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Sex with my Math Lecturer

Hi Readers, this is Prasad from Hyderabad, I am going to narrate about third incident which happened in my life after my second encounter with Usha aunty. This happened when I was in 11th standard I was studying in Vijayawada in a residential college.
Let me introduce the lady with whom I had my third experience, Swetha she was my Math’s lecturer. Swetha was around 25 years old very fair with perfect figure which every man dreams about to have in his girl friend or wife. Swetha used to look like Madhuri Dixit, I always used to turn on whenever I see her deep navel which used to expose while teaching on the black board. Swetha always come in a saree. She too used to stay in the hostel of our college.
I was an average student I use to keep my best efforts in my studies and tried to get good marks in my exams. As said I was studying in residential college we used to have classes in the morning and exam in the afternoon. We used to get the marks around 5 pm and our principle used to call each student who gets below average marks and give punishments. After that we used to have a tea break and then study hour till 10 pm.
I used to get good marks and my lecturers was impressed with my studies. But only diversion was Swetha math lecturer it used to be very difficult for me to control my erection whenever I used to see the deep navel of Swetha. Swetha used to see my diversion and used to give me punishment asking me to stand on the bench and it used to be more embarrassing standing in the class with my erection. All the students used to laugh and make fun of me and given a nick name as military man (Man with the gun).
As the days passed my intensions towards Swetha was increasing more and more. She also noticed it and started being softer even I was watching her navel. Swetha used to just come near me and show her navel and pinch on my cheek and go. Swetha used to be closer to me tried to spend more time near me. I used to go to her pretending to clear my doubts and have a glimpse of her boobs while she used to clear my doubts she used to just give a smile while noticing me.
As I was studying in the residential college we used to get vacation only twice at the time of festival. I was feeling home sick and not able to concentrate in my studies. One day I got below average marks in math exam. In the evening my principle called me and gave punishment by beating me with a plastic water pipe on my back, hands and legs. I was sitting in my class seeing the bruises. Swetha came to the class room and felt sad seeing the bruises and asked me the reason why i have got less marks. I could not able to control and caught hold of Swetha’s waist with both the hands and started crying. Swetha consoled me by rubbing her hand over my head. After 5 min I came to normal and told the reason for getting less marks. Swetha asked me to come to her room I accepted her invitation and went to her room with her.
Swetha closed the room as soon as we entered the room. The room was very neat with a bed on one side and table and chair on the other side. Swetha asked me to sit on the chair and asked me to show the bruises which I got with the punishment. Swetha brought an ointment and asked me to remove my shirt, I was watching her navel which was just in front of my face and started applying ointment on the wounds and blowing air with her mouth. The air was bringing current in my body and my junior was gaining the erection. Swetha has noticed the bulge in my pants. She asked me to remove my pant I was feeling shy. But she forced me to remove my pants. As I removed my pant she was seeing my erect penis which was trying to come out of underwear.
She just gave a naughty smile and said your gun looks to be ready to fire. I too just gave a smile and gathered some courage and said yes looks like that but the target is hiding behind the wall. Swetha said why don’t you help by bringing the target in front of your gun by removing the wall. This gave me the signal and stood up from the chair and caught hold of Swetha and gave a passionate kiss on her pink juicy lips. Swetha was responding equally by bringing close to me and moving her hands on my back. We continued for 15 mins and we parted and I started to remove her saree and she removed my underwear. She was shocked seeing my 6 inches dick and said she was eager to see my dick since she saw my bulge when she gave me the punishment. I was nude and Swetha was still in her blouse and petticoat. I removed her blouse and petticoat. She was in a pink netted bra and panty; her nipples were visible pocking from her netted bra.
Swetha came down and took my dick into her hand and started kissing on top of the and slowly inserted into her mouth and started giving blowjob and was holding her head and pressing towards my dick. I was just floating on air as my dream lady is giving a blow job and I was on the verge of releasing my cum, I have told Swetha to hold on or else I will be Cuming, Swetha increased her speed and in couple of minutes I was releasing my juices deep into the Swetha’s throat she was happily swallowing each and every drop. I was feeling relieved after a long time. Swetha was smiling seeing my face and asking me did you like it. I replied yes it was awesome and said its my turn to return the same pleasure to you.
I started playing with her boobs by pressing her boobs over her bra and took one hand behind her back and removed the hook of her bra and removed the bra. Wow what a view, I was just peeping at her white boobs over her saree but today I got a chance to see them without anything. They were pure milky white with pink areolas and a erect nipples. I started sucking her left boob and pressing the other she was enjoying and playing with my dick. After sometime she said let’s go to bed, I slowly took Swetha to the bed and asked her to sleep on her back. I went to her deep navel and started licking Swetha was giving soft moans aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm Prasad it is so nice please don’t stop lick my navel which you used to watch every day and make me wet in the class.
I was licking the navel and took my hand to her panty and playing with her love triangle and fingering it. Swetha was moaning aaahhhh hhhhmmmmm and in 10 min she got her orgasm. I took my fingers and licked them, Swetha gave a smile and asked did you licked it. I said yes and removed her panty and saw her love hole which was cleanly shaved and took my face near her love hole and started licking it, Swetha was responding by pressing my head towards her love hole and lifting her waist. I was licking vigorously which has send shivers in her body and she got a second orgasm and I could taste her juices.
I asked her how it was, she said you are a pro you have given me the best orgasm till date. I want to see the performance of your gun. I made her in missionary position and slowly inserted my dick into her love hole and started giving slow strokes. Swetha was holding my waist with her legs. I started to increase the speed and Swetha was moaning aaahhhh hmmmmm prasad please give me more I need your dick to go deep into me. I was giving hard and deep strokes after 15 min she got her 3rd orgasm. I have asked her to change to doggy style and inserted my dick and ramping her pussy by holding her thin waist. We continued for 10 more minutes she was moaning and saying prasad yes keep banging me I was dreaming for this day to have a pleasure with your gun military man and got her 4th orgasm. I was also about to cum and asked her where can I cum, she replied to cum in her pussy as she was in safer period. I gave few more harder stokes and cumed in her pussy and relaxed on top of her. We slept for 30 min and regained our strength.
Swetha was again playing with by dick and my dick was getting erection. She was smiling seeing my erect penis and said your gun is not a normal gun but a machine gun the way you we giving strokes was really awesome. Swetha went down and starting giving a blowjob for 5 min, I have asked Swetha we need to go as study hour is going to start in 15 min. Swetha told don’t worry we can go bit late as she was the in charge today. We went to the bathroom and had a quick round while having bath. We both were so relaxed and Swetha told we can enjoy when ever we get a chance. We dressed up and came to the class room for study hour as nothing happened.
After that we used to enjoy on the weekends till completing of 12th standard when other students go out for movies or any outings. She felt very sad when i was returning to Hyderabad. Friends please share your feedback to disconation@gmail.com as you have shared to my second story. I will be sharing my next experience when I was doing my under graduation. Have a happy reading 😊 till I post my next experience.

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