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Good Result In First Attempt

Hi, I am Venkat from a small village in A.P. Happy new year to all RISS readers I’ am here to post my first Experience (true), a real incident happened when I was 18 years old. Then I was studying my two (inter) course. Let me tell you something, I have good Academic record in my institute but I do not have minimum knowledge about Sex. After completion of my ninth class exams, I used to think why kid are born after marriage, not before. That was the condition. My doubt was cleared with the incident happened in my tuition. my tuition master had sex with my class met it spread throughout my village.

It is the real incident happened in a very well known family. Some of the names are changed. I am not going to reveal everything. If this incident is interesting then write to me. There are four more things happened really I will put them in the net.

It is happened in my sisters (cousin) home, her name is Lakshmi. When I was 16 years she was 31 years. we are from a wealthy family having land. Though she was married at the age of 15, she was barren till 31 years. she is so beautiful women; some of the relatives are in the cinema field. at my 16 years, I also become horny. When I was sleeping for every two days I used to cock used to cum when I saw girl in the dream. I do not know why this is happening at that time all my lungi becoming wet because of cum.

I have heard of my sister while my parents are talking, that she is going to somebody for sex to bear a kid. she was disturbed by accusations from neighbors. That she is barren. In those days, one day when I was taking bath suddenly she came to my house. We usually take bath outside having only Gochi (a small piece of cloth) to cover nakedness.

I observed she is constantly observing my pennies while talking with my mother .my mother asked her to come inside and sit, but she stand outside. my cock became large so that gochi fell down .on seeing that she had a different feeling on her face.

It was winter, our chief minister organized a annual meeting in Hyderabad known as Garjana(roaring).her husband when to 3 days meetings’ used to sleep in the nights whenever he is not there. It so happened as usual she asked me to come and sleep. I went to her house. In those days they only have the TV in my village. I go to see TV. at 9o clock in the night, I am watching TV, I observed some sound from a room, I went and peeped OO….to my surprise at night 9:30 she is doing Exercises, having only Gym suit on her. I never saw a women so naked. she is doing exercises and observing me. I got fever like, to see a women first time half nakedly. my mind is full of thoughts. however, she is my sister, elder. I could not able to control, peeped through the opening

After that she went to bath .I cannot control myself, I peeped through the opening to the door, O what a beauty. Her beauty is in her eyes dull like manisha. .her height is 5.4 .observed her pussy full of hair. her back part (Gudda) is like Meena her boobs are like Sanghavi, I was seen all of them in the shootings’ are in a state of shivering. She came to the hall having only langa (women’s bottom wear).on seeing her boobs size, I became mad. she came out on a beautiful sari (pink)

She told me to go to bed. We usually sleep in the same double cot. after half an hour I observed that her sari is lifted up to her thighs, she is pretending as if she is sleeping. I am eager to see her pussy .I wake up and saw her on thigh is lifted one is one the bed. I took torch light dared to see her pussy through her sari. what a nice white and dark,
fresh pussy. O my God, my pennies became very big. my heart is pulsating fast. I cannot control tension. I feared a lot if she rises she will smite me. I dared to see her but controlled.

I cannot sleep but pretending that I was sleeping. at 12 o’clock she woke me .I followed her. we went outside suddenly she lifted her sari and start pissing. I heard the sound ssssss after that she told me to piss. I am shy person I am going forward she held my hand, I stopped. to my surprise she holds my cock on lungi. I am in a different mood .I cannot resist .my hand are shaking. she took my lungi, and hold my cock telling me what a big one (nee modda balisindi).start pissing, she told but I cannot piss, my hands and legs are shaking. While I was pissing she started fingering her pussy by seeing my cock. because she is my sister I have no dare to do anything.

When we came to bed, after 2 minutes she completely came over me and started kissing me. on seeing her style of kissing my horny position there is some leakage from my cock. I have experienced different situation. at this situation I am ready to fuck her but dared not because she is elder. she is using (talking) some bad words which I never listen. on listening that words I started to hold her and took her two boobs started pressing. So smooth but big. I pressed with all my energy. she is mourning huuuu…. My dream coming true. I started to touch my sister’s fresh pussy and press. somewhat wet.

We are kissing and enjoying but she stopped suddenly. Suddenly tears from her eyes. I was shocked. What happened? she told she is barren. Others women in the village are accusing her. with dare, I told I will try she smiled and gave me kiss she told she went to many doctors, but no result.

I told wipe her tears; she arranged bed with roses sweet smelling. She went inside kitchen and came with a glass of milk. She is little bit shy giving that galls of milk to me. I caught hold of her hand and took her in to my hands. she told me that this is what shobanam is then I realized.

I started enjoying my sister who is elder to me at my 16 years. it is very good experience. I fucked her in the positions she learnt me. she surprised to se my cock with 17 cms she told. I fucked her in the night for three times. in the morning she told me to come in the evening earlier. I am waiting for the chance. she gave me some tablets, I took them. I fucked her 3 days, around 12 times.

I went to my college, but my mind is on her. I passed inter with good marks and went to bits pilani to do Engineering .meanwhile I heard a good news she became pregnant and born a baby kid. one day she met me and called me as hero. I surprised to hear to hear from her mouth. my daughter now 15 years and became Actress. she acted in many roles in telugu .I am really proud of her, being father to a beautiful actress .write to me to post other incidents which are real. write to me to my mail ID dearskrpilani@yahoo.co.in

Aunties in A.P and Chennai who are unsatisfied at homes write to me I am available for sex. have this big cock once. You will have really good day. All the information will be kept confidential as my bava feels that he is the father for the actress. He does not know till now. All other postings depend on your responses. hope to see good response.
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