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First Love Making Experience WIth Veena

I am Suresh from the land of hills Himachal Pradesh, I am the youngest one in my family and hence bit outgoing kind of kid I used to be. In my neighbour hood we used have a family(still there) with four daughters and the youngest one was of my age.

Her name is veena, we both played together since our teenage, we used to bath nude in our local river during those days and even played home -2 many a times or almost a day. We both were like this when she got her first symptoms of adulthood I was the first to know about this, but yes sure there were no lust or sexual intentions,

as our was a small village with no facilities like Cable (Only doordarshan), any sort of adult material accessibilty was not there. We enterd in to our adulthood and she came with wearing a bra first time and shown it to me the compelete view of it. But still we did do anything. It was 9th std when I got a chance to watch an XXX movie brought by one of my village senior chap.

My intentions toward veena changed from the very single day. I started fondling her private parts quite oftenly after this XXX incident. some times when we are alone I use to put my dick in her hands and do a kind of hand jobs. Slowly we both got in to the feeling that we should do some thing and started looking for chances.

Finally the day has come when we both lost our virginity. The day was a rainy day in the month of July, her parents and sisters were not at home, I also just managed to escape in to her house it was a rainy noon infect, she was drying her hair as had just come out of the bath. Sitting in fornt of the dressing table me standing behind.

Veena: Where are your parents? and what are you doing here at this moment? Me: all are at home, what abt your, Veena: no body is there, they have gone for fields and will come back after evening. why? Me: I want you to take my dick in your hands and massage it, Veena: Why? Me: Its paining,

Veena: No, as she said no I just put my both hands from behind and started pressing her globes, she did not say any thing as I used to do this earlier also. slowly I put my hands under her kurta and started pressing them.she just closed her eyes and let me carry on with the massage.

i just squeezed her nipples, fondled them and started moving my one hand towards her naval area. Veena: why are you goig down. Me: I want to see your cunt, she said no... I said please, just I want to see it and thats it(even I have seen it earlier also). she did not say any thing,i just opened her lower and her underwear,

oh.....what an view it was, a cut in between the legs with both the lips tightly bounded, and widly spread pubic hair,and a some drops of her precum tinkling at the bottom of her beatiful female hood. Veena: dekh liya, now go away.... I pleaded please let me touch it and you will feel great, she said no, but I put my hands on it and started rubbing it, she did oppose for some time,

but then started lifting her ass in a rythem of my hand, I inserted a tip of my middle figure in that hole and started rubbing the inner walls of it, she started oozing more liquid from the hole. Her eyes were closed... and moaning... no...no...no..yes...no..yes.. I removed my lower and put my dick in her hands, she started moving it up and down.

We never know that these fore plays could give so much of pleasure.Slowly we were in complete lust and satrted rubbing our bodies with each other. Me: let me put this in there. as I have seen a film Veena: what.... no suresh... I will get pregnent, I said we are too small for that, she sure I said yes, ok....

i just spread her legs and started the process of inserting but never know this could be so tough.. I tried many times but no it is not enetring only, at last got frustrated and pushed it very hard and it entered but I felt a severe pain and she also as she weep loudly, I just removed it out and there was around and it was dripping from my dick,

we both got scared and she started weeping, I said dont worry I have just hurt my dick with that full push. we cleaned the whole stuff and applied some ointment on it and just kissed each other and hugged for a long time and I slipped back to my home. After that we had it many times and still have it,as we are husband wife with two kids. still remember that first love making...
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