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The Maharani - Part Four: The Empire

An Empire is established and a dynasty starts

It was 1015 A.D. and Mahmud of Ghazni was preparing to raid Hindustan once again. The wealth he had acquired from his last foray had dissipated. And besides which he wanted Hindustani cunt. His desire for those dusky sensuous creatures had been growing even as his treasury was being depleted till he could contain himself no longer.

Once again Mahmud was ready to prove that there were no better motivators for the human male to get off his butt and do things than money and sex.

The disconcerting thing was none of his spies had reported back to him. They had just disappeared. Before each expedition he had always gotten information on the kingdoms that made up Hindustan. He was a practical man and being prepared beforehand was to him, essential. This time around he had sent out younger, less experienced men, and maybe they had lost their way home or something.

He had heard about a large and growing kingdom from travelers to his court from Hindustan. And though it bothered him, it was not really something over which he lost any sleep. He had defeated large armies in the past and he was confident that his men would grind into dust anything that Hindustan had to offer. He knew that these Hindus were good at making wealth and that their women were great fucks but as far as fighting was concerned – he laughed out loud as the thought crossed his mind - they were complete losers. A bigger kingdom was just a bigger target.

And so he moved out of Afghanistan, passed through the mighty mountains and forded the Indus River to enter Hindustan.

Rehana brought news of his crossing into Hindustan to the princess. Only then did the princess feel it was safe for them to play. Even now Rehana was taking no chances and had securely locked from the inside all entrances to the royal chambers. She then unlocked the cleverly hidden trapdoor in the floor below the thick Persian carpet and let Rahim, her husband, and Rogan her brother into the room. They had crawled through a long and winding passageway that started in the royal stables. Rogan was officially in charge of the stables and had discovered this long forgotten secret passageway by sheer chance.

The princess had been kept pretty busy by Mahmud. In fact the night before he left, Mahmud had made passionate love to her all night long.

It had started with a slow seduction to music from musicians discreetly placed out of sight. They had gently kissed and caressed each other to a point where they were both ready for the main event. He had slowly disrobed her and then carried her to their private chamber. There he had gently and lovingly brought her to the first of many orgasms with his tongue. He knew exactly how to stimulate her vaginal lips while every now and then darting a lick at her clitoris or penetrating her slick channel.

Gradually he built up the tempo of his lingual assault, bringing his years of experience to bear, till she cried out in bliss. Then when she had recovered he wasted no time in mounting her and ramming his cock into her aroused cunt, exactly as he knew she liked. From face to face they progressed through various positions and many orgasms to the position she knew he loved the most – taking her from behind.

She knew what was next and welcomed it. The sight of her faultless buttocks always but always got him salivating to fuck her anus.

She waited patiently on her hands and knees as he lubricated his cock and then gently but with purpose introduced it past her anus until it was completely embedded in her rectum. Holding her perfect hips he slowly built up the tempo of his thrusts, savoring the sight of her taut and pink buttocks moving back to meet his forward thrusts. He wanted to remain sheathed in the heaven that was her rectum forever.

But alas his excitement got the better of him and he came with a loud cry, depositing a boat load of semen in her back passage. As always once was never enough and that night was no exception. He fucked her bung hole repeatedly in various positions.

In the morning she woke up with Mahmud's penis up her rectum, gently but with purpose buggering her. That was their last fuck together.

She had been sated, but the moment she knew she could indulge her wilder side all her lust came bounding back. As she watched, both Rahim and Rogan shed their clothes and Rehana took hold of both their cocks and rubbed them to full erection. Cooing, Rehana slurped on one then the other. It had been a while since she had enjoyed either.

She had been on royal duty. Sent by Mahmud to accompany and wait upon an elderly but respected aunt who had to go to Samarkand to consult a soothsayer on an urgent matter. They had stayed at the Sultan of Uzbekistan's palace. She had returned just a few days after Mahmud had left for Hindustan.

It was not as if she had not had sex in that period. Rehana was too sexual a creature to go without for any length of time.

She had fucked the nervous and very young man who had been one of the lamp carriers for the royal party. This guy was a virgin when he left Ghazni but a veteran fucker by the time he returned. She had let him enjoy her every which way.

The climax was in a friend's house or rather rooms in Samarkand. Her friend was a lady in waiting to the second wife of the Sultan of Uzbekistan and had rooms in the royal palace itself. So once Mahmud's aunt retired, Rehana could skip out and be with her friend yet be within range if the old lady suddenly sought her.

Her friend had no children but it was not for lack of trying. Perhaps it was Allah's will. For this lady had fucked just about every eligible male in the palace. And not just once. Her husband was no passive cuckold either; he had fucked his share of women, including the second wife of the Sultan herself. And not just once. It was this love of fornication that kept the couple together even if they were not able to raise a family and many a time they enjoyed an orgy together.

Rehana had on her previous visits enjoyed both husband and wife. This visit had coincided with her friend's husband being sent to Persia on official business. And accompanying Rehana this time was not her husband with his humongous cock but a young man with a fairly normal sized cock.

The turn on was his extreme youth. The moment her friend closed the door behind them Rehana was on him. She untied his draw string trousers and grabbed his naked cock. The young man hopped on one leg and made bleating sounds, overwhelmed with severe embarrassment for Rehana's friend could see his thingy. His thingy which against his will and embarrassment expanded with Rehana's expert manipulation.

Her friend watched the entire production with amusement. Suddenly Rehana lowered her head and swallowed the young man's penis entirely and then vigorously began sucking on it. The young man stopped hopping as lust replaced his embarrassment. He bent down and began mauling Rehana's breasts through her blouse. Slurping on his cock Rehana turned to her friend and said, "Come on you bitch take your clothes off and fuck this piece of shit." Before the young man could protest at being called a piece of shit Rehana's friend's naked breast was in his mouth. He sucked on a heavenly nipple even as Rehana sucked on his cock.

Then Rehana drew his cock out of her mouth and pushed him roughly on to the bed. Quickly she removed her clothes and lowered her naked cunt on to his tool. She rode him with abandon for a while before turning to her friend, "I have never taken him up my ass. You want to be his first?"

Her friend spoke firmly to the young man who had his eyes closed and was humming with pleasure as Rehana rode him. "You want to fuck my ass?" He had not a clue as to what she was saying; he really was a naive young man. So she moved over him and placed her buttocks in his face. "See that brown hole? Lick it." And he did; while she turned around so the she could watch the young man's cock spearing her friend's aroused cunt.

She spoke to him again, "Make it slick with your spit you worthless mother fucker because that is where your cock will enter." The young man was in seventh heaven with the pleasure afforded by Rehana's cunt riding his cock. He had a foolish grin on his face as he parted the buttocks on his face to more effectively slurp on the brown hole offered him.

He was so aroused that the thought that he was licking another person's shit chute did not occur to him straightaway. By the time it dawned on him, he was well into assaulting the bundle of muscles at the entrance with his tongue, and enjoying immensely the reaction of that elastic opening and the woman's sighs of pleasure. The woman had totally fallen onto her haunches to attack Rehana's clitoris more efficiently and in doing this she had completely exposed her anus to the young man's marauding tongue.

Rehana could feel that the young man was fast approaching eruption. Abruptly she moved off his cock. Getting hold of some cooking oil she lovingly massaged his cock with it while her friend moved off his face but maintained her hunched over position. Rehana then applied oil to her buttocks, tenderly introducing one well oiled digit past the sphincter and then another one. She then got the young man to straddle her friend and taking hold of his well oiled weapon placed it at the nether opening.

"Push it in gently," she cooed as her friend waited on her knees. Gently, the young man pushed and nothing happened. He held his cock in his own hands and pushed harder. Then suddenly he felt a give and in an instant he was in to the hilt. Rehana's friend let out a yelp and yelled, "Slowly you motherfucker."

The young man had never in his short fucking career been in such a warm and tight place. Instinct made him move his penis out of that tight glove and ram it back in again. It made Rehana's friend grunt and the tone of that grunt fueled the young man's ardor and he began thrusting in and out with a rare abandon making grunting sounds himself only deeper and more frantic than Rehana's friend, who now just held her buttocks apart and lay hunched and firm, accepting the ramming, indeed reveling in the buggering she was getting.
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