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Tution Teacher Or Sex Teacher Part 1

It’s Tarun here with another story after brilliant response of my story.This is a imagnative story but in Presentence...If you want to give any kind of feedback or need my help you can mail me on : tarun751988@gmail.comThis is story about a student and her mother when I used to take tuition. Sana is studying in 12th class and her father is working on USA. Her mother Ayesha is 34 years old and she is a housewife. This story happened when one day when I went to their home to take tuition to Sana.

I rang the calling bell. Sana’s mother Ayesha opened the door and told me to sit as Sana was not yet returned from her it computer class. So I went and sit in the sofa. After sometime there is a heavy rain outside and Sana’s mother Ayesha ran to upstairs to pick the cloths which are kept for drying in the terrace. Suddenly she slipped and fell down. I went to her quickly and we both fell down. For a few minutes she lay under me with her eyes closed moaning. Then she opened her eyes and lookedme straight in the eye and said, Tarun, I think I have hurt my shoulder and knee. Could you please help me to my room?' I said, 'sure' and half carried and half walked her to her room.

She kept groaning at every step she took. I sat her down on her bed and propped up her back with pillows against the headrest of the bed to make her comfortable and said, 'can I get you something or call a doctor? ‘‘no, a doctor is not required. You can, if you don't mind, rub some deep heat on my shoulder' she said handing a tube to me. 'Sure with pleasure' I told her and sat down next to her on her right side. 'It is my left shoulder that hurts' she said pulling back her nighty and lowering her black bra strap. 'Don't worry I can reach it from here' I told her and started rubbing the soothing salve. 'Yes that is the place but a little gently it hurts' she said and closed her eyes. 'A little lower. That is right little more' she said guiding me.While I was rubbing the deep heat she laid her head back and started to moan.

Initially I thought she was groaning with pain but she was actually moaning with pleasure. 'Please Tarun a little lower' she moaned. I moved yet lower and when I felt the fleshy part of her breast I stopped and shifted higher. She caught my hand and placing it squarely on her left boob and looking me straight in the eye said, the real pain is here. Please press it'. I pressed her boob and putting my hand inside her black bra pulled it out. I bent forward and kissed her tenderly on her lips. She reciprocated my kiss with the same tenderness. She then in a quick movement pulled down my head and gave me a passionate kiss. I kissed her tit and started to suck its nipple. With a deft movement she unclasped her black bra and threw it off and said, Tarun doesn’t forget this one'. She took off her nighty & petticoat and slid lower in the bed lying flat on her back.

She looked very pretty lying therewith nothing on but her flimsy pink underwear. Her boobs, big as they were, were still very hard and without any sag. Her nipples were light brown in color, hard and erect with sexual excitement. While I was to kissing her and suckling her tits she placed her hand on my crotch and started fumbling with my zipper. I pulled down my zipper and freed my hard on. She quickly took it in her hand started to move the foreskin up and down. She was moaning loudly all the time. I moved downwards. While kissing and licking her belly I put my hand in the elastic band of her pink panties.Her pink panties were soaked with her cunt juice. I pulled it off with her help.

I looked at her pussy for the first time. It had no hair on it. I found the smell of her womanly aroma mixed with some lovely fragrance rising from her pussy very invigorating. 'You have a very pretty cunt' I told her. 'You like it? I am happy. I shaved and scented it this morning especially for you' she said. I heard her remark but let it ride for the present there will be lots of time afterwards to find out what she meant. I bent down and kissed her cunt. Then started to lick it and suck her swollen clit. All this time she kept squeezing my cock hard and harder till it hurt. 'Tarun Please don't delay now. Put your cock inside my pussy and fuck me. Yes fuck me hard' she said relinquishing her hold on my cock to my utter relief. I got between her legs and pushed my rigid cock inside her dripping cunt. 'Aahhh it is so nice to feel a cock in my cunt again.

Tarun you can't imagine how much I missed it'. 'My husband was in USA two years back since then you are my first man. Oh, now fuck me hard' she said. I started to move my member in and out of her fuck hole. Within minutes she came with a loud sigh. 'This was lovely make me come again and again' she said. I kept fucking and she came again. This went on till she came four more times. I was now moving faster and slamming into her harder. She also was moaning louder.Her hips were moving in rhythm with my strokes. She was shouting, 'yes tarun faster, and harder yes ram it into me. Tear my cunt even I have to get it stitched. I was also panting and was about to come. I said, 'Ayesha dear I am coming and started to shoot my spunk into her fuck canal but kept moving in and out of her cunt'. 'Come darling come I am also reaching my climax again. This time it is going to be a big one. Go on harder h...yes..yes I am there I am coommmiinggggg' and fell back exhausted on the bed.

As I had come inside her and thought she might feel a bit apprehensive. She told me that there was nothing to worry about and she won't get pregnant. When we lay resting I asked her what she had meant by 'have especially prepared for you'. She said, 'okay I will tell you everything. I am a very horny woman. My poor husband was equally horny. We used to fuck a lot. Much more often than normal married couple'. 'In the first year of our marriage itself Sana was born. Duringher birth something went wrong, I don't remember the medical terms but that is not important now, and I could not bear any more children. That is the reason Sana is my only child. We had wanted at least four children.

You remember the day I came to see you about Sana’s tuition? I nodded. That day as soon as I saw you my cunt got wet. I have not had this type of reaction towards any man since my husband was away in USA'. 'On my way home my cunt kept itching for your cock and my juice kept flowing. When I got home I was so wet that I found it difficult to remove my panties. I could not resist myself and I fingered myself for so long and came so often that I was nearly half-dead with exhaustion. I was not sure how you felt but I was determined to try to fuck you.Whenever you came it made me feel worse'. 'Then I hit upon this idea of calling you to tuition for Sana’s progress. This was just a play.

I had actually no hard and fast plan. I had thought I will try to seduce you and if nothing worked then I would simply ask you to fuck me and in anticipation of your agreeing I removed all the hair from my cunt and applied the best and the sexiest fragrance I own. But god is great I toppled down from the staircase (no, no this was not planned. It was a genuine accident) and you came to catch me and fell on top of me. I could feel your hard cock pressing against my cunt. When you moved I knew you would also like to fuck me. Well rest you know. I just helped a bit in case you still felt hesitant to take the initiative'. Her story gave me an erection and we had another very satisfying fuck. We rested for a while then I asked her to suck my cock. She immediately took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. She was good.

She knew exactly what to do. In no time I was ready to come. I told her that I was about to come. She just looked up to me and without releasing my cock from her mouth nodded and increased her effort. With a loud sigh I shot my load into her mouth. She continued to suck till she had swallowed the very last drop. 'Ayesha dear you are good. Where did you learn to suck cock like this? She laughed, 'remember I was married for several years. I had lots of practice'. 'After some time she said, 'Tarun will you do me a favor?' 'sure ask away' I told her. 'If you don't mind then please fuck me in the ass hole. Yes fuck me in the ass hole. I love a cock in my butt. 'I would love to but we will have to wait for sometime' I said pointing to my limp cock. 'We don't have so much time. Sana will be back soon.I will help you' she said and took my cock in the mouth and brought it to attention in minutes. Pleased with her work she got on all fours and said, 'as it has been a long time please for the first time wet your cock in my cunt before entering'.

I did as directed and pushed my cock in her butt hole. 'Oh it hurts but go on don't stop' she said. While I was fucking she kept saying, 'it is lovely Tarun, yes that is the way, yes harder, now faster and harder, I haven't enjoyed myself like this in years etc.' till I came in her butt hole. She looked at the clock and said, 'tarun dear now you must go. I must also get dressed. Sana will soon be back and she knows you were coming'. 'When will you come again' she asked. 'Whenever you want' I told her. 'Weekdays in the morning you work in the afternoon Sana is here. On Saturday also Sana is here nearly the whole day. Yes Sunday mornings are the best. Sana goes to her computer class at 10 a.m. And is back only by noon. During this period I am alone. You will come next Sunday?' 'sure don't worry I will be here' I said and left. Just outside the house I met Sana returning from her class. She stopped and wished me and told me that since she forgets to take the umbrella she could not come from the computer class in time.

I laughed and told her not to worry and it was okay. As it was too late to go to my office work I headed for home.On the way I thought back on the pleasant morning I had spent. I could not help wondering that though Sana had inherited her looks and figure from her mother whether she had also inherited her hot and sexy nature? When will I get a chance to fuck her virgin cunt? I did not know then that it wouldn't be long before I got the answers to my questions.
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