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A Royal Impregnation Ch. 06

For two days she had seen that cock retain its hardness despite the marauding fucks she had witnessed. And now there it was, glistening with oil and Samyukta's juices. It was nearly completely erect, though a slight droop could be detected.

"This is my last chance," she thought. After this it was back to the palace and its limitations, not to mention the duties of state that awaited her.

The strong young man was on his back and his cock was pointing upward. With a little help she could make him ramrod hard again, she felt. The Rajmata raised her skirts as she straddled the supine body. She waggled her way up to his hips and her pussy was agape over his cock.

She sank down and with a long, shivering sigh; she sank down on her son's childhood companion, the Chief of Royal Guards. The youngster deserved her; she smiled to herself as she wiggled her hips to take in all of the girth. She slid down easily. Partly the oil, partly her daughter-in-law's juices and in part Samar Singh's cum. The mix of lubricants sent a thrill down her spine.

"I am going to show this youngster what fucking is!" she thought to herself as she prepared for a soul satisfying ride.

She unknotted her blouse and let her jugs of flesh hang free for him to feast on if he so desired.

With her hands resting o n his chest, the Rajmata propped herself up at an angle from which she could pound his cock to complete submission. As she poised herself to break into a rhythmic fucking, she felt blood racing through her body as every cell came alive. She waited; eyes closed, cock embedded deep in her womb and her womanliness clasping his manliness. She savored the moment. It had been years since she had felt a full, pulsating cock ensconced in her cunt. He was full, round and packed her to the hilt.

Her head was thrown back and she was perfectly still, outwardly. Her breasts, with the blouse hanging open were like mountains rising from the smooth and gentle vale of her chest. Her hands were on his chest, nipples gently held between thumb and forefinger and nails touching his skin. Her own skin was radiant from the flush of blood flowing with a new energy. She felt connected to a new energy source. It came from him, but it now lay within her.

Everything looked completely still; but if one looked in the right places nothing actually was. Her lips were quivering ever so slightly as if silently nibbling at the feast within. Her nipples were humming with a vibrating impulse as her breasts responded to the cool mountain air and the nipples expectantly swelled to invite eating. Her lower tummy was gently fluttering from the pulsations emanating from deep in her womb. Her thighs were taut with tension and the muscles there were stretched with an ache to move. She was like a dew drop at the end of leaf, heavy and ready to fall, but just clinging on at the very edge. If it let go, it was a long flowing journey to an endless bottom.

The Rajmata now got ready to rouse the Chief of Guards from his slumber and start that journey of letting go. She raised her hips, leaning forward just a bit to get the angle right from where she could piston him in and out. She gasped as the cock responded. It had been nearly completely hard when she swallowed him in her folds. Raising herself off gave it some space for blood to rush back in and complete his erection to full strength. "Yes! This is it! See where all he touches me!" she smiled, her eyes still closed. She wanted to keep them closed for all the things she could see.

Rajmata was only lightly touching his body as it was. She was over him but her weight was not resting on him. But where they were touching, it was deep and magnetic: cock embedded in an accepting and grateful cunt.

She moved down and up in small thrusts back and forward. The fluttering tummy and womb started to flutter with greater frequency. She felt the pillar move all along her channel giving her relief from years of aching disuse. It felt so much better that any similarly shaped object she had used. There was vibrancy, heat and a pulse in the cock which she could feel very clearly as she rode down him. She wiggled her hips to examine his contours more closely with her pussy. The cock had served as a tight plug for her flowing juices. Now with the pussy twisting around it, the juices escaped, flowing down the sides and flooding the forest of his pubic hair.

She laughed gently. The heaving of her insides in the laughing thrust down her pubic bone and his cock felt a crimping movement. Involuntarily, Samar Singh's body jumped up in defense. His hands sprang up and held the sides of her torso and clasped the sides of her breasts from both sides. Samar Singh stirred in a daze, wondering if the Maharani was on him again. But his hands told him her breasts would have been so easy to touch. Samyukta had smaller breasts and his thumb could reach the nipple if he was holding the torso but that's all.

Here, his hands could feel a full mound of flesh. His eyes opened and in shock he recognized the Rajmata. He tried to scramble up. Rajmata let her body weight down on him, pinning him down but in that movement also slamming down on the cock. The rapid push back of his foreskin caused him some fleeting pain but that was nothing compared to the panic he felt.

He tried to push her off but she shifted her hands from his chest to his arms, pinning him down. That caused her hips to lift so he tried to push her off by the torso. "Rajmata ji, nahi!" he pleaded. (No!)

She stayed firm. Even as she felt his cock lose some of its hardness she pumped herself on it as much as she could, as rapidly as she could. It pleasured her no end and she was also hoping it would retain his erection. Samar Singh was stunned to hear his Queen Mother moaning and grunting. Her breasts heaved and flopped about, heavy as they were. In his attempt to grab her body and control her, he touched them several times, and liked the silky, full sumptuous feel they had. His eyes stared at the nipples, long and brown, eminently suckable.

A loud "Ahhh!" and "Huh!" from the woman atop him brought out of his admiring reverie. Rajmata was reaping the rewards of her focused fucking. She had been hit by her first, if minor, orgasm after several years of unsatisfactory releases of pleasure. Her mind was whirring with the certainty that she was going to feast on this lad daily upon her return to the Kingdom. It was doable. After all, discretion had been negotiated upfront in the matter of impregnating Samyukta. It was just a question of extending that.

"Me! Me! Me! Me!" she mumbled involuntarily. She was thinking of she wanted to keep this sexual being to her own self. Her daughter-in-law was not entitled. She had enough of various things. This new toy was to be hers and hers alone.

"What?" asked Samar Singh, trying to wriggle out from under every time she raised her hips. She shook her head in the negative. It could have been a response to his question or a response to his attempts to move.

"go on, take them!" she invited him, thrusting her breasts at him. They were sagging and heavy but with her on top of him, it just seemed they were gravitating towards him.

"Mai yeh nahi kar sakta!" he pleaded. (I cannot do this!)

"Karna hoga, varna mai tumhare dost, Maharaja sey shikayat karungi, ke tumne Maharani Samkyukta ko hadd sey zyada choda," she said breathlessly as she rode the bronco to pleasure. (You will have to else I will tell the King you fucked the Queen beyond the limit set for you.)

Samar Singh grunted with pleasure as his cock responded magnificently and against his wishes to the fucking. She was good, she knew how. Finally, experience was irreplaceable. She cork-screwed down on him, pleasuring herself immeasurably, no doubt, but carrying him with her.

"This is not fair," he complained, his eyes firmly on her body, which was now riven with the sweat from her efforts. Those breasts were irresistible, but here was a woman who was his friend's mother. After all, her son the King and he had grown up together. There were days when this woman who was fucking him now had fed them both as they came back from play. And now she was feeding on him. He felt his body shudder as she wreaked pleasure on him.

"Neither is this fair," she replied grabbing her own breasts. She held them gently if firmly, in her hands. She lifted them and held them up as large melons served on a plate. "Neither is it fair for you to deny a woman her sexuality."

"You are beautiful and sexy. I don't deny that," he replied, holding her hands that held her breasts. "But..."

"But nothing," she snapped. "You cannot resist rutting like an animal with Samyukta. And now your mind is able to control your cock. Are you insulting me?" she looked down into his eyes. She was threatening, cajoling, pleading and exciting him, all at once.

Samar Singh took charge of those lovely breasts. "Isn't this what you want?" he asked attempting to thrust himself upward. Her weight prevented that. He pushed up, holding both monstrous mounds of flesh firmly in his hands. He pushed up extending his arms, lifting her off him. The tight grip on her breasts to do this pleasured her immensely. She laughed down at him and brought her knees to rest, making his task easier.

With the body held up above him, he thrust upward, stabbing her with his cock. "Yes!" she gasped. The cock she had so fondly held in her hands was now jabbing upwards into her slobbering flesh. He reamed her, with a sawing motion raking the wide open petals of her lips. Her slimy wet channel responded to the persistent pistoning of the cock. She was fully held up in his strong hands. Her own arms hung down uselessly as she was unable to reach any part of him. She covered his hands with her own, caressing his fingers.

Her body was suspended in air, held up by his hands gripping her breasts and her knees balancing the rest of her. Her body was held open, and like a glacier melting to the warmth of the summer sun, her body melted to the warmth of his assault.
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