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Tarun's Office Escapades

Tarun just finished his daily workout, showered and came out of the shower with just his towel on.

"brrrrrrrrrrrr.. brrrrrrrr........" his iPhone vibrated and showed some local he didn't have in his contacts.

"Hello, this is Tarun, who is this?"

"ahh... hello, hai Tarun this is.. this is.. Vani, how are you?"

For some reason Tarun felt like a school kid hearing from his crush for the first time and he can feel butterflies in his stomach and he himself was surprised how he felt.

"Hey Vani, I am good how are you?"

"I'm ok... how is your Saturday and weekend so far?"

Tarun can't help but notice how sweet Vani's voice sounded over the phone and he layed on the bed closed his eyes listening to her sweet honey dipped voice.

"Good.. good, I didn't do much. Just worked out a bit and took a shower. How about you?"

"Me? shower?"

"ah ah ah.. no I mean how is your day so far?" Tarun was beginning to wonder who she called him while he felt his cock getting semi-hard for some reason and trying hard to raise against the thick towel wrapped around his hips.

Vani, "oh yeah.. sorry it was OK, just finished cooking and opening by suitcase to get my clothes out... you know... I never unpacked after I came to the US"

"Oh.. what are you wearing then.." he asked without hesitating then realized what he asked and bit his tongue.

Vani gave a sincere response "Me..? oh I am just wearing a t-shirt and a tights I normally wear at home.. nothing great... you?"

Tarun was surprised to hear the counter question from Vani.

"Me..? ah.. I just came from the shower so.. you..."

Vani said "oh sorry, it's ok... you don't have to tell me" Tarun can hear her giggle at the other end...

"Oh no.. no.. I am wearing a towel so it's all good..." both laughed.. except Tarun's dick which appeared to have overcome the thick towel and sprung outside through the slit. Traun can't control anymore and he started gently rubbing his cock listening to Vani's voice...

Vani, "It's so nice you diligently work out... unlike most Indian men..." Tarun can imagine she is referring to her husband when she said most Indian men

With Tarun's cock fully erect he started gently stroking his dick..

"aaghh..." he moaned..

"Are you OK Tarun?" Vani was curious but she was wondering what Tarun was doing...

"Yes I am ok... I think I can use your massage again... it's very stiff right now..."

Vani, "I know how to make your stiffness go away.. giggle..."

Tarun wasn't sure what she is talking about but had a little doubt she is not so innocent after all..

Tarun, "yeah it's so hard right now.."

Vani, "Well if I was there I'd massage you to get it relaxed and make your hardness go away..."

Tarun started stroking his cock so hard and he was almost about to cum... but controlled to prolong the happiness.

"Vani, I wish you were here too... hmmmm..."

His dick was not in his control anymore... he imagined Vani's spectacular breasts in her tight t-shirt and her ass in her tights and his cock gave away and streams and streams of semen started erupting from his thick, hard and throbbing cock and all the semen came flying and splattered on his abs and chest and he imagined Vani licking it off of her.

"argghhh.... arghhh..."

"OMG Tarun, you must be in so much pain.... I don't think your neck stiffness is getting any better. You should probably avoid working out for few days. If you have some pain balm or something try applying that on your neck and shoulder area and see if that helps."

Tarun realized Vani didn't mean his cock's stiffness and probably too innocent to know what he was doing listening to her on the phone.

"OMG Tarun, you must be in so much pain.... I don't think your neck stiffness is getting any better. You should probably avoid working out for few days. If you have some pain balm or something try applying that on your neck and shoulder area and see if that helps."

Tarun realized Vani didn't mean his cock's stiffness and probably too innocent to know what he was doing listening to her on the phone.

After ejaculating he felt so tired and suddenly lost interest talking to Vani.

"OK Vani, I'll talk to you later, see you Monday" hands up the phone..

Few minutes he laid there in the bed with his cock still dripping semen with his eyes closed. His phone rang again.. only this time it was Keerthi.

"OMG Keerthi!!"

Tharun jumped off his bed and and subconsciously pulled his pants and covered himself since he had that much respect for Keerthik.

"Hey, Tharun payya, how are you? Long time!!!"

Keerthi and Tharun were long time friends. By long time I mean a life time. They pretty much born in the same hospital and grew up in the same street, went to the same school. They both got a job in US but in different state. These days they talk every now and then since they are so busy due American workaholism.

"OMG, I can't believe you didn't call me for ages. How are you?"

"Guess, what I am getting married."

"ewwww.. who is that unlucky guy, how is he going to put up with you?? Tharun really meant it.

Tharun and Keerthik had a very special relationship like a brother and sister. Tharun would fight off bullies at school to protect his sister. They were that close. Even the parents thought they are going to fall in love at some point but for some reason they both never got attracted that way and naturally felt like a brother and sister.

"Anyway congratulations..." Tharun trying to controll his huge laughter. He was so happy to hear from Keerthi and that too she is finally getting married.

"hmm thanks da! Anyway I haven't said yes."

"Why not?"

"I haven't even seen the guy"

"What are you talking about?"

"Yeah, he is in San Francisco as well and I am planning to come there to see him. And I am hoping I can stay with you when I there. He offered his place to stay but I didn't feel good about it."

"Well, if you like him may be you can stay with him and give it a kick start.. "

"chi idiot, please I am serious. Is it OK if I stay with you."

"dear.. I live is a meager studio apartment in San Fran, so you know how small this place is. As long as you are comfortable sleeping on the couch.. you are always welcome dear."

"Why do I have to sleep in the couch?"

They started their usual fight and they hung up after 30 mins.

Tharun went to the airport to pick her up.

"heyyyy Tharruuun!!"

They both hugged and you know how when true friends meet after a long time they just feel like they met yesterday that's how they felt.

"So hungry da... can you take me to that Naan and Curry place? Virgina has the worst Indian food"

"All think about is food, you food truck" Tharun joked and jolted his BMW towards the freeway.

After talking for hours and hours of gossiping and watching TV Keerthi fell asleep on the couch and Tharun covered with blanket and went to sleep.

Next day morning.

Keerthi got ready and she was already ready to leave by the time Tharun got up.

"Hey you are leaving so soon?"

"Yeah we are planning to do some art gallery thing and lunch and I want to come home before evening"

"You are the queen of Master Plan. Are you afraid he is going to eat you? hahaha. Keerthi, seriously though have an open mind, It's hard to find good guys these days. So relax and talk a lot and see if he is listening type because you need someone who will listen to your non-stop-express-mouth."

Keerthi listening to him seriously started chasing him around the room to beat him for making fun of her.

Her phone bizzed... telling her, her potentail man is here to pick her up.

"OK I'll be back after lunch, byeeee.." and she disappeared.

Tharun finished a quick protein shake and started flipping through the code he was working while watching youtube videos on the other screen. He had a nice work set-up in the living room where he had a standing desk so he is not sitting all the time.

Kajal Agarwal was dancing showing her navel in a sexy saree and suddenly his mind got distracted from code and he started rubbing his cock. He dropped his pajama pants and his jockey and he set his cock free. Looking at Kajal's perfect hips and lowe hips saree showing navel his dick was so errect and he started stroking his cock so hard.

He had his headphones on and the song was so loud and nice and he was stroking his cock to the rhythm of the music. With a song being so loud he totaly did not see Keerth had come back and open the door since she forgot her handbag.

Keerthi opened the door and Tharun was standing with his dick in his hand. Since his desk is at the standing position Keerthi had a complete view of his cock getting crushed in his strong bare hands and Keerthi just froze and just stood there not knowing what do to. Tharun with his monitor right on his face blocking the view and the liudness of the headphone blocking his ears started moaning and kept stroking his hard cock.

Keerthi, wanted to reach across the table to get her bag so he cleared her throat to show Tharun she is hear before she can go farther inside the living room. Tharun could not hear her. He only made his throbbing cock throb even more. Keerthi felt some kind of shock in her body she just stared at his cock the monument of all manliness his cock was so hard and errect. Keerthik decided just leave so it won't be embarrassing to both of them. When she was about to turn around Tharun started yelling out of pleasure and started ejaculating into his hands.... she just stood there watching him... not knowing what to do... he opened his palm while his other hand squeezed out streams and streams of semen into his open palm and he was catching his breath. His headphones still on.

Keerthik took few steps back.. she gently closed the door shut and she walked back to her date's car.. astonished.

Keerthi was in the passenger side of the car on her way to the art gallery with her future husband Anand.
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