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My First Night Fantasy

I am working in U.S as a software engineer and my parents are seeking an alliance for me, one day my parents send me the photo of u and asked me whether i liked the girl, as i have seenyourphotos and details about u, i am impressed about your beauty, and it is dream come true for me and u have all the qualities that i have dreamed to became my wife and i am very happy that my parents selected the good one, so immediately i accepted and wrote to my parents about my confirmation and i said that i will come by Dec, so i want our marriage to be held on the New Millennium that is 1st Jan 2000.

The first thing i have done is i have scanned your photo and put it my computer desktop so that whenever i was in mood i used to masturbate watching your pic’s and i have send my photos to u, in that photo my biceps and chest hairs are clearly visible, by seeing that u can masturbate. The days passed very quickly for us and we are thinking about each other and atlast i came to India, the first thing i want to do is i want to see u and i want to talk to u and share my experiences. Then we talked in phone for hours together and u have sexy voice and i am happy that u are broad minded also, then my parents and i came to your house to fix the date of our marriage. This is the first time i am going to meet u, i am extremely happy and u also. First time i saw you in Red Saree, that is silk saree and your long hairs had lot of flowers and u are covered with jewels & ornaments. What a fantastic features u have, u are fair, long hairs and u are 36-28-36 structure and tall, i have not taken my eyes when i saw first time, it takes few minutes for me to get into this world, but u are shy and u have seen me only once and u went inside. Then i said to your parents that i came here for l month leave, so i want marriage to be held immediately and i said the marriage to be in the First Jan 2000, they all convinced and our marriage date is fixed. I hate dowry so i said to your parents that the marriage should be simple. Now i asked your parents to allow me to talk to u personally and they welcomed and now we are in the same room, i asked whether u liked me u said yes, u have beautiful eyes and very good lips, i am mesmerised by u, now i hold your hands and gently kissed in your hands and said i invited u to come for disco for the coming sunday and i have given the hotel address u also agreed. A disco in Five star hotel in Hyderabad. U r withyourgroup of friends(only girls & with Bhavna) & i’m with my group of friends(all boys). U r wearing a black-colored miniskirt(i lovethat, ..u’ll look good in that as u r fair..ur white legs’ll be visible).Dou wear minis?I’m wearing a body-hugging t-shirt & tight jeans. My bulging biceps are visible. The music is loud & blasting.Lights are dim. All of us are dancing on our own. We start dancing & we r looking at each other.I then pull u towards me with a force;a short distance of air separating our lips.I’m abt to kiss u when u pull urself away from me.But then u like some foreplay, so u bringyourback to me. I see your big, round ass..god..u r too good. Ur back is touching my front part. I hold your left hand & i run my right hand onyourbare stomach. I just love that. I hope u r enjoying it too. We start gyrating in circles with our hips in total synchronisation with the music. My prick is touching your ass.Wooow! That’s too erotic.

I kiss your ears sometimes holding it between my lips & sometimes biting it;i then kissyourneck from the side.Then i putyourhand on my crotch & i put mine on urs.I do this so that u feel my erecting dick & i caressyourlovely pussy.Do u like this, I want to kissyourwet lips.They r so beautiful in these dim lights.I take u to the corner of the dance room.I push u to the wall withyourback facing me. I start kissingyourbody from the neck, then the back,the hips &yourass. I like kissing your ass too.Aaaah!what a feeling i get out of this. Then i turn u to face me.I kiss u onyourlips & then i put my tongue insideyourmouth exploring all the corners of it.U repeat this step with my mouth.While doing this,my hands are feelingyourbig ass &yourhands r feeling my well-built chest.How do u feel? Is this not heaven for us? I then kiss u on all sides of the neck. I love doing that. I then kiss your breasts although they r covered; then your stomach, i then go down your body, lift your minis & smell your pussy thru’ your panties. Ur pressing my head into your crotch. U r saying “oh suresh”.I kissyourpanties & immediately yourj uice comes out. U moan in PLEASURE.Aaaaaaaah! I really want to fuck u on that night, but u said this is too much and u remainded me of our marriage. At this time,the lights go on indicating that the disco is closing. Shit!We never wanted it to finish,right?. Now u introducedyoursister to me, ooh she too is a show stopper and she is like shilpa shetty and it’s time for us to separate so i taken u gals in my car and dropped inyourhouse. Then came our marriage day the day we have waited for so long, marriage was simple and had a lot of fun, then came the night i am waited for this night eagerely i thought u too waiting for this night?. In the first night room i am eagerly waiting for u, as i expected u entered in the room, u are tense and shy but i am full of joy and enthusiasm, i welcomed u. You are wearing green color saree in a low-hip fashion as your deep navelyourflat stomach was clearly seen. Your long hair touches your ass and having jasmine flower in your hair and u are holding milk glass inyourhands and now i am looking at u as if tiger is waiting for its prey. I ordered you to sit in the bed, you gave the glass of milk to me, but i drank half and gave to you the other half and now u drank the other half. Now i hold on my hands and i said to u to relax, as you are feeling the tension of the first night. I said , for us this is the most important night and i said this is the new millinieum and we are starting our sex life in this millinieum so keep cool, relax and enjoy and i asked your cooperation to make this night as a memorable one, and you promised for your full cooperation. Now i ordered u to stand up and now my both hands holdingyourhips with and started kissing at u, the real beauty about our pair is we both are same height so your lips touched my lips and my prick can touch your vagina at the same time so that we can do both things at the same time(so gals my advice is if u chooseyourpartner make sure that u are at the same height), i kissed you for two minutes i holdyourlower lips with my two lips and then my upper lips and we both exchanged our salivas, while i am kissing my both hands touched your beauty bumpy ass whereyourlong hair is lying and i starting squezzingyourbuttox along with the hair with my hands, this made u hot and u openedyouralmond eyes wider. Now i started smelling the jasmine flower which made me very hot. Now i started removing your saree and placed it in a side as u tried to coveryourboobs with your both hand. I started smiling at you, as u became more shy i came near to u and i removed your hands and i started starring at your boobs, as it always one ofyourgreatest assets of u and it is going to be my asset with in few minutes. I removedyourjacket and now u are sitting with bra and petticoat and u started removing my silk shirt and you started starring at my chest as it is full of hair, you lovd my chest hairs so dearly, and now i pressedyourboobs with my chest and i started moving my chest andyourboobs touches all parts of my chest that made you really hot and now you started to moan in ecstacy, now i removed your bra and your boobs came out and it is now fully free and now i have a full control and access ofyourbeautiful boobs, it is so soft, as if i am touching silk andyournipples, what a lovely nipples u have it is pinkish in color and it is big so that my fingers can roll onyournipples.

Now i hold your boobs with two hands and started squeezing it and started putting circles on your nipples and slowly pinching it. My hard hands rolled on your boobs, now u started to moan in pleasure sssss ssssssss ahhh ahhhhhh, I liked your moaning and rolled my fingers all over your breast now i started licking and sucking it for 10 minutes now i started to move downwards as your bare stomach got attention i put my finger onyourtummy hole and just massaged your flat stomach with my rough hands nowyourpetticoat is distracting me, as i removed the knot and it fell down and now my dream comes true as i see your pink pussy with cleanly shaven and it smells good to me, as i touched your clit andyour becoming out of control and because of my fantastic foreplay, and now your juices were flown that becomes my hands wet now i started suckingy our juices and it tastes damn good. Now i asked you to come to shower before the actual fucking gets done, but u replied nothing doing, but i reminded me of yr promise, so you accepted to come. I grabbed you in my arms and we both went inside the bathroom as i already preapared and i opened the gaizer, the hot water flowing and you removed my silk dhoti. Now i opened the shower we both are nude, now we both kissed, now i opened the shampoo and applied in your long hairs, slowly i started moving intoyourface and i applied shampoo all ofyourface and now i came toyourboobs there i started applying shampoo inyournipples and started caressing it, now u started to moan suresh! suresh!, now i comes toyourstomach and hip and i poured some shampoo in your deep navel and started stirring it now came toyourpussy there i applied some shampoo in the clits and now i ordered you to lie down, as u lied down ordered u to open your legs so that i poured some shampoo inyourpussy, now i started to fingers in pussy as it is already shampooed my fingers went inside freely and touched the clitoris in the folds and started licking it. And atlast i started caressing your thighs and now your body is full of shampoo bubbles, as i am applying shampoo inyourbody my cock touched its full growth and now i started to move nearyourboobs and started touching with my cock inyourboobs that gave us a lot of pleasure to both of us as my cock head posrtion touches your nipples and now i am out of control and i cummed my juices inyourboobs and it is white semen and it cumming for 5 seconds and i moved my dick toyournavel and there i filledyourdeep navel with my juices and now with the shampoo already in your body and my shampoo(semen) also inyourbody now i started to squeezeyourboobs and applied my juices all overyourbody and started caressing allyourbody and baby now u are too hot once againyourjuices were flown this time i never wasted the single drop as i put my tongue inyourpussy and tasted all the juices it is honey to me and my tip of the tongue touchedyourpussy and clit and it touches the clitoris and it is the sensitive part ofyourbody i licked and suckedyourclitoris that made u hot like anything.
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