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Anal Sex With Girlfriend

Hi guys, this will be my second story and this happened 4 months after my previous story where I and my best friend had an amazing foreplay.

I got quite a nice response to my previous story and as promised I am gonna write this one now. Hope you guys like it, if you find any errors or want me to improve anything, please do let me know. Just so you guys know, both these stories are real incidents that happened to me and are not fictional at all.

So, let me start now, right after the events of the previous story, I started dating Kriti and we start having a better bonding but our college life started and we would barely meet. We were getting really horny, missing the time we were both naked together, enjoying each other’s company. Most of the nights we would be sexting each other, talking about how we would have sex, how she would wanna get fucked by me. We would both finally go to bed after lots sexting and finally masturbating, trust me, sexting is just amazing. I have a hard-on right now just thinking about it.

This went on for a quite a long time, months, we would occasionally meet for lunch but would never get the chance to do anything. Days went by just like that, doing nothing. One day, we both had our days off and we decided to meet up. We met and went to McD right away since it was around noon, there was barely any rush and the whole place was empty, we gave our order, took our food and went upstairs where we got seated. I picked such a seat that the CCTV’s wouldn’t be able to see anything.

We finished our food and were sitting and talking and I put my hand on her ass and could see her getting tensed up, she was getting horny, I slowly slid my hand into her pant, and started rubbing her pussy. She left out a small moan, Ahhh. Glad no one was around to hear that. I started rubbing more, she was getting more and wetter, I could feel my fingers getting wet. I was getting hard seeing her face, believe me, she was making such amazing expressions. I put my hand inside her panties now, started rubbing her bare pussy, she gave a jerk. I tried putting my finger in, but couldn’t because she was sitting, so she lifted one of her legs so that I could put my finger in when I was putting my finger, she sat down and my finger went straight into her, her body gave a jerk and she arched her back.

She cummed just from my finger going into her pussy. I could feel my whole finger getting wet. I took my hand out, she had to go pee. We finally got up, started walking towards the washrooms, it was an isolated place, without any cameras, she was already horny and so was I, we started kissing right then and then, I pinned her to the wall, placed one of my hands on her bare waist, feeling her soft skin, looking into her eyes and then I started kissing her deep. The place was filled with the sound of us kissing, finally, after an intense tongue thrusting kiss, we stopped, thinking that someone was coming and finally left the place. That was the only action we got in a long time.

After that, weeks went by without us meeting. My parents finally left the house to live in native and I was finally alone in this house. After a few days, I called her over, this was during November last year. She finally came home, we both had bunked college for this, we really wanted us to be alone. She came inside, I closed the door and we hugged really passionately, pressing each other really tightly. I could feel her breath hitting my neck, it got me so damn horny. We started looking into each other’s eyes and started kissing softly. It felt so amazing. I started playing with her boobs over her clothes will kissing her. We started exchanging saliva and started kissing intensely. I couldn’t control myself and I started taking off her clothes, took off her shirt and pant, and she took off mine. We were both in our inners now, hungry for each other. We got on the bed, she was below me, I was on top of her, removed her bra and started sucking those amazing white boobs, started biting, sucking and licking her nipples, was sucking one while pinching the other nipple. She started moaning very loudly, “Ahhhhhhhh, yesss baby, suck more!!!”

This got me even hornier. I started rubbing her pussy over her panty, she was already wet down there. I was sucking her boobs while rubbing her pussy, she was going crazy from all this. She said. “Put it in already, I can’t wait anymore babe”. I took off her panty, she was flowing her juices like anything, it was giving such an amazing smell. I started rubbing her clit after this, licking it in between. She had her eyes rolled back, she couldn’t even speak anything coz of how good she was feeling.

I put it two fingers and started fingering her, she started moaning really loudly, the whole room was filled with her moans. Hearing her moan so much, I was getting harder, my dick was oozing a lot of precum, it was clearly seen on my inner since it had a patch of the precum on it. She took off my inner and got hold of my dick and started shagging it. I was on cloud 9, it felt so amazing. We both wanted to fuck badly now.

I told her that we don’t have any condoms, so she didn’t let me fuck her pussy. I got sad because of his, she saw this and said, “Put it on the back”. My face lit upon hearing this, Anal right from the bat. I put her in doggy style and put in a finger in her asshole. It was tight as hell, I didn’t know how she would take my whole dick inside her ass. Just so you guys know, I have a pretty decent dick size, 6 and a half inches long and around 3-4 inches in girth. I positioned my dick on her asshole and tried to penetrate her but couldn’t. It was really tight. She told me to go get oil, I brought oil and put it on her asshole and on my dick, a lot of it. I tried to enter her now and it was going in. She told to push it in very slowly since it was hurting her. I started pushing my dick in slowly, she screamed, ” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”.

It was too big for her, just when I was fully in her, she brought her hip back and my dick went inside her fully. She arched her back and said, “Oh yessss, that’s so big”. I slowly started pumping her, she started moaning, “Ummmm, yeahhhhhhhhh”. The sound of oil and her ass hitting my body when I was fully inside her was filling the room, “Thap thap thap thap”. She started saying, “Faster, fuck me fasterrrrrrrr”. Hearing her say this made me fuck her harder, she started screaming, she had already cum during this, I could see her juices flowing down her legs while I was ramming her ass. I grabbed her boobs from behind and continued ramming her, kept pinching her nipples,” Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah”. The sound of her moaning was making me wild.

I was about to cum, I asked her where to cum, she said that she wants it all inside her. I said ramming her faster. She started screaming at the top of her voice. I finally cummed, left out a slight moan, and fell on top of her, panting, still catching my breath, she was also tired. We both were panting hard. She fell on the bed, and I fell on top of her. Hugged her from behind and we were resting like that while my dick was still inside her, getting small and finally came outside her ass. I fucked her ass one more time that day before she left. We fuck from time to time.

In the next story, I will tell you guys about how I fucked her pussy finally, that is only if I get a good response to this story. I hope u guys liked this story, you can email me at- ajaykilife@gmail.com

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