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A Royal Impregnation Ch. 03

There was something about the crisp air of the Himalayan foothills that added to the excitement building up in the Maharani's imagination. She had been told of the nomination of the Chief of the Royal Guard, Samar Singh for the all important task for which they had traveled to the ashram of the sage. That task involved being fucked by the tall, broad and muscular youngster, for the goal was to become pregnant and bear the Crown Prince for the Kingdom, keeping the King's impotence a state secret.

When her mother-in-law, the Rajmata told her this just a couple of days ago, she had been taken aback but not shocked. She was not shocked because the solution to the problem of the Maharaja's impotence had been discussed and she knew she was going to be fucked by someone, with official sanction. The original decision involved subjecting herself to an ascetic, a sage, who would complete the deed in an antiseptic manner. The Rajmata suggested Samar Singh, an idea all her own and to which no one except the three of them were party.

While it surprised the Maharani, it promised her lot more than an encounter with a sage. Her eyes devoured the young soldier ever since. She noticed his build, his muscles, the ripple of sinews down his body and a distinct sackful of a bulge where his cock might be. She wondered if it was just a fold in his garment or really his cock, but she had no way of knowing. She had no way of knowing that her mother-in-law, in the course of instructing Samar Singh had masturbated him. She had been teaching him how to thrust himself in a way that would maximize his load-shots of cum. The idea was to drench the womb of the Maharani.

What the Maharani did not also know was that during that encounter he had held the Rajmata's succulent breast and gnawed at it. Those memories and the thoughts around fucking the Maharani found him in an almost permanent state of erection. The young virgin lad found his sexual urges completely unleashed. The jacking off he had received was deeply satisfying but it had merely whetted his appetite for a mature, sexually liberating fuck.

So yes, it was his powerful loin that she was eyeing. Without concrete evidence she nevertheless decided it was a large cock he concealed. What had driven her even wilder was the restraint the Rajmata imposed on them. He was the Chief of the Royal Guard, and she the Maharani. The Rajmata had called upon his loyalty to ask him to do the job with clinical focus. Likewise she had instructed her daughter-in-law that no affection or pleasure-seeking was to be encouraged. And so the daughter-in-law spent a lot of time imagining how it would be to fuck him wild. But there was no hope; she could not see the ever-loyal Samar Singh overstepping his brief.

And the Rajmata was going to be watching from behind a lace screen to ensure that things went according to script; no less, no more.

And so as she lay in wait for Samar Singh to come over her, she was conscious of her mother-in-law overseeing this from beyond the silk screen. She could hear the river rushing in the distance and that sound of the rapid surge seemed to match the rush of blood in her system. The tent was dimly lit with oil lit lamps, and the landscape outside was a pale milky white with the collective glow of a star studded sky above.

In this glorious setting, the man who was going to fuck her with consent, but who was not her lover, and who was to not touch her with an ounce of feeling, loomed over her. He was fully clothed as was she. The instructions were for him to just let his cock slip out from the folds of his dhoti and for her to lift her skirt. It was only to be cock and cunt. He was expected to hold himself poised over her, his chest completely off her chest. She was to spread her legs wide so the soft inside of her thighs would not graze and inflame against the rough, hairy legs pushing into her.

When she reached out to take his cock in her slender hand it was truly by instinct. The projectile needed guidance and she meant to reach for it in a clinical sort of way. Her gasp was involuntary and was triggered by the sheer dimension of the tool of impregnation. It vastly exceeded the Maharaja's cock in girth and she immediately wanted to devour it with her throbbing, open, wet and waiting cunt.

The alert Rajmata heard the gasp and saw her daughter-in-law's hand disappear between their bodies.

"Samyukta!" she called sharply.

Maharani Samyukta reflexively relaxed her grip on the throbbing monster but didn't quite let go. Her palm held and weighed his penis, the thumb roaming over the trunk, feeling is texture and contours.

It was Samar Singh's turn to gasp. The woman below him was radiantly beautiful in the glow of the lamps. Her breasts were heaving and she seemed a rosy pink in her arousal. He felt his throat dry and he despaired at the impossibility of his Royal mission in treating this as a job. He wanted to plunge in, maraud, pound, impale and hammer her cunt into jelly.

Instead, he carefully reached between their bodies and took charge of his cock. He slid her fingers off, noticing that she was willingly taking the juice of his precum onto her fingers. As he pushed her hand aside, her fingers gripped his briefly, that one touch communicating the desperation of her sexual desire.

"Maharani Sahiba," murmured Samar Singh, loud enough for the Rajamata to hear and note that he not forgotten who he was with.

The use of her Royal title had the required effect on Maharani Samyukta and she placed both her hands on the pillow beside her head as instructed by Rajmata. The Rajamata, who had tensed up at the turn of events slowly let go of her breath. As she relaxed, she felt the puddle of fluid in her own insides from the voyeuristic excitement of what she was going to witness. She knew Samar Singh to be well endowed and had secretly worried whether Samyukta would feel pain and therefore push away the young man. She also knew that while his thickness would guarantee pleasurable feelings, his length was just right and no pain would result. Replaying these scenarios and the heavy breathing in the tent caused her to shift uncomfortably in her seat. Unknown to her, a spot had started to form where she sat.

Samyukta looked up at Samar Singh, deep into his eyes. She spread her legs wide, and her lissome body moved in a wave. It was if her body was inviting him in, in breach of her restraining covenants. He could not be sure as her fists and jaw clenched. In reality, she was readying herself to receive pleasure from that stout cock and to grit herself to suppress her own reactions.

She squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her whole body as she felt the cockhead nose apart her pussylips. The Chief of Royal Guards felt the Maharani's pubic hair prickly on his silky soft, wet penis head and he braced himself to assault. He met resistance in part because the petals of her portal were clenched as well and in part because the battering ram was just wider than the gate it was assaulting.

As a duty bound solider, he plowed on, unmindful of pain or injury that might result. As a novice he was in fact, unsure whether he was at the key entry point. Here was a battle for which no maps and guideposts or advance spotters were available. It was one-on-one combat and it was between him and the combatant.

The resistance was only external and physical. No sooner had the outer reaches been breached, the entire passage gave way. A surge of lubrication, loyal to the invader, rushed forward to welcome the thick ram. Samar Singh groaned a loud groan of acknowledgement as Maharani Samyukta's warm, wet and welcoming passage sucked him in like a sponge, allowing him to sink in to his hilt.

"Ouch! AAAh! Yessssss!" went the Maharani, in quick succession.

He had lost his virginity at last. The bubbly warmth that held him enthralled him. He shuddered and quaked as the chemistry between cock and cunt took over. He allowed himself that moment to register the enormity of the sensations that were swamping him, before reminding himself of his mission.

It was not a moment too soon as he heard the Rajamata hiss, "Now slide in and out as I taught you!"

Samyukta, who was herself lost in the stretch her cunt felt and who was acclimatizing to the throbbing new life that she wished would pound her, was shocked at the implication of her mother-in-law's statement.

Had the Rajmata tasted of this wonderfully filling cock? Had that lecherous woman enjoyed this virile stud and yet was denying her pleasure? Her mind was in a whirl over the implications of that possibility. She felt her cunt belch in excitement at the thought and a gush of womanly precum engulfed the pulsating cock.

Samar Singh sucked in his breath loudly with a throaty scream as he felt the surge from Samyukta flood in.

The Rajmata had warned him of this; it would prolong pleasure and extend the time. He had been ordered to dry himself so that stimulation was maximised and orgasm was quick. He pulled out of Samyukta and grabbed his cock in the cloth of his dhoti. As he held it to dry it, he felt he would almost cum, he also felt the cock swell to proportions he had never experienced.

Samyukta could not be blamed for the staggering shock of pleasure that Samar Singh's re-entry delivered to the pit of her stomach.

"Unh!" she grunted, her fingers grabbing the ends of her pillow and twisting and clawing at the mass. She would gladly draw bloodlines on his back but she was not to touch him. Her hips jerked and thrust back at him, seeking pleasurable releases.

Orders, orders, orders. He had been ordered to slide in and out of this woman. It was his duty. He decided to get control of the devil that now possessed his body.

"I," he said to himself, pulling out, "Have been ordered," shove in; "To give it to her, in, pull out and pound in and out. And in. and out. And in, and....."

Mechanically he pounded her in and out.
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