her legs around Jiju's waist and her hands were moving in his hair.

Gayathri could not control her urge watching this erotic scenario, and pushed her hand under her skirt and pushed her finger in her cunt. She felt herself getting moist near her bush. The feeling lifted her to high heaven. The frenzy with which her Jiju was fucking, yes fucking her sister made Gayathri’s brain tingle with pleasure. “Yes Deepu, oh Deepu yes yes yes aaah faster faster”, begged Parvathi. Deepak continued fucking his wife passionately.

Parvathi felt herself reaching her climax and gasped and bucked has she experienced her first orgasm. Deepak too climaxed at about the same time. Looking down, Gayathri found that Jiju had collapsed on her Didi, flattening her breasts and they were hungrily kissing each other.
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