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The Debauchery of a Young Housewife - Pt. 15

Karuna now concentrated on her big buttocks, clenching them tightly and then lightly slapping them to see them jiggle. Once in a while she would purposely brush her finger against Asha's clit or thrust them in her sopping cunt, just to keep her on a brink of orgasm. Karuna then started nibbling Asha's inner thighs. They quivered at her touch as Asha wailed with passion. By this time Karuna too needed release and ordered Asha to suck her cunt. "UUTTH UUF MMOTI, CHOOOSSSS MMUUJJHHEE", she said, urging the big woman to eat her cunt. Asha desperate in need of release, however, meekly complied and started hungrily licking Karuna's clit as she parted her cunt-lips with her hand. Asha then pushed her tongue into Karuna's cunt and began hardening her tongue and fucking her just the way Karuna had. Karuna was moaning with pleasure and had gripped Asha's head with her hands as she forced it harder on her cunt. Asha's face was smeared with Karuna's juices and she was literally breathing from her cunt as she sucked, licked and bit this young girl into orgasms. Karuna cried loudly as she came and came keeping the pressure on Asha's head. After a while when her orgasm had subsided, she released the grip on Asha's head and watched this sexy woman raise her face all covered with saliva and her cunt juices.

Karuna then strapped the dildo around her waist and entered Asha from behind, gripping her swaying breasts for support as he rammed the dildo into Asha's cunt mercilessly. Asha soon came, but Karuna kept the onslaught going, till Asha started crying loudly in pain. "OOUUUUUUUUUUUIIIIII AAAAHHHHHHHH BBBUUSSSSS KKAARROOO KKAARRUUNNAAAAA MMEEIINNNN UUUNNNGGHGGHH DDUUUKKTTAAA HHHAAAIIIIIIIII BBUUSSSSSSSSSSS", she cried as she implored Karuna to stop. Karuna stopped immediately, not wishing to cause pain to this sexy woman. She cradled her face in her arms and told her she was sorry, she had not realized she was causing pain, and kissed her face all over to show her affection. Both women were spent and exhausted. This had been a very rough and frenzied session according to Karuna. She was sure that once this initial passion was quelled, further sexual unions with this woman would be gentler. She was pleased to see that Asha had accepted her dominant position.

Getting dressed, Karuna said that it was time to go to the club for baddy. Asha felt exhausted but agreed to go along. She had brought her change of clothes for the club with her. Both of them reached the club and were met there by Vicky, Vikas and Salim. Asha sat on the chair and watched the four of them playing, feeling too tired herself. Karuna kept smiling at her from time to time. Asha noticed the time and said that she was leaving and could Karuna drop her home please. She didn't want to hang around and needed a hot bath to soothe the soreness in her pussy caused by the dildo. Salim offered to drop her, but was vetoed by both Vicky and Karuna, who said they would. Their game broke off and all of them sat in Karuna's car to drop her. Vicky drove with Vikas sitting next to him. Asha was sandwiched at the back between Karuna and Salim. Asha felt herself being touched by both of them, though Salim and Karuna did not know that each was feeling her. Salim had his hand around Asha and was busy stroking her neck and shoulders, while Karuna had her hand resting on Asha's thigh, stroking it gently. Asha was aching and tired and did nothing to stop them from feeling her. Asha noticed a big bulge forming in Salim's trousers and was surprised to note that in such a young boy. She was glad that her house was near the club and soon got off, smiling and waving bye to them all.

While having a relaxing bath, Asha wept silently at the brutal way Karuna had forced the dildo into her and not stopped. Her pussy was aching and she thought she detected some blood coming out. For once that night, she did not sidle up to Rajesh in bed and was soon in deep slumber.

Asha reached the factory at 8am sharp the next morning. Mr. Sharma was there before her and came into her cabin to greet her with a leer on his face. He knew that this rich bitch had been fucked by her servant yesterday. He too wanted an opportunity to fuck her. He kept staring openly at her body as he filled her in about yesterday's predicament at the bank. Asha was wearing a light-blue chiffon saree and a sleeveless thin blouse, through which her black bra could easily be seen. Mr. Sharma kept staring at her ample cleavage, as her blouse was too short to contain her breasts. Asha was aware of his stares and felt uncomfortable and helpless at his gaze. Mr. Sharma then explained that other payments such as electricity and some pressing creditors need to be made and inquired as to when Rajesh was expected back with funds. On being told that Rajesh would not be back for another two weeks, Mr. Sharma replied that without funds, things would be impossible. He took this opportunity to come behind her and explain through the accounts ledger, the outstanding payments that needed to be addressed immediately. While doing so he brushed against her bare arms and even brought his face near her face, much to Asha's discomfiture. He then proceeded to touch her back while explaining things innocently. He was soon rubbing her back and her exposed flesh below her short blouse. This is too much, thought Asha as he continued to touch her.

That morning Asha had to meet several creditors. She asked Mr. Sharma to sit next to her as each creditor came in asking for money. It was a humiliating experience for her as each person was fed-up with the delay and demanded to be paid. Seeing a young woman, they were very rough on her. Asha tried to pacify them but could see that the problem was escalating. Add to this, the bank called saying that they required Rs. 2 lakh cash to be paid into the account immediately as their deposited cheque had bounced. Asha was nearly in tears. Mr. Sharma reiterated that since the bank manager Mr. Bakshi was on leave, there was no other responsible person they could approach for any respite and the monies would have to be deposited in the bank. Seeing her plight, Mr. Sharma put his arms around her, having a good feel of her bare arms and shoulders while telling her that he knew of his old boss who was into money lending, maybe they should approach him. Asha immediately agreed and called Rajesh to apprise him of the situation. Rajesh too was worried since they had not received a good response as yet and asked her to borrow 20 lakhs if possible. All this while Mr. Sharma was standing behind her and now freely massaging and feeling her back and shoulders. Asha realised that this fat old man was getting his kicks, but she was so worried about their financial mess that she ignored his touching her. Mr. Sharma had a hard time controlling his desire to fuck her as he was very excited touching the bare smooth fair flesh of this sexy woman. When Asha repeatedly asked him to contact his old boss for funds, he reluctantly removed his hands from her and went to his cabin to find the number and make a call.

He came back after half-n-hour with a crestfallen face. His old boss Mr. Ahmed did not have time to meet with them today and could only see them tomorrow at noon. He also added that Mr. Ahmed was a big shot financier and was involved in financing movies presently, as also lending money to industry. It would be more appropriate if Asha called him, since she was the boss now. Asha then thought of calling Mr. Ahmed directly and did so. She pleaded with him to give them 2 lakhs today and would meet with him tomorrow for the paper work. Hearing her sexy voice and pleadings, Mr. Ahmed agreed and thus Mr. Sharma was despatched to collect the money and deposit in the bank. Mr. Ahmed further added that with regards to lending additional money upto 20 lakhs, he would require their financial statements and also meet with her to discuss the interest and payback amounts. Asha readily agreed to send their financial data, this evening and to meet with him at his convenience.

It was 1. 30pm now, and Asha too left for home. She felt satisfied at having saved the present financial crisis, she resolved to convince Mr. Ahmed in giving them more money on meeting him. She wondered at what sort of a man he must be to be able to finance movies. The glamour of the film industry had always appealed to her and she was thankful in getting a chance to meet with such a big shot financier. After lunch, she telephoned Rajesh and told him what all had transpired. He was greatly relieved and decided to get back as soon as Asha was successful in getting the funds. He impressed upon her that she should agree to Mr. Ahmed's terms, however steep they might be, since this was the only way out for them. She then called Mr. Sharma and told him to take the financial data to Mr. Ahmed, this evening itself, without delay. Although Raju was available and willing for a fuck-session that afternoon, Asha was not in the mood due to their financial crisis and did not feel horny. She so desperately wanted to get the loan, so that her husband could be back and their monetary problems over. She wanted to have a talk with Rajesh and take him to see a doctor to solve his sexual problems. She was young and sexually awakened, ever since that first grand fuck with Sushil and needed to fulfil her sexual desires. The only way out was for her husband's sexual problem to be solved, for her to have a normal and sexually fulfilling life. She could not go on and on fulfilling her needs with other men and women.

Next day Asha went to work full of hope. She called Mr. Sharma in her cabin and earnestly asked him the prospects of getting additional finance from Mr. Ahmed. Mr. Sharma could see the desperateness in her face and replied, "Mr. Ahmed is a very big shot person Madam, I can't say if he will give us the money, He is very much involved with financing the film industry, instead of waiting for his call, which might take days, let us go to his office and take a chance".
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