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Erotic Adventures in Thailand - II

Arpitfrowned. "No, you should go on your trip. You two have been planning itfor months." Every time Arpit visited his folks they had maps up of theareas of Switzerland they were hiking through and he knew they had variouslocations booked for the occasional night in a hotel and if they set off latethey'd lose their reservations. "Honestly, I'm okay. You should go on yourtrip, and besides, I can call you if I need to. You guys can call me too,okay?"

Arpitcould almost hear them silently discussing it with looks and gestures at theother end of the phone, something they'd done for as far back as he couldremember.

"Yousure, son?"

"Yeah,Dad. You and Mom go on your trip."

"Yousure you're not pissed at us for not telling you?" His Dad asked bluntly,as was his way.

Arpitsighed. "Honestly, Dad. I'm not angry. I'm a bit shocked, and I can't sayI won't be angry in the future, but if I get angry I know where to findyou."

"Thatyou do, son," His father replied. "You just pick up that phone andwe'll come right back so you can vent your fury for as long as you need."

"CanI just ask, why didn't you tell me?"

"Therewas never a good time for it, honey," His Mom replied. "How do youbring something like that up in conversation?"

"Besides,you would have asked who your parents were, and we would have had to liedirectly to your face, son," His Dad added. "We just couldn't figureout how to tell you."

"Fairenough," Arpit said, managing to sound calm while inside he just wanted tovanish somewhere quiet so he could process it all. "Have a goodtrip."

"Loveyou, honey."

"Loveyou too," Arpit finished and ended the call. He squared his shoulders,took a deep breath and walked back in to see what else the lawyer had to say.

"Everythingokay, Mister Gujju?" Mister Rawal asked as Arpit sat back down.

"Idon't know if I'd describe it as okay," Arpit said a moment later."Right, I've spoken to my parents."

"Soyou know I'm telling the truth then?"

Arpitswallowed and nodded. "Bit of a shock."

"Ibelieve you. Shall I continue?"

"Mightas well," Arpit replied.

"Ashe mentioned in the letter, Mister Jhaveri did his best to keep a discrete eyeon you and your sisters while you were growing up, and he kept private fileswith the information for an occasion such as this. As he also said, we'd likeyou to come to Mister Jhaveri's private Island, where you can meet your sistersand get to know each other without any of the constraints and pressures of theoutside world."

"Whatdoes that mean?" Arpit asked.

"Pressuresand so forth?" The old man asked. Arpit nodded, so he continued. "Togive you one example, Mister Jhaveri was a very recognisable public figure witha long ongoing relationship with the press."

Arpitnodded, having seen him at movie premieres, award shows, chat shows and in thepapers too.

"Thepress are already making enquiries about who will inherit the vast fortune ofthe Jhaveri Empire, and sooner or later someone will remember him in a hospitaltwenty three years ago and either do some digging, or simply open their mouthon their favourite social networking site. In todays instant-media world, it'sonly a matter of hours or days before you and your sisters get tracked down andbeseiged by the media."

"You'reshitting me," Arpit blurted. "Seriously? That's what you think isgoing to happen?"

MisterRawal blinked. "That is what will happen, Arpit. We have experience withthis."

"Iwould have thought they'd....." Arpit trailed off, thinking about it, andhe knew that the old man was right in what he was saying. There would be amedia frenzy, and he'd be right in the middle of it. "Fuck mesideways."

"Isee we're on the same page, Arpit."

"Iguess so," he replied unhappily. "So what happens now?"

"Thereshould be a car outside for you. There's a private jet due to arrive in,"He glanced at his watch, a polished silver pocket watch, then dropped it backin his pocket. "Nine hours time, that's half past eight tonight. Take-offwill be around nine o'clock and the flight from Mumbai to PortblairIsland, thenearest airport to the Island, is around seven hours. From there you'll take aboat for an hour to the Island itself, so you should be there at aroundsunrise."

"Overnightjourney?" Arpit asked, frowning. "It sounds exhausting."

"Unfortunatelywe have to get all three of you to the Island as soon as possible, so it'sunavoidable on this occasion. However." The old man paused. "At theairport will be a woman named Shikha, an Executive Assistant to Mister Jhaveriwith many years experience. She'll be your liaison, your point of contact andyour assistant for the duration of your trip."

"Whydo I need an assistant?" Arpit asked.

"Becauseyou'll have a lot of questions," The old man said simply. "Now,Shikha is very good at her job and she'll be a real asset to you, so make sureyou rely upon her."

"We'llsee," Arpit replied, knowing he still wasn't sure if he was going to go tothis Island at all. The idea of buggering off with his folks seemed appealing,despite his well-known aversion to hiking.

"Inbetween now and tonight you'll have a driver to look after you. Her name isSuman, I'm assured she's very good, and she'll have a few forms for you tocomplete. I also have this for you."

Theold man slid an envelope over the table. Arpit opened it and emptied thecontents. A Visa card, a Mastercard, a clear envelope with cash in it and asmall keyfob.

"What'sall this?"

"Thecredit cards are for you to purchase some suitable clothing for your trip, thecash for if you don't want to use your credit cards or if you need to tip, andthe keyfob is a personal alarm," The old man explained. "If you pushthe red button, a security team will converge on your location and extract youfrom any situation or threat in the vicinity."

"Likebodyguards?" Arpit asked, shaking his head. "This is toosurreal."

"I'dimagine there will be many surreal moments in the days to come," The oldman replied.

"Pinnumbers for the cards?" Arpit asked, picking them up and looking at them.They seemed almost holographic.

"Theyear of your birth. We can change that tomorrow for you."

"Isuppose they've got like a twenty grand limit or something extravagant likethat?" Arpit laughed.

"Notquite, no." Mister Rawal smiled. "I believe they're somewhere inexcess of a couple of hundred thousand dollars, but they were set up in ahurry, so we'll get that straightened out too in the next few days."

Arpitsnorted with laughter.

"Anothersurreal moment?" The lawyer asked, his expression blank.

"Somethinglike that."

"SoI've got a driver, a load of credit and cash and a goon-squad on standby, justto cover me for nine hours until I catch a plane to an Island paradise?"

"Nota plane, a private jet, but yes, close enough," he nodded.

"Fuckinghellfire," Arpit said quietly, the laughter and incredulity of the momentstopped. "So do I just go back to my desk until I finish work now? Whathappens?"

"Oh,good lord, no," Mister Rawal replied, looking taken aback for the firsttime. "Mister Jhaveri actually owns this company, although it's not widelyknown. However, no, you don't need to return to your desk. In fact you don'tneed to return to it ever again if you so choose."

"Whatabout my boss?" Arpit asked. "Sometimes he's a real dick, and I don'twant him to throw a bitch fit."

"Arpit,"The old lawyer said, leaning forward across the table. "It'll take a whileto get your head round some of the changes that are going to happen to yourlife in the next few days, weeks and months. However, if your boss is, as youput it, a real dick, then you can always deal with it by coming back here in afew weeks and firing him."

"Goodpoint actually."

"Nowthen, onto the last file," The old man said, gathering the otherdocumentation away.

"What'sin this one?"


Arpitfelt that cold sinking feeling in his stomach again and suddenly his mouth wasdry. He realised he was craving a cigarette again, and had been for some time,which was unusual as he'd quit nearly a year ago and hadn't had a craving inseven or eight months.

"Okay,let's see them," Arpit said, feeling a hint of excitement and fear at thethought of having sisters and wanting to find out who they were.

Thelawyer opened the folder and slid two photographs across the table and Arpit'sbreathing almost stopped. His face turned white.

"Iseverything okay, Arpit?" The old lawyer asked as Arpit stared at thephotographs on the table. "You've gone a little pale."

Ina voice barely above a whisper, Arpit said, "Oh, fuck, please let this bea joke."

"Is everything okay, Arpit?" The old lawyerasked as Arpit stared at the photographs on the table. "You've gone alittle pale."

In a voice barely above a whisper, Arpit said,"Oh, fuck, please let this be a joke."

Arpit was reeling, the instant recognition of thetwo faces in the photos making him feel nauseous, excited and angry at the sametime.

It was Tanmy and Bipasha, the two stars of hisown personal spank-bank, the sexual memories that came back to him every nightwhen he lay in bed, his eyes closed, stroking his cock. The two hottest womenhe'd ever encountered and God, or Fate, or Destiny had decided to fuck him upand reveal they were his sisters. He cursed the part of himself that wasexcited at the thought of meeting them again. He knew that he couldn't haveknown they were his sisters, that there was no possible way he could haveknown, but still he felt disgusted with himself, the strength of the social andlegal taboo so strong that he just felt.... wrong. Dirty, and not in a goodway.

The conflicting emotions and memories made hisalready knotted stomach feel like a stuffed toy inside a washing machine on aspin-cycle.

"Arpit, "Mister Rawal asked again. "Is everything okay?"

Arpit looked at the old man across the table andtook a deep breath. "Mister Rawal, are you my lawyer?"

"No, or more precisely, not yet.
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