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Wildest Sex With My Boss

This Story has 3 People involved in it, that’s me (Riya), Arathi & our Boss Nikhil. I work for a Own Brand Mobile Phone Distribution Company Based in Bangalore. I’m basically from Mangalore settled in Bangalore for 8 Years…I’m 26 years old, I’m 5' 5 tall and my figure is 34/29/36 I’m whitish color. I work as Sales Analyst in the company. Arathi is 39 years old married lady, she has 2 kids & her Husband works in a Bank, she is not as tall as me little plum figure (i dont know her measurements) she has bigger boobs than me & she is Fair. She
Is the Purchase Controller of the company, she has been working from 2008 in the same company.

Now let me introduce you my Boss, He is 28 years old, 5’11, Smart Figure, Whitish Color…(he is simply hot, I always have wink in me when I see him). His Sex Appeal was too high, most girls loves his gestures & he behaves amazing, so Basically everyone respected him. His Sex Appeal adds his Ultimate SUV in India, His Vehicles had the fanciest numbers, Rolex watch, Armani Suits, his perfumes…every girl had a secret crush on him, me too (Too rich). But never made a Move or I couldn’t as he stands at that respect level…until this happened…

Every October there is fair that happens in China, My Boss & 2 People from office always attends it for Purchase & cost cutting Methods. Even Arathi attends mostly, I was not so close to Arathi because different Departments. This year Mr Mehta ( Senior Sales Analyst) couldnt travel with Boss because he had his Son’s Convocation Function, so he Suggested my Name to our Product Manager. So i was in my provision list with Boss & Arathi. A week later Arathi asked me to meet her, she always wear kurti or suit to office, i met her she told me that im going with her & Boss to Guangzhou..i wasn’t really excited because this is business fair trip is very hectic & boring i heard. But still out of Bangalore for a week sounds good & i was thinking ill get close to Boss in the trip.

Then i got my Visa & things done..Arathi came in office Car to Pick me..on the way to airport i came to know Boss will join only after 2 Days..So i said to Arathi” So 2 days we can be a tourist & do shopping”, She smiled and said “yea but Fair finishes late..maybe we can go for a walk down the City”

Later we boarded the flight…we sat together

I Said “will do something” Since she is my only companion i asked her about her life..and Marriage
She asked ” Are you planning to marry anytime soon ?” I said “No”
She said ” Better its boring as it goes…mature..”
I Said ” Now i think i shouldnt marry”
She laughed and Said ” Better, but im sure you have boy friend”

i Smiled..Then i asked her ” how Nikhil (Boss), youve been travelling with him a lot”
She Said ” He is always into work, once we had drinks together”
I asked ” He is too hot na ?”
She replied ” Ohhh!!! so you too have eye on him she laughed”
I asked her ” who else eyes him ? ”

She said ” Most of his Staff, Including me”
I Smiled at her and said ” Excuse me ma’am your married, your out of the competition”
Then she laughed and said ” I am Joking”
then we had long chat till delhi…then we changed the flight..settled inn

Then Arathi asked me about my Marriage ” I said i wanna enjoy as much as i can before marriage”
she said ” yes thats good, then settle down”
I said her ” Im actually really scared that if i will cheat my husband after marriage…i get carried away by hot guys”
She said ” Thats normal these days, every women will do it once at least after marriage”
So immediately i asked ” did you cheat on your husband ? ”
She said ” No, Never…”

But i doubted that and we moved on…with normal talks…

We reached hotel in China around 6 Pm (China Time) it was a 2 Bedroom Apartment with Office Table, Living Room & Kitchen..1 room was for Boss. Me and Arathi Shared the other (Twin Bed)..we had dinner and slept…

Next Day we both went for Fair….did our work…then reached hotel..and we decided to go out for a walk and Dinner…i dressed in Jeans and Top…Arathi was wearing dress..she was looking hot in it…

I said her “you look hot”
She said ” My husband never let me wear this..at least let me wear it here”
I said ” I said showing cleavage in china huh”
She Said ” Let the Chinese see it atleast..she smiled”

On the Street we saw a Sex Toy shop…i told “lets check it out..”
She said ” okie atleast no one knows me here ”
We got in saw many Dildos, Plastic Dicks, Vibrators, Sexy Costumes, etc

I said to Arathi ” I need a Dildo or Vibrator & a sexy Costume”
She said ” are you mad…just buy the costume if you really want…you can’t take Dildos to India”
I Said ” you dont need it coz you have a husband…i need it ”
She said ” will buy tomorrow” also we took the Shops business Card

We left the place, she is getting to know im little bit of horny girl…then instead of Dinner we decided to Drink as we cant drink next day bcoz Boss will be there..

We reached room started our vodka…

Then she was more and more opening up…I asked her about her Sex life…
She said ” Initially it was good..then after some time…im bored of him…”
I asked ” Did you have any bf or naughty things after Marriage ”
She said ” No no noting, ill never do something that sort”
I asked her ” what’s your favorite position ?”
She said ” we do only women on top ”
I asked ” Really ?”
She said ” Yea, what yours ”

I said ” I like being licked the most, then Doggy, Women on top, etc”
She said ” I never got licked except Breast ”
I said ” A tongue down is better than a Dick”
She said hmmmm..and she went to sleep

I was not sleepy so i decided to do my nails…after a i went to bed to sleep..i was getting horny and wet for no reason so i got up went to toilet started rubbing on, that was not helping. Then i saw my pubic hair is grown a bit…so made use of time and i shaved then i went to sleep.

Next day around 7am We heard someone ringing the Bell, i got up and opened the door. It was my boss in his T-Shirt & Shorts…i was shocked and shy as i was wearing tshirt and pajama…then i welcomed him and went to wake Arathi. I went back to him asked if he wants tea or coffee..Suddenly i saw Vodka and the Sex toy shop card on the table, Now i was confused what to do, i acted normal and cleared the Table while he was making some Calls. Then Arathi too came and started informing about the Expo details..then he went to Freshen up and we all later left for the Expo. During the break i told Arathi the Sex toy card was on table..she laughed and said he will only doubt you as he knows me well..i was like damn!!

During the Lunch we had good chat with Boss about Business & Chinese culture..He was very friendly rather than the office..Boss then left to our Shipping agents office..We left to the hotel by Taxi. On the way back Arathi saw me scratching my pubic area..she asked ” why are you rubbing in the taxi itself” and started pulling my legs…I told I shaved last night…

Then She told ” Getting ready for Boss huh ”
I Said ” nooo!!! wasnt getting sleep so made time useful”
I asked ” How yours must be a bush huh n i teased her”
she said ” ha ha not funny…it hairy not a bush”
I asked ” what your husband likes Hairy, trimmed or Shaved ”

She said ” It never bothers to him, he havent seen it for long..we just do in dark under blanket..mmm”
I said ” So boring it is!!! you should have fun and get Satisfied all ways..Mentally, Physically & Sexually”
She was like ” I cant help it, lets talk about something else..”

Then we spoke about her kids n all..

Nearing hotel, we saw the Sex toy shop again..This time Arathi said ” hey there is your shop, arent you buying..?”
I said ” yes i will..if you too buy one”
She said ” she cant as her Credit card Bill goes to her husband”

Then i told we will buy one and share it {( As we thought we cant take to India, Can we bring sex toys to India)}. We Reached our Hotel Apartment.

We took shower, had food, was planning to go out…Our Boss Came inn. Then we told him and went out to shop & we bought Dildo..It was Pink Color..with vibration…we were so excited and we reached the Room with our Shopping and all. When we got in we saw our Boss drinking alone…it was around 9 PM. Then we invited us to Join him…hesitating but wanting we Joined him.

I then changed to a low neck top & i changed to a pushup Bra, so i have a good cleavage and a skirt. Arathi was in T shirt n Pajama…Boss in Short n T Shirt..we 3 sat around the couch started Drinking..we had Vodka & he had whiskey. Then we started getting comfortable and bit tipsy.. I asked about his Relationship, he said he was dating a Kannada & South Indian Actress, but left her because she was a Cash Cow. Then he asked about me i said ” Im Single for year” (Actually i have a bf in Bangalore) when i said im single Arathi had wicked smile as she new i have boyfriend..Then Arathi said to boss you have already met my husband…Boss Said ” yes very nice guy”. Now Boss said ” He is lucky guy”. now i looked in her eyes with a Smile…Now i was pouring coke for Boss i bend a bit more just to expose my clevs…Boss had a stare then he looked somewhere else…Arathi was smiling and shaking her head slowly..Now i wanted to Bring Sex topic in…I said to Boss ” In office many girls fantasies you”

He said ” Really ?? Me ??? who are those ??”
I said i cant say that..
Then he asked ” I wish you both were among them ”
I said ” you never know…i raised my eye brows…”

Now i saw Arathi feeling bit Weird…So i simply said ” Arathi is one of Them ”
Now Arathi and Boss look surprised i Said ” im just kidding”
Arathi said ” Riya is Drunk, go to sleep”
I said ” Not now maybe after some more”
Then i asked Boss ” what kinda girl you like ?”

He said ” Conservative outlook but Wild in real”
I shouted ” Arathi is that ”
Arathi was like ” Noo im not at all wild, Riya is…”
Me & Boss started laughing

Arathi was not comfortable with these talk she said she is sleepy and went to sleep.
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