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Erotic Adventures in Thailand - I

Arpit Gujju smiled. It had been an epic weekend so far.

He has planned is summer vacation with his buddies Vishal and Rohit, which they have long awaited, particularly as their destination was Pattaya, Thailand They were there to party.

Party they had, Arpit wearily observed. They'd arrived on the Friday morning, got drunk and partied with some chicks from University all night, but Vishal had been the only one to score. Or at least, he was the only one who claimed to score. If he actually did, Arpit knew it would have required some divine intervention.

Once they'd slept a few hours they hit the Pattaya Island Beach. Arpit had felt too tired to do much but lie around with his shades on, admiring the ladies that passed by in their swimwear, but Vishal and Rohit had immediately hit the slides. It only took half an hour for Vishal to return with a limp. Rohit couldn't stop laughing as he told how Vishal had taken off down one of the slides after a hot girl in a bikini and had been pushing himself so fast that he flipped sideways out the slide and landed on the edge of it, narrowly missing his balls but injuring his right leg in the process.

Arpit sat with Vishal and listened to him grumble about his injury while Rohit did what Rohit does and took off in pursuit of several girls
heading for the waves. "You should get your shades on, Vishal," Arpit suggested. "Some of the women going past here are fine. You can really check them out."

His buddy grunted, so Arpit shrugged and put his iPod on, listening to some tunes while he admired a particularly hot MILF in a red
thong and matching top strolling past.

An hour or so passed and Rohit finally came back full of excitement insisting they come and meet these girls from Delhi, down Summer Vacation, too. He'd met them on the beach and had been chatting with them for the last forty minutes and they wanted to meet Arpit and Vishal too.

Arpit figured it sounded like fun, so he nodded and stashed his iPod under his towel, then got up to follow Rohit. Vishal grumbled but joined them anyway. It took ten minutes of paddling to catch up with the four girls on the lazy river, but Rohit introduced them all as Kajol, Ashin, Anushka and Sonam.

"So I take it your names are all fake then?" Arpit had laughed, getting a round of grins from the girls.

"Well, if you fine-ass bitches are using fake names, it must be for one reason, and that reason is carnal sinning," Vishal said, earning a scowl from Rohit. "I'm fucking right, aren't I?"

"What a fucking douchebag ," Anushka muttered. Arpit did the only thing he could think of to remedy the situation. He tipped over Vishal's inflatable, dumping him sideways into the beach.

Thankfully the girls all laughed as he came up spluttering and the tension was eased. Over the next couple of hours they hung out with the girls, Arpit mostly chatting to Anushka, Rohit to Sonam, while Vishal tried unsuccessfully to get chatting with Ashin and Kajol, much to everyone's amusement.

With it being late in the afternoon though, the girls announced they had to head off.

"You guys want to meet up tonight at a party we're going to? It'll be around midnight, if that's not too late," Anushka said, placing her hand on Arpit's arm.

"I think we should be out partying by then," He grinned. "Where about?"

"Meet us in Thai Country Club. Know where that is?"

"Sure," He nodded. "We passed it last night. You want to give me your number?"

She shook her head, but smiled. "I wouldn't hear my phone anyway. Maybe later," She said, winking.

"I'll look forward to it," Arpit replied.

As the girls got out at the steps, Arpit casually back-paddled his inflatable, watching as they got out the water. Kajol was the first out, a thin blonde with a black one-piece making her skin look very pale. Second out was Ashin, a black curvy girl with a dazzling smile and nice hips, followed by Sonam, the most tanned of the group.

Arpit smiled, knowing why Rohit had hit on her. She had by far the nicest body of the group and was the tallest by a couple of inches. Long dark hair tied in a ponytail, a black bikini, tight and firm all over, and an ass that reminded him of Jennifer Lopez.

Last out was Anushka, the girl he'd spent the last couple of hours chatting with. Her multi-coloured one-piece was slashed red and gold and showed her off quite nicely. She was average height, and pretty much average build. Nice ass, bit of a nice cleavage, nice legs.

Despite there being nothing outstanding about her, Arpit found her the most attractive of the four. Anushka turned and waved to Arpit. "Remember. Midnight."

"We'll be there," He waved back.
"Feel free to forget the douchebag," She called as she disappeared.

"The douchebag will be coming," Vishal shouted loud enough for half the park to hear. Realising everyone was looking at him, he muttered,"Shit," then tipped himself into the water

"Come on!"

"He's got the bit between his teeth on this one," Rohit admitted.

"I know," Arpit grunted. Vishal had been going at them non-stop for the last hour about hitting a strip club, but Arpit and Rohit were reluctant.. It wasn't that Arpit was against looking at naked women writhing all over him, but it was the amount of money they'd spend.

Three times in the past couple of years the three of them had gone to strip-bars and each time Arpit and Rohit had spent over two hundred bucks each, while Vishal had spent everything he had, and ended up relying on his friends to get him home again afterwards. Given they were planning on hitting the clubs to meet up with the girls later, Arpit and Rohit were reluctant to let Vishal loose or they'd end up paying for him all night.

"It'll be fun, fuckers. Come on," Vishal repeated. "We'll see some tits, some hot ass, some wet pussy. Maybe even get a couple of girls to give us a private show, know what I mean?" He winked.

Arpit knew what he meant. He meant that Vishal would chip in his last twenty bucks and Arpit and Rohit would have to put in a hundred each so that the three of them could sit there and feel awkward watching two chicks play with each other for a couple of minutes. Then they wouldn't have enough money to do anything else.

"Vishal, we can visit strip clubs back home. I want to get laid, and that doesn't happen with strippers," Arpit pointed out. "I want to meet the girls later."

"Yeah," Cased added. "You can't control yourself in these places man."

"Alright fuckers, what do I need to do to convince you not to be lame-ass cunts and go?" Vishal said quickly, his gaze darting between his two friends. Arpit could see how eager he was.

"How much money have you got left, Vishal?" Arpit asked.

"Two hundred and four bucks. We fucking leave tomorrow, guys. Pickup at ten past eleven," Vishal said.

"Come on, let's jjust go nuts, party like mother-fuckers and leave it all out there."

"I'll go if you give me one hundred and four bucks to keep for you until after we leave the strip club," Rohit said after a moment.

"What? No fucking way, cocksucker," Vishal blurted.

"That's my cash."

"Yeah, but Rohit's got a point," Arpit argued quickly.

"It's gonna cost us at least twenty bucks to get into the club, plus drinks and then a cab back here. Throw in some food tomorrow. You can't afford to spend more than a hundred in a strip bar."

"Hundred and four bucks," Rohit said, holding out his hand.

"No fucking way," Vishal said. "Stop being such a bunch of fucking cockblockers."

"Yeah, I'm not going unless you give the cash to Rohit either," Arpit said, crossing his arms.

"Or you can go out yourself, go to the stripclub on your own, and then wait for us to get in, but we're not giving you any cash at all. Not even tomorrow," Rohit added.

"Fucking bitches. What the fuck?" Vishal protested, but his resistance crumbled a moment later. "Okay, okay. Hundred and four bucks, but I want that fucking green back the second we leave the strip club, cunts."

"Okay," Rohit shrugged, while Arpit grinned and headed into the bathroom for a shower and a shave. He really wanted to impress Anushka tonight. Or whatever her real name was.

3P's Club, the sign said outside.

"This place looks like a dive," Arpit muttered quietly. Still it did offer fully nude dances and you could bring in your own booze.

"Come on, losers," Vishal grinned, a six-pack tucked under his arm. "Let's go see some shaking milk-bombs and wide open tampon-tunnels!"

Arpit shook his head at Vishal. Sometimes the guy could be such a dick, but his vocabulary for slang terms when it came to the female anatomy was inexhaustible.

"Dude," Rohit said. "If you call them that in front of any woman you're never gonna get laid."

"I do fine, fucktard," Vishal grinned. "Come on, let's go."

Arpit followed Vishal and Rohit into the club, paying the steep twenty five dollar door fee. The club looked a lot better inside than it did outside, and there must have been a hundred guys in the room, with a bit of a relaxed policy of under twenty-one getting applied by the security staff. There was even a table of women across the room, getting cheers as one of them slipped a note into the g-string of a dancer.

True to the advertising, a dancer was on another stage, gyrating around a pole, dressed only in black stockings and heels.

"Full nudity, bitches," Vishal announced.

"Come on, let's go get a table," Arpit said, keen to get out of earshot of the security before Vishal got them bounced right back out the door.

They sat down around a small table with four armchairs and within thirty seconds Vishal was waving a twenty at a tall, skinny redheaded dancer with underwear the same colour as her hair.

"You looking for a dance, sugar?" she asked, her accent betraying her East-european origins.

"You better fucking believe it, baby," Vishal grinned, leaning forward in his chair.
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