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The End of Restless Sleep - Ch. 14

Chapter 14: Blemish Pieta.

“Months turned to year. After my breakup, I was literally broke and dipped myself in the work. The manager of the new company of Mr. Ghosh, Mr. Ambarish Sinha was much help to me. However living under the same roof and watching Mr. Ghosh’s activities made me irritated. I tried to ignore Mr. Ghosh but I could not. I tried to rein him. We had a fight one night; he was inebriated. He shouted at me and showed my place that I was a mere paid nurse to him. I was very much hurt that day. I locked myself in my room and tried to kill myself. I kept on saying myself that my life was finished.”

“Just then I heard a commotion in the house. One servant came running and knocked my door. I forgot as what I was going to do and I ran upstairs. I froze as what I saw. Mr. Ghosh was unconscious, lying in a pool of blood, glasses and bottles scattered all around. Blood was gushing from his head. I called for ambulance and took him to the hospital. I laughed at my fate that was binding me repeatedly with Mr. Ghosh. I was by his side all the time until he was discharged. After returning to home, I took the reins of his lifestyle finally. He did not object to that.”

“I gave strict instructions to all the servants to throw all those alcohol bottles and no more females in that house. After he recovered, he joined his office and I looked after his business. I gave strict instruction to the driver to drive him to office and bring him home, nowhere else. I observed change in Mr. Ghosh. He started to bring flowers or some nonsense gifts for me. I had a feeling that I was getting attracted to a much older person who was a score of years senior to me. Day by day, his attitude towards me changed to love. I again felt that I was in love.”

“Two years after we met, one day he proposed me to marry him. I put one condition in front of him that I would marry him once I was clear about his past life. He promised me that he would divulge everything once I marry him. I smiled and accepted his proposal. We went together to my home. My parents were happy to see me but were little offended as I was marrying a much older person. I persuaded them that I was in love with Mr. Ghosh. Yes, it took some time to persuade but money can do anything in this world. We got married two years after I met him. The function was a close one. I reminded his promise on the reception day.”

“He took my hand in his and kneeled in front of me. He told me that he wanted to be a rich man and climb the ladder of success. In due course of time he neglected Manjusha Di and you. Manjusha Di always nagged him for his nature. However, he paid no heed. Manjusha Di’s demise was a boon for him and not a bane. He left you so that you do not pose a threat to his rich vagabond lifestyle. He did not stop running after money and female flesh.”

“He lamented on what he lost, he understood when I came to his life but then everything was finished. He took out an old album and showed me your pictures. He was crying in front of me. I felt pity on him and asked him about your whereabouts. He said he know nothing. That night I did not pester him much.”

“Our life took a new course and gradually we both forgot about you and Manjusha Di. I felt that I had everything in my life, a loving husband and a secure life. I took over his business in total and I became a businessperson. Four years after our marriage, Bappa was born to me. I named him after your name. At least he should have something to remember his elder brother.”

On hearing the last sentence, I felt my eyes burning. I clenched my jaws to control myself. She smiled at me with glistening eyes and let out a deep exhale.

“Last year before puja, Bappa was playing hide and seek in my room. You know how naughty he is. He locked himself in a cupboard containing old documents. I opened the cupboard to surprise him; instead, that old album took me by surprise. I froze as I opened the album. A picture of Manjusha Di and you was staring at me. I looked at Bappa. I felt that I was cheating. I felt that someone like my Bappa was out there who also wanted to smile in his life. I confronted Mr. Ghosh that day, I stood firm on my ground that he has to contact you."

“At first, he denied vehemently. He was sceptical as how you would handle things. I told him that the life is short but not finished yet. He should lookout for what he has lost. He told me that his son won’t forgive him as what he did. I said to him that absolve was not the question, reviving the relation was the question. He should face one last time for his deeds. At least I don’t want to burden my life with a thought that I was cheating a soul, wandering alone, somewhere in this huge world.”

“I persuaded him to make a call and then he called your maternal uncle. You came to our house and your actions proved that you were unable to come to terms with us. The ice did not melt even after that.”

“Then I received Anoushka’s call. She asked me to come over here and meet her. I don’t know what she wanted, but I can fathom that she wanted to bridge the gap between the father and son.”

The night was passing by. I could hear birds chirping outside. The twilight was peeking on the eastern horizon and new dawn was approaching. I lost my vocabulary after hearing her version. I looked at the Blemished Pieta sitting in front of me with snivelled eyes.

She let out a deep exhale and asked, “You don’t believe me, do you?”

I gave a blank stare at her and shook my head in disbelief, “You have left me speechless.”

She asked me, “Do you want to talk to your dad, now?”

I exclaimed, “WHAT? He might be sleeping now.”

She smiled and said, “Huh, I will wake him up, don’t worry. After all, his son is back. He was very anxious as what would be your reaction. I called him last evening that I would be able to bring you back. So I think I have succeeded, have I?”

“No, I will talk to him later, let him sleep peacefully.” I muttered, “I am sorry for all those misconception that I had in mind about you.”

She smiled at me and said, “I should ask, not you.” She paused for a moment and continued, “I know it very well that you are not going to accept me as what our relation states, right? I was the youngest of my four siblings. I always wanted a younger brother for me even that relation is not possible.” She looked outside the window. The morning sunlight was glowing on her face. She smiled at me and said, “So can we be friends?”

I looked outside the window. The red sun was peeking behind the dark clouds. A huge boulder moved from my chest. I shook my head and laughed at her at last, “A red dawn, a new dawn. Yes we can be friends.”

“One minute, I think we need some coffee.” She went for preparing coffee. I looked into the bedroom. Bappa was sleeping peacefully. I shook my head and thought, my dad is having a good time then.

She entered with two cups and handed me one. Then she asked, “Since we are friends now, can I ask you a personal question?” I answered, “Yeah sure.” She asked me, “Has anything happened between you and Anoushka?”

I felt that I should tell her the truth, “Actually, her father. He is against the relation. Caste and creed created a huge difference and I had no family for my support. He tried to persuade Titli at first but she was adamant on her stand. They had a fight and he had a heart attack. I took him to hospital even. I had to retrace back after hearing her mother’s plea.” I exhaled deeply, “Titli has been sent away. I don’t know where but I think she has been sent to Delhi. Her mother did mention once that she would be sent to Delhi.”

Nilanjana ma’am asked me, “When did all these happened? What are you going to do now?”

I answered her, “All this happened last week. I am searching for a job in Delhi. I will go there and search for her. I am optimist. I have not lost my hope yet. Just waiting for the opportune moment to talk to her parents again and persuade them. Let us see as what happens.”

She shook her head, “You want me to talk to them?”

I answered her, “No ma’am, I think the iron is still hot. It won’t be a wise step to strike now as splinters can fly at any direction. Don’t worry about me, I am fine.”

She said to me. “Why don’t you spend this weekend with us?”

I assured her, “I will try, but I promise to spend my Durga Puja with you all.”

Nilanjana Ma’am returned to Dhanbad the next day. I promised her that I would visit them during the coming puja vacation.

My father and I spoke on phone and the mutual differences were got cleared to much extent. One phone call from Titli to Nilanjana Ma’am sorted a decade long cold war between us. What she told and how she managed, I did not know. I could not even thank my damsel for that.
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