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Tution Teacher Or Sex Teacher Part 2

I was now confident that it will not be long before I have her in bed and my cock in her virgin cunt'. This thought alone gave me a terrific hard on. After ten minutes or so Sana came back. She was slightly out of breath and her face was flushed. She has been fingering herself I thought. 'Don't worry my boy soon she will not need her finger but you will satisfy the needs of her body' with these words I pacified my erect cock for the time being. We then completed the tuition. After that day I was more alert to any opportunity to fuck her that may come my way. The day I got lucky, I met Ayesha at the door as she was leaving the house.She said, 'I have to go out for a couple of hours to the margin free shop and will be back as soon as possible. Sana is waiting for you in her room busy on her computer'. My chance had come.

I was certain that Sana was surfing pornographic sites. I therefore tip toed to the door and noiselessly opened the door. I was right. She was watching a couple fuck and her left hand was caressing and pressing her boobs while the right hand was moving between her legs. Her breasts were heaving up and down at a quick pace. Without making any sound I stood behind her watching. When I thought she was about to cum I placed my palm on her boob and pressing it tenderly said, 'your finger is a poor substitute for the real thing. Come let me show you how a real cock feels'. Sana was too far-gone to be able to say anything or resist. I helped her on to the bed and laid her down. She lay with her eyes closed and her breasts heaving waiting for the promised pleasure. I did not think it prudent to undress her and quickly took off my pants and drawers freeing my steed, which was in full force. I lifted her skirt. She was wearing very flimsy yet sexy underwear, which was wet to the core.

Spreading her legs I got between them and pushing her red panties aside placed my cock on the gate on her love tunnel and pushed in slowly. She was so wet that I easily entered her till her hymen stopped me. Then holding her firmly in my arms I gave a hard shove. My cock tore through the flimsy membrane and was buried to the hilt in her. 'Aayyyiii00000eee oh my god sir you are killing me. It is hurting me' she screamed. I kissed her and told her that it will soon be all right and started the in and out motion. She lay there groaning. After a few minutes her groans of pain became moans of pleasure and said, 'oh sir it feels soooo good'. I kept fucking her first slowly then faster and harder.This made her moan louder and louder. Suddenly she opened her eyes and held me tight stopping my motion and said in a scared voice, 'sir, please don't make me pregnant. I will die'. 'Don't worry I won’t make you pregnant'. She relaxed visibly and closed her eyes again. I continued with my in and out movement. 'Please, don't stop. I am about to come' she shouted and came with a loud sigh. I kept fucking her till she came three more times.

My strokes were now much faster, harder and shorter. I was also not far from coming. Sana was also heaving her bottoms in rhythm of my strokes. 'Oh I am going to come again. Just go on like this. I am nearly there. Y... Es I am commiiinnggg' she screamed loudly. At this very moment I shot my-cum in her hitherto virgin cunt. That afternoon I licked and sucked her cunt and fucked her two more times. She said that fucking was even better than what she had heard or imagined. I said, 'Sana it will get better and better but I think for the firstday so much is enough. 'Oh sir this was wonderful. Can't you do it just once more? Please' she begged. "I would also like to fuck you again. We will do it again some other day. Now get up your mother will be here soon. It is also getting late and I must also go' I told her.

Reluctantly she got up and in a worried voice asked, 'what will happen if mommy finds out?' 'does your mother check your cunt?' 'no! Definitely not' she replied indignantly. 'Then how will she find out? You won't tell her, I will also not tell her and your cunt can't speak'. After advising her to smoothen out the bed, to act normal and not to do anything abnormal or unusual I kissed her and left. Next time when I visited her I inquired if everything was all right. She laughed and said, 'mommy came right after you left. She noticed nothing though I had forgotten to make the bed'. 'Don't underestimate your mother she is no fool.I only hope that she did not notice it' I said.

'Well if she had noticed she would have definitely said something. Actually I would be dead by now. Come sir let us fuck you remember, you promised?' she replied. 'I made no such promise. Be sensible sana. Let us give it a break for a few days and if anything is to happen it would happen. You don't want your mother to catch us red-handed do you?' the next few days we were at our best behavior and did nothing except an occasional kiss or squeezing of her tits. One thing i noticed that ayesha who normally hung around during the tuition hour, did not show her face since the day sana had lost her cherry. Thereafter every afternoon we either had a quick fuck or sana sucked me off (she relished drinking my juice, as she called my-cum). One sunday morning when ayesha and i were resting after a very arduous fuck sana walked into the room. Understandably she was shocked and giving me a nasty look exclaimed, 'oh mommy what are you doing naked in bed with sir'.

For a moment i thought there would be an unpleasant scene but ayesha was quite composed and after thinking for a minute replied, 'darling sana i am doing the same what you and tarun do every afternoon, fucking him'. I was not too surprised. I had already suspected that she knew but sana was aghast and said, 'oh mommy you know'. 'First you tell me what you are doing here. Why are you not in your computer class?' 'the teacher had some important work to do so he let us go early. He said he would make up the lost time some other day. How could you know?' sana asked. 'Of course i know. You think i am stupid. I know you both were fucking from the very day you surrendered him your virginity' she replied calmly. 'Oh mommy, but how? Sana asked. 'Listen. When i came home on the day you lost your virginity, i saw you sitting in your room lost in your dreams, your face was flushed and your eyes had a sparkle i had never seen before. I thought my little daughter has had a very emotional experience.

Then my eyes fell on the rumpled bed'. 'God i thought she has been on the bed with tarun. I hoped against hope that you both had done some heavy petting only and not gone all the way. I wanted to be sure of my facts before i said anything. So the next day when you had gone to school i inspected your clothes very closely.I must say you did a good job of washing off the telltale signs but your effort was not good enough to fool your mommy. I was able to make out faint streaks of blood on them especially on your panties. I knew you were not having your periods so the conclusion was that tarun had fucked you good and proper' and when she paused to catch her breath. Sana interjected, 'oh mommy why did you not say anything and i thought....' 'yes you thought you had fooled me. I was livid with tarun to have taken advantage of my innocent little daughter especially when he was already fucking me. Then i thought, if this were the case then sana would surely have told me.

This means sana had willingly offered her cherry. Tarun being a man did what any man would have done. He fucked you. I was then angry and disappointed in you'. 'Then i thought you had grown up and your body also requires relief and if you did not get it here you would go out side to get it. It was much better for you to be screwed by an experienced and safe person like tarun than some horny boy in the school. Young boys are stupid. They tend to crow about their conquest and in no time your reputation, my name would be mud. Maybe you would end up getting pregnant and i had no desire to become a grandmother at my young age'. 'Having worked this out i decided to let you fuck tarun and i stopped coming to your room during the tuition hour. Tarun had the best deal; he was fucking both mother and daughter. Now that you know that he is also fucking me, we would have to work out some rational solution.Remember the main reason for tarun to be here is not to screw either of us but to teach you.

So i propose that you both promise not to indulge in any sexual activity during the tuition hour and concentrate on studies only. In return i would have no objection if you join us on sundays in our frolics and tarun can fuck both mother and daughter together'. 'Oh mommy but what about my computer class?' sana asked. 'Don't worry i will talk to your teacher and have you shifted to the afternoon session even if i have to fuck him to get what i want'. 'Oh mommy' sana exclaimed. In an annoyed tone ayesha said, 'stop repeating 'oh mommy' like a parrot. If you are agreeable to what i have proposed then take off your clothes and jump into bed. Let me also see how much you have learnt in this subject'. Sana was overwhelmed with relief and said, 'oh mommy you are so sweet' and sana pulled her churidar top up and threw it to the floor then she pulled the knot of the churidar bottom and let itfall down. Now she started to pull up the white vest and threw it away. Now she was only in her black bra and white flower printed panty.

She slowly put her hands in the back of the black bra and unhooked the bra and slowly put it into my hands and shyly she pushed down the panty down and gives it to my hand and she jumped into bed. As sana lay naked on the bed i looked admiringly at her body. 'Isn't she very pretty?' ayesha asked proudly. 'Yes she is very pretty. She looks exactly like you except for that growth between her legs'. 'That is easily rectified. Later i will explain to her what to do about that. Fuck her today as she is and next time she won't have any hair on her cunt'.
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