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My First Time With Sexy Aunt Rani

Hello all u readers this is a story of mine with my sexy aunt Rani.I am regular reader of this site. I used to enjoy a lot reading all stories. NOw I wanted to share my story. This incident happened nearly 2 years back. When I was new to Bangalore. I am working here in Bagalore. One fine day I got call from unknown number. As I picked the call some lady answered from other side.

She was asking for some other people. I told wrong number and cut the call. After some time once again got call from same number.This time I spoke nicely asked who r u ? and whom do u wanna and what number u wanna dail. That time She told her name as Rani and the number she wanted to dial and mine was only 2 numbers interchanged.

After that v become close friends, she started calling me used to speak me nicely.Nite and all v used to speak.She become so close to me that v started to share our personals. Then she told me that Her husband left her 4 years back and married to one more lady. So she s staying with her mother. She has one kid of 8 years old.

After that in phone we started to speak bout sex and all. She didnt had sex from last 4 years. So very hungry for sex. While speaking in phone I used to make her excited. we were waiting for opportunity to meet. As I was staying with my friends so v decided to meet in some other place. After one month of oral sex in phone. one staturday v planned to meet in her house.

That day I went to her house, she was directing me the direction to her house through phone.Once I rang her house bell she opened the door. She was looking very Sexy.She was around 35 at that time but she had very sex figure and very big boobs.I started staring at her she welcomed me inside her house as no one was there.

Only v both were there she gave me Juice to drink and sat in sofa oppsite to me. Now both were very nervous because that was my first expirience of sex. And even she was very nervous because if any one come to knoe bout it she will be in problem.

So 5 min of silence over their after that with some courage I went near her and put my hand on her shoulder and I lowered little bit and pressed her boobs. It my first expirience of pressing boobs. It was very smooth. She objected now and took me inside room. Their I kissed her to her lips and I kissed her continuosly for 5 min. I cud see her eyes hungry for sex.

She shatred cooperating me since he was hungry for sex from past 4 years.With shy she turned back. I could get her so I kissed her on her back and slowly got on to her lips and smooched her. And could feel her sweetness in the saliva I put my tongue as deep I could she was slowly getting into the mood and then my hands fell on her beautiful white boobs

and I could feel her nipples getting hard and I opened her bra cups and realized her boobs and started to squeeze them as hard as possible mercilessly and she undid my shirt.she had got her juice from her breast on one side then I shifted to the other and started to do the same as I did for the other she also removed my trousers and she saw my half erect cock and caught hold

of it and started to suck it I was in heavens and what a sucker she is I said to my self. Then I undid her petticoat and I could see her panty wet and I opened her panty and could see her vagina for the first time was that when I saw a woman full naked.

And by this time once my cum was out and it was in her mouth and believe me she not even wasted single drop of my cum. Then she said it was my turn to do anything with her as I was a virgin I didn't know what to do then I remembered to suck her in her pussy as I am use to see some xxx movies and started to do that to her.

And her cum was taken by me and still continued to suck her pussy she said to me that to stop teasing her and she would let me to eat her pussy if I liked but wanted to put my cock first and start fucking her. Then I fingered fucked for some time once again she cum out and I could smell her womanhood and now she was moaning uuu!! Ahh!! Ooo!!

And said please don't stop and she was in her height and cum out and now I felt I could put my cock into her as her cum would serve as lubricant and placed it in her clit and started to push my cock in and out slowly and then fastened it up and she was moaning for more and more and this only exited me and she pushed me as close as possible and wrapped her legs

around me holding me from my head to fuck her harder and harder and my cum I asked where to leave she said in her mouth. After this I became tired and slept naked next to her and she saw that I was tired and she sat on my cock and started to push her pussy up and down on my shaft this continued until she was tired and we had sex for three times.
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