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My Wife Sohini And Her Boss Part 7

It was incredibly strange, watching your wife go to work every morning knowing that her boss would be not only flirting with her, but possibly having sex with her. Every day while I was at work myself, I would find myself wondering if she was doing it at that moment, and if so what exactly they were doing. Where were they? In what position? A thousand visions would run through my mind every single day, and then when she got home at night I would ask her if they had done it today. Sometimes she would say no, they didn't do it today, but at least twice a week she would report yes, and then that night in bed I would get the full details.

Sohini knew it turned me on now. It was several weeks since she had first confessed to screwing Pradip, her boss and while I had never actually said out loud how it excited me, it was obvious from my the huge erection I got every time she gave me the dirty details. She would tell me everything I wanted to know - when and where and how - and then we would always have great sex straight afterwards.

That was the best thing about it. Since she had started this mini-affair with Pradip, our love life had taken off. Sohini had always been a decent lay, I wouldn't have married the girl if she wasn't, but she had become a real tiger between the sheets now. Especially when she had been with Pradip that day. She would become super-horny as she recounted the details of today's extra-marital fuck to me in bed, and quite often she would slip a hand down beneath the covers and play with my hard-on as she gave me the details. By the time she had finished, we were always both raring to go and the night would end with us ravaging each other like never before.

The fact that her hairy brown pussy had been used earlier that day by another man only served to turn me on further, as did the fact that he was much bigger downstairs. I was 5" and in the lower realms of average but Pradip was packing serious meat, according to Sohini. Her pussy wasn't quite as tight on the days where he had screwed her, but maybe that was my over active imagination.

Sohini's extra wages had been an absolute boon. It was two weeks before new year and we had managed to get the kids every present they wanted for the first time ever. The festive period in our household was shaping up to be one of the best ever!

But while I was blissfully happy with our domestic life, I yearned to take our naughty secret further. Imagining Sohini and Pradip was one thing, but I wanted to actually see it with my own eyes. Even imagining it was difficult really as I had never seen or met Pradip, so I decided that the first step was to see him. Sohini had described him to me of course, but to know what he looked like would serve to make my fantasies even more real. Maybe then, I wouldn't ache to see them fucking quite so much. My fantasies might be enough.

I asked Sohini if we should invite him over to dinner, or maybe all go out together one evening but she was horrified at the idea, saying she wouldn't feel comfortable with that at all and that it would 'interfere' with our happy little set-up. Instead I suggested that I pop in to her work one day, to perhaps take her out for her lunch hour and Sohini thought that was a much better idea so the following day I squeezed out of my job for a couple of hours and arrived at Sohini's place of work at bang on her lunch time.

I was feeling a touch of nerves for some reason. Sohini had described Pradip to me in detail, tall, good looking and quite broad, I suppose I was just feeling a little worried at what he might think to me, or maybe how he might react.

I needn't have worried. He looked just as Sohini had described, and was nothing short of charming when I introduced myself. Pradip was a good 6 or 7 inches taller than me, much broader and muscular. A man who took good care of himself, I could see why Sohini might be attracted to him. You could almost smell the wealth on him, and he had that aura around him that powerful men always seem to have, that women are inevitable drawn towards. He had a firm grip, and looked me right in the eyes as we shook hands. The cheeky bastard, he was fucking my wife!

The offices were very luxurious. I identified his personal office, marked by a golden plaque on the door marked 'Pradip Agarwal', a quite common name. The door was ajar and through it I could see a large leather-topped oak desk. The desk that Sohini had been fucked over and on top so many times.

Sohini looked nervous and uncomfortable the whole time I was there, fidgeting and wringing her hands until we left to head to the restaurant where I had booked us a table. As I drove, my imagination went in overdrive, re-picturing and re-imagining all the things that Sohini had described to me, but with the figure of Pradip now painted in fully and accurately.

"I thought you were going to say something," Sohini finally spoke as we sat down to eat.

"Why would I? I don't want to spoil anything," I assured her. "I just wanted to see what he looked like."

"And?" Sohini looked at me with an odd look on her face.

"He looked really handsome like you said."

"Okay," Sohini continued to look at me strangely. "You don't need to worry. I do love you. Really, really love you. I'm not going to leave you for him or anything. He's said since day one that this is all strictly no-strings fun, and that it's got to stay that way."

Sohini had told me all this before, to allay my initial fears about her developing feelings for him, but it was only now that I felt a little bit better about it. I realized that subconsciously I had possibly been worrying about losing my beautiful Sohini to the much richer, taller, smarter, broader, more exciting and well hung Pradip.

When I dropped her off back at work I was tempted to go in with her again, but she skipped off through the front doors of her office before I even had time to get out of the car, and I was running a bit late to get back to my work so I left it there. The first thing I did when I did get back into my office was to go straight into the toilet and beat one out furiously while imagining my wife being ruthlessly screwed over Pradip's leather and wood desk.

I sat at my desk with my laptop in front of me, and idly typed his name into Google. Pradip Agarwal. A very common name and surname at all, so I wondered it will be hard for me to find out about him. But I was able to locate him. I was surprised how much information there was on him. I found out that he co-owned two other companies besides the one that Sohini worked for. I found several business profiles and biographies about him, articles written about him and even a list of his various qualifications and business history. I guess it's hard to be anonymous when you have so much money and such a high status in the city. I even found his home address, so I looked up his home and found pictures of it on an estate agency website. I sat there in envy as I clicked on the pictures of it, a sprawling mansion like something out of an ‘NDTV GOD TIME’S Real Estates shows.

I was quite shocked at just how much information there was. If I was a criminal, or a different sort of person I could have done all sorts of things with it, but I wasn't that way inclined. Still, I filed away his information in my laptop's address book, just in case I ever needed it.

That night Sohini was late home, so I knew that they were having a 'romp day'. It had fallen into a bit of a pattern. They would quite often have sex on a Tuesday and then again on the Thursday or Friday, so that it fitted in with Pradip's life outside work. He wasn't married, but he did have several girlfriends and often went out with his buddies who were probably rich playboys too.

That night however she was very late. She did call to tell me, so I was never worried but I did wonder what the hell she was doing. I told the kids that mummy was working late, but they were in bed by the time she finally got home. She was rather drunk, and staggered in with a huge smile on her face, whispering apologies for being so late and asking if the kids were okay and in bed.

I assured her they were and asked her if she had a nice time tonight. "Where have you been?" It wasn't unusual for Sohini to be quite late, but this was the latest yet.

"Pradip took for me for something to eat and then to a hotel," she bragged. "It was great."

"A hotel?" That was a first. "Wow! What did you get up to?"

"I'll tell you later," Sohini said with a wink. "But, you'll have to be gentle with me tonight because I'm a bit sore, you know? Down there?"

"Sore! Woah... What did he do to you?" I chuckled. I couldn't wait to hear about this one.

"Well," Sohini hesitated which was also a first. Usually, she couldn't wait to tell me everything. "He was just a bit more physical. You know? And we did it twice." The last sentence sounded tacked-on and I could tell that she was holding back on something, but I didn't care. I knew I would find out that night.

When we were laid in bed, she explained in detail to me how he had softened her up with wine at some posh restaurant before taking her to an equally expensive hotel where he had the a honeymoon suite booked for the evening. Sohini told me that the 'physical' stuff consisted of him handcuffing her to the four-poster bed before having all-out, no holds, no barred sex with her in every way and every position possible.

"It was amazing," she gushed. "He even wanted me to do it up the bottom, but I didn't let him. He's getting so naughty!" I practically leapt on top of her, then calmed myself down screwed her gently like she had told me to, while she told me the rest of the story. Apparently, room service had almost caught them, and Sohini had to hide under the sheets until the fellow had gone.

She felt very wet and loose, much more so than usual, so I imagined that Pradip had really given her a good seeing to tonight.
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