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My Wife Sohini And Her Boss Part 5

We sat there in silence for a moment, both wrestling with our emotions. I couldn't begin to imagine what Sohini was going through, but I was grateful for her honesty and I felt a certain admiration for her, it must have took a lot of guts for her to admit all of this. I myself was fighting down a hundred conflicting feelings - anger, hurt, humiliation and above all arousal. Not only was I imagining my wife with Pradip, but now I knew that he had given her a really good fucking. I pictured Sohini writhing underneath him as he screwed her with his massive cock. How could I ever measure up again? There was only one way to find out.

"I love you," Sohini whispered to me again. “Come to me. I know you are angry, I know you are jealous and hart. Come inside me please”. She spread her legs slightly giving me the signals for coming in. And that was it. I couldn't hold back any longer.
I pushed her back on to the sofa and practically tore her top off in my haste to get her naked. Our lips touched she gave me a welcoming smile.

I tugged her nighti down as she did the same to me, and then I literally ripped her panties off and pushed her legs apart as wide as I could.

"Fuck me," she whispered, "Please just fuck me as hard as you can. Come in me, I am sure it is the only way to cool your down. Tell me it's all okay."

"It's all okay," I said as I shoved myself roughly inside her surprisingly wet pussy. "We're going to be okay. Now shut up." I held her legs apart while I fucked her as hard as I could. If this was how she liked it, then this is how she was going to get it. Sohini's eyes closed in response, and her arms clung on to my hips, pulling me inside her as I screwed her the best I could. Her 36C breasts bounced with every thrust and I imagined them doing the same when Pradip fucked her the same way.

She had described more or less everything to me in her confession. The first thing they had done together was Sohini allowing Pradip to sniff around her neck and inside her under arms in his car on just their second ride home together. He was pretty insistent it seemed, and that was just after he had mentioned the possibility of finding a way to help out with her wages, so she had relented. Every night in the car that week she had to molest his hard cock on his request while Pradip enjoyed sniffing her body smell. He also forced her to tell him about all the intimate and private moments of our sex life like how often I fuck her, how long I do her, what is the size of my dick and even how thick my come is. On that Friday it culminated in him mentioning the possibility of him taking on a PA.

The 'formal' interview that happened on the Monday basically involved some light lip kissing and showing him her naked motherly breasts in his office. Pardip earlier confessed to her that he gets very very excited when he plays with breasts those have been used to feed babies before. Afterward on the way home he had asked if he could make love to her. "I nearly told you," Sohini had told me and I remembered her telling me about him wanting to touch the front of her panties. She had stopped him that time and just ended up giving him another hand job but that was the start of it all. "I really wanted to tell you, but I couldn't do it. I was too scared of losing you," she had said. My mind just reeled at the pictures she had painted in my mind's eye.

Of course, the hand job and allowing him to molest her motherly breasts that she used to feed my children’s before, had only got her a week's trial and she knew that he wouldn't give up trying to fuck her. Sohini said that she didn't do anything the first couple of days, but those extra hours my wife had spent after work that week trying to 'impress' her boss had involved her giving him a hand-job one night, then allowing him to suck on her breasts next. It also involved him stripping her topless and fulfilling his wish to force Sohini to suck on his giant dick. That had annoyed me again. She rarely allow me to put my cock in her mouth, but this bastard had got it first time!

I fucked while thinking about all of this, over and over again in my mind, and unsurprisingly it wasn't long before I came. I plunged myself as deep into her as I could before letting myself shoot into her pussy. Not as deep as Pradip had shot his load probably, but as far in as I could manage. We lay on the settee together afterward, both deep in thought and I went over in my head what she had told me about the first time he had fucked her.

She had done her best to 'impress' him that week, but he still wanted more. I recalled her saying after the final day of her trial that she was confident of getting the job and now I knew why. That very day she had finally promised him that she will allow him to fuck in her married pussy as long as she got the job. Monday came around and when Pradip gave her the good news that she was his new PA, she had to come good on her promise. I remembered that she was late home that night, and that was the first time I had smelled cologne on her.
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