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No One Teaches Better Than a Teacher Part 6

I didn’t beat my little master during the night as I wanted to keep stock for the next day morning. 7 am and like a ritual being followed I was there at Mala Mam’s doorstep, to worship my goddess. Dressed like the previous morning she opened the door, this time we went to the dining room and there she sat on the chair and instructed me to right next to her. I followed her instructions like a zombie under a magical spell.

Mala Mam – “how do you wanted to treat you mistress today my slave?”

Ma – “as I have been in your service for the past week the same way mam”

Mala Mam – “you have been exceptionally good at your job and have behaved well, today you will have to service my entire legs, upto my waist, but be in your limits, no wandering around the forbidden area, else you will lose everything”

I knew it would be impossible to stop myself from resisting the golden gates of love and lust. So I just spoke my heart out to her

Me – “mam you know it will be not possible to resist for a boy like me, please suggest some alternative”

Mala mam – “since you have been honest to me I will allow you little bit freedom, when I say little bit I mean little bit”

I smiled and just waited for further instructions of her.

Mala Mam – “Today i have told Joya to come after 10am, so you have 3 hrs”

Me – “thats great mam, but 4 hours would have been better (I said with a cunning smile)”

Mala Mam – “dushtu chele aacho tumi, shudu boudi shonge moja korte chao, study ke korbe” (you are a naughty boy, you only want to have fun with aunty, who will study)

Then she got up and went to her room and then entered the bathroom, when she cam e out, she had changed into just a loose top which covered her ass barely, the scene that I had seen a few days back through the key hole flashed back in my mind, the same sexy legs, looking like sugar candy for me to feast upon.
She got on the bed and lifted one of her legs and pointing it towards me called me towards her. Sticking my tongue out like a faithful dog I proceeded to her and sucked the toes, there was no stopping us then, I went on like a pro, licking and biting at will and her sounds and moans were changing volume with the intensity of my bite.

I am worked up towards the new grounds, I was getting hard and harder down below. The red floral print lacy panty made me more and more horny, I could see a wet spot forming and I though she must have peed which was obviously not the case. As I proceeded on her upper thighs she parted her legs wide enough and I entered in between her legs and licked the underthigh area and as I bit she let out loud moans, I saw the spot on her panty getting wetter and bigger with every passing minute.

Me – “Mam, your panty is getting wet, are you peeing in them”

She laughed at me like I was a fool, which I actually was

Mala Mam – “no my boy, those are my love juices flowing, you wana taste them”

I was reluctant at first, cause I was sure it was pee, but I didn’t want to disappoint mam, so I just nodded and took a lick at the wet spot of her panty.

Ohhh... it was like an electric shock through my body, it was my first lick of a pussy, tough there was a panty separating my tongue and the golden gates. I had a few more licks and she was smiling all the way and letting out low moans and encouraging me more and more. Then after a minute of so, mala mam pulled my face away from the hot spot and said

Mala mam – “enough of having my juice, continue with the massage”

I nodded and proceeded with the cream massage, as I started from the foot, I just wanted to jump to the upper thighs, but slowly worked my way up there, as I reached very near to the pussy, I was on purpose touching it with my fingers and on a couple of occasion pressed it hard too. She didn’t object.

Me – “mam, can I have a view of the inside for once”

She just shook her head to suggesting a NO.

Me – “Please, just once”

Mala Mam – “either you can have a look or use my panty later in the bathroom”

I wanted the panty for my bathroom session so I didn’t press further but I was touching around the area every now and then. A few stands of jet black thick hair were protruding out from the edge of the panty. It was then I realised that there was hair growth around the pussy region also. I too have strands of hair that recently cropped up around my little master.

As the massage became more sensuous the room was getting warmer or it was just the feeling within that made me sweat a chilly winter morning. My cock had started hurting inside my pants and need to be relieved quickly. I bit mam a lot of her upper thighs and around the pussy area and my massage made her cum again like the pervious morning, this time more intense and longer.

It was better for me, cause when we hugged this time, I was totally over her, my iron hard cock on her pussy over her panty and I pressed as much as I wanted without objection. As the episode completed I need to relieve myself and Mala mam knew that very well. After having a great orgasm she covered herself with the blanket nearby and to my surprise opened her panty and handed to to me and said.

Mala Mam – “eei panty use kore maal phelo aar tar pore aamar kache neashbe” (use this panty to masturbate and then get the panty to me after that)

Taking the fully soaked red panty in hand I held it like I had it was the trophy of a grand slam that I had just won. Smelling it I entered the bathroom and started to eat and lick all I could off it while shaking my hot rod. After a minute I offloaded a bid load of which some fell on the panty, specially on the pussy region. Composing myself I went out of the bathroom with the panty in my hand and gave it to Mala mam, who looked at it with hunger in her eyes, it seemed as she would use it as a topping in chocolate ice cream and have it. What she did astonished me a bit not too much as I had already got used to being astonished very frequently by her now.

Mala Mam took the panty with the load of cum in her hands and dipped the tip of her middle finger in the semen and took a lick off it. Then closing her eyes she was enjoying the taste if it for over a minute. That was all she had from it.
Then she told me to leave the room and come in after 2 mins. When I came back in the room as instructed, I saw she had worn the same panty, the cum laded red one as it was, mixed her and my love juices. I was so aroused seeing that, I cant express it in words.

Me – “mam, you are wearing the same panty in masturbated in?”

Mala Mam – “yes sweetheart, I can feel the warmth of the semen, it feels so good after such a long time”

Me – “why does my semen feel good to you mam?”

Mala Mam – “you will understand, I will make you understand everything”

Me – “tell me now mam, I want to know everything”

Mala Mam – “don’t hurry, I will make you a man a lot before everyone else becomes one”

I didn’t understand that but was happy with the progress and the attitude of Mala mam. Months later she told me that she had been without a cock since 10 months and was very relieved to have cummed twice in two days due to my erotic and sensuous massage. During those months I was taught everything about a man and woman and the chemistry and biology, everything about it. After knowing everything I was much eager to fuck Mala mam and also Neha.

That morning as I was leaving her apartment, she called me back and stood only an inch away from me, then she slowly held my cock over my trouser and massaged it for a few seconds and then squeezing it said

Mala Mam – “today at night think about the massage and my wet panty and masturbate again and tell me later how was it? From tomorrow back to studies, serious ad your exams are just a few months away now.”

I smiled back at her and then left with the sad thought about everything returning to normal from the next day. Neha would be back so no sensual massage and licking with Mala mam, school was opening so studies and homework and sports and holidays were ending so no relaxing and no video games.

As I went back home I lay all afternoon in bed reading a book and in the middle thinking about licking Mala Mam, sometimes I wondered how a woman’s vagina would look like. I was trying to imagine how her breast would be when I suck them and so on. I don’t remember when I fell asleep between the book reading and my thoughts. I was woken up by my mom and she said that Neha was on the phone.
My parents didn’t mind me talking to a girl from such an early age as they were not the conservative type and never told me a no for anything, well I never demanded stuff which was going to be odd. They believe that if a teenager is told no for something then they will do it by lying to the parents. So this made things easier for me as Neha was going to be the girl in my life for the next many years to come. But till date my parents don’t know that my cock enjoyed 2 pussies even before I passed out of school. Very wicked of me, I know.

As I spoke to Neha, i realised that she was really missing me during her holidays, whereas I didn’t feel the same for her. There was a guilt somewhere in me, but the devil was much stronger, hehe. So I didn’t tell her anything about the ongoing massages between me and mala mam. She requested to meet later in the evening, I couldn’t tell her a no so I told her that I would cycle down to her building. She and many of her friends play and cycle in the building compound in the evening, so it wouldn’t look odd also.

It was a 10 min cycle for me to get to her place. As I reached her building, I could see her waiting for me in a lovely red top and ¾ jeans. She got an instant smile on seeing me and too smiled and was very happy to see her. We met and she introduced me to several friends in her building and then we started to take a walk in the common garden.
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