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Trained To Live On Sex

In my life , first thing I remember was the mother going for work in houses, and getting different type of food from there.. I had a sister. but father has left us . mother was about 30 years old when I was 5 years old. I have started to go with mother since my 7 th year after returning from school. Sister was alone at home and used to follow mother from he infancy. The ladies of the housed used to give food and also used to consider us an their house member's, and children used to carry us when we were young and play with us. .

My mother was bit dark and dwarf lady but good looking. but we both were tall and very fair and beautiful. People used to mock us as for our different color and height, telling that we are fathers kids,with out father. I was not understanding the meaning then. It was when I ws 13 i have started working in a house of a guare to look after their kid. that was my job from 4 PM to 8 in night. The aunt y was very nice .used to feed me and also do give some money. Her husband was a busy man fair and tall returns only in night. Rarely when she was there he used to teach me in holidays and used to praise me for my beauty. He will polish my nails and embrace me and presents with any thing I WANT. i HAVE STARTED TO LIKE HIM.

he took many of my photos and my sisters with mother . When i am 15, his family used to give all school books bag etc free. .and their kid also used to call me as kaakki. I or we are so free with them and even used to stay overnight on holidays. I liked his touch and kiss and his smell. I did not feel any thing wrong in them. He has a lot of photos by then. He liked photography. He had many photos of me in various dresses. and even with out dress, while change over to new outfits. .It was from 16 i have started feeling sex when he was catching me.

but then I was liking it. He has enjoyed me in my 17th year when his wife was away. He has kissed me all over for a few days an then licked me all over and I became his doll and slave. one holiday when I have reached his place he was waiting for me. He took me in his hand and made me naked and licked me all over. he has kissed me in lips and told me that he is going to make me as a lady. .He took his organ and made me to suck it as i used to do. then told me to keep it as a secret ac all other relations. He has introduced his finger in me ,and I have felt great happiness. then he has introduced it in my cunt while closing my mouth with a kiss. I got a terrible pain and he has stopped it.but again has started to pump with great force. I have really saw the heavenly happiness,and i have caught him with my legs and hands. I have kissed his face and has bitten his ear and pulled his hair.

It was my first sex experience..I had may such experiences since then. I knew that his wife is good but not beautiful as me . and there is nothing bad in enjoying sex which is god given. he has taught all these. One thing is that third party should not know these . I have also helped him to have sex with others. The first was my classmate .when I have joined in college she was also me classmate. We had no secrets between us. She was a bit dark bur extremely sexy girl but with out any experiences. I used to explain all my stories since my 13 th year. She was interested but was fearing. One day I took her to my friend.when he was alone. I have introduced to him .and he Pulled her to him and kissed her on her lips.

I saw the first enjoyment in live. she was mad on his touch and he has simply crushed her under and fucked her virgin cunt . Thus we became a team to have further relations with him. I thought his wife was not aware of these relations. But to my surprise I came to know that she was in fact happy to support it. one day when i came to her she told me to meet her husband in bed room. he was asking for you . I went to her and he has pulled me and invited for a sex play. when told the presence of his wife he told me not to worry, and fucked me foe an hour. I do not know the reasons but she has always good to me even after this. I found that when ever we were asked to meet him she used to go out for some time till he calls her. The next girl was my own sister. He has used her from childhood for external enjoyments. but when he has fucked her she made much shouting. He has fo**ed her and finally fucked .

she was not happy with him. probably he has been in hurry. Then i have talked with her and slowly made a compromise. One day we both together has gone to him and she was smoothly enjoyed by him. from that day she was his first choice. . Now I and my sister are working as officers in state govt machinery. Both are married and mom is with us. My friend has given a lot of property to both of us and helped us to study and to get jobs. His boy is still call us as kakki and has good relations. and also his wife. WE have used all for our progress in our life. God has given a beautiful body not for keeping in cover. one has to use it and work for betterment. I have studied it from him. WE have netted good rich husbands and keeping them under our thump with our sex experiences. In late when there was a promotion post I snatched it simply by my body and now i am in the top...Now mother is old but happy .

To my surprise I came to know that she has sexual relations with my friend. I did not felt bad ,infect was happy that mom has used her body for our betterment. We were looked after well till we could earn our self. My friend has reached to the top of his department and now has retired. Even now he has good taste of sex and uses us when we like with the same feel. His promotions were later known that was due to the hard work of his better half. She eventhough is bit dusky was very attractive to his superiors. That was the reason for her careless attitude with his relations. Even I have helped him in his last promotion by meeting a minister to speed it up before the D date. .Sez for us is just normal and to be used as atool for enjoyment and for dovelopment. we are happy Only one has to be careful fo rthe third men who is not a part of ore team. bye!
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