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Dawn at Midnight (B4 Ch4)

Dawn at Midnight.

Book 4: Genesis. Chapter 4: Dawn at Midnight

I reached home at about ten o clock in the night. Abhi already slept, so I lay him on the bed. I lay beside him, without changing my clothes, lamented on my doomed fate. I cuddled him and wept, “Don’t worry sweetheart. I am here with you always.” After sometime, I walked to the kitchen and cooked some rice for me for dinner. I finished my dinner halfheartedly.

Whenever the thoughts of Abhimanyu swarm in my mind, I cursed him and myself for not taking the step that both of us wanted but restrained to take. The hot, humid April was killing me. The overhead fan was unable to quench my thirst. I went inside the bathroom, turned on the shower. The cold water ran down my body. I sat under the shower on the floor. The water dripped continuously on my head, drenched my writhing mind and soul. “Why, why, God, you tried to met us and then pulled us apart? What wrong I did in my whole life that I had to writhe in pain for my whole life? Why can’t I live a peaceful happy life?” I asked several thousand of question; however, HE answered none. I saw HIM smiling at me.

I was loitering in the drawing room, looking out of the balcony. I felt free to be at home after a week of harried trip.

It was about half past eleven, Maithili called me---“Have you reached home safely?”

---“Yes. How is Titli?”

---“She is doing well. Abhi has slept?”

---“Yes he is sleeping.”

“Are you alone in the house?” her query baffled me.

---“Yes I am alone. Who will be with me?”

She giggled on the phone---“No one, I am coming with Titli tomorrow morning. You might have brought something for us right?”

I laughed---“Yes, yes. I will be waiting. Good night.”

I kept on thinking, “Why she was talking to me like that?” Her voice was very different as if she was mocking me.

I was about to goto bed when the doorbell rang. I murmured, “Who the hell could be at this point of time? It is dead night.”

I opened the door and I was dumbfounded to find you standing at the door, in the middle of the night wearing a devilish smile on your lips. I was unable to believe my eyes that you could come at that point of time.

You grinned at me and said---“Oh! Come on don’t give that look at me, please.”

You walked into the drawing room, threw your bag on the sofa and loosened your tie. I was baffled by your nature, and you were grinning at me mischievously. I lost my words, even I pinched myself to find out whether I was dreaming or not. I was looking at you with my wide eyes. You stretched your arms as if you have come late from office as usual and I was waiting for you, for dinner. You were acting very normally yet all seemed to me very abnormal to me.

You gave a pleading look at me and said---“I am hungry. This low cost airline does not serve food. Even two-fifty bucks for a sandwich, what the hell.”

I lost my voice; I was unable to fathom, why you were behaving like that.

You walked towards the fridge, opened that, and asked me---“Where is the dal (pulses)?”

I had a jolt in my brain, on hearing you. I was astonished to hear and told to myself, “You flew from New Delhi, arrive at middle of the night, open my fridge without asking me and then ask for dal?” I locked the door and stood as a stone effigy.

You looked at my baffled face and asked---“Oh! Come on I missed your boiled dal, boiled rice with mustard oil.”

I was so much agitated by your sudden behaviour that I almost yelled at you, but those words did not come out of my throat as it went dry “Can you explain me what you are doing in my house?” My ears were red; chest was having ripples of angst. I was trembling with a red-hot face.

You sported a helpless smile and said---“I was hungry. I had no cooking gas so I flew down here to have my dinner. Simple.”

I was boiling in angst, tears came in my eyes, and I screamed at you---“First, you don’t want to talk to me. Second, you do not listen to me. Third, you made your own decision without even asking me, now you drop at my house to have your dinner. Are you insane?”

You brought your face near to me, looked deeply into my eyes. I could not restrain myself from melting in that amorous pleading look. My heart was beating very fast, as your warm breath flooded on my lips and nose. My eyes were fixated on your parted lips. My heart was beating like a huge drum inside my chest; I could even hear your heartbeat. Your eyes grazed down from my eyes to my nose to my lips. Drops of tears soaked my eyelids and flooded my partially closed eyes. My nose tip was hot as amber.

You whispered in a hushed tone---“Please, I am dying in hunger, time-out please. Can we have a short recess and then you continue with your tussle?”

My lips trembled, I grinded my jaws and smiled at you---“Don’t give that look at me. Goto to bathroom and freshen up while I prepare the dinner for you.”

You pulled up your face and asked me---“Has my Angel slept?”

With tearful eyes, I shrinked my nose and smiled---“Yes, your Angel has slept. He was unaware that a devil was coming else he would have not slept.”

You asked me---“Where is the bathroom?”

I joked at you---“You know the fridge then find the bathroom.” and then I pointed towards the bathroom.

You walked towards bathroom---“That’s how you treat a hungry person? What am I going to wear?”

I walked towards the kitchen, looked over my shoulder to find as what you were doing. I saw that you were sporting a grin by looking my back. All my tendrils burnt in your amorous lewd gaze. I felt someone poured boiling lava on my back.

I was so agitated that I screamed at you---“GO INSIDE.”

---“I am coming out in a towel.”

---“NO, I will give you something.”

While preparing your dinner, I kept on thinking that “What made you appear in my house at that point of time? Was that my diary? No, I remember that I kept that in my laptop bag and it my laptop bag is lying on my table. Then what? And how come you got my address?”

I was so much engrossed in my thoughts and same time smiling inside me. My heart was skipping like a puerile fawn, frolicking in green meadows.

My string of thought broke when I heard your footstep approaching the kitchen. I looked over my shoulder only to find that you were standing there, wrapped in a towel around your waist. I could not stop laughing at you.

I asked you---“Get one of my cotton saree from the cupboard and wrap that.”

You bowed your head as obedient dog---“Ok as madam wishes.”

I asked you---“How you got my address?”

Your eyes grazed over my face. I blushed to find your eyes fixated on my red lips.

You gave me a sweet smile---“A sexy lady gave me.”

I understood from your answer that you have called Maithili and she gave you the address.

---“That is why she asked me whether I was alone in the house or not?”

You exclaimed and threw your arms in air in veiled despair---“Oh, she called you? Churni promised me that she is not going to tell you anything. I wanted to give you a surprise.”

---“You have already surprised me, Abhi. Why are you here?”

You pleaded---“Paree, I am hungry. Please give the dinner.”

The moment I heard my name from your lips, my heart melted and it flowed down my cheeks---“Go change yourself; I am waiting at the table.”

You went inside the bedroom. I arranged rice, dal, onion and salt in a plate and sat on the table. I waited for you but you were not coming out of the bedroom. There was no noise. I was curious as what was taking you so long. I tiptoed to the bedroom and what I saw made me to bit my lower lips hard and cry.

You were kneeled down on the floor, beside our Angel, stooped down and looking lovingly over his cute sleeping face. In the low light of the bedroom, I observed that tears drops rolled down your cheeks. You took his hand in yours and rubbed his soft palms over your unshaved cheeks. You were crying and rubbing his palms all over your cheek. You were gently shaking your head in dismay and pain. I came near you and sat beside you on the floor.

You did not looked up but whispered to me in a choked voice---“I missed his first step, his first word, and his first turn. I do not want to miss his graduation convocation ceremony; I do not want to miss his first day at his job. I don’t want to miss anything.”

I sobbed and rested my head on your right shoulder and held your hand tightly---“You are not going to miss anything.”

I tried to suck every bit of your warmth emancipating from your bare arm to burn me down and fill my heart with a halo of peace. We sat there weeping, for how long we did not know. You repeatedly rubbed his soft palms all over your cheeks and I rubbed my cheeks on your shoulder.

I felt that you were hungry so I wiped my eyes and pinched you---“You devil, are not you hungry? Come to the dining table.”

ou looked at my face and turned towards me, took my face between your palms and I closed my eyes. My hand came up over your shoulder and I held you by the back of your head. I parted my lips to taste the honey I missed for a decade. I felt your lips grazing over mine and your arms were around my waist. You pulled me into you. I felt to shrink myself into a tiny drop of blood and hide myself in your heart so that no one could take me apart from you, never. I felt your warm breath flooded my warm face, deluging my lips with your honey from your lips. You squashed my soft lips and I ran my fingers on your hair pulling your face more into mine so as not to leave you again. Your arms were crushing me; my slender soft figure was melting like a piece of butter in touch of a hot plate. Our emotions were flooding through our eyes. We both were sobbing and kissing each other frantically.
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