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Malti Mam & Me

Hi all, I visited this site truly by accident and believe me I have liked it very much. I like the teacher stories very much and as I was going through the stories, I recollected an incident that happened with me around 8 years back.

I was doing my engineering and although I managed to get a good score was not that very brilliant at studies. Infact, I was never very good in my studies right though my college days. Forget my academics that is not what I have come to write about. A bit about me, used to go to a gym and hence had a good athletic body. Not very tall, average height of 5'7" and had curly hair that was my asset.

The incident that I am going to tell me happened when I had a study leave for my exams. During the day I used to study and then in the evenings I used go to our campus and play cricket. There lived a couple prakash and malti with their 4 year old baby on the ground floor. After we used to finish playing we used to go to their windows and drink water.

This became such a routine for us as well as them that malti would keep the bottle of water ready before we have finished our game. Prakash had a business of decorators for marriage halls or seminar etc...and his profession was such that he would have to wait till the function got over and he and his men used to dismantle the decorations and keep it at their store and then come home.

As for malti she was a house wife and was doing part time M.Com, she was also a beautician. Now it happened that one evening as usual we finished our game and were drinking water, when one of my friend asked if I could help him with a formulae in maths. Now here was one subject that I liked the most and I explained it to him about how the formulae is derived. All this was heard by malti.

After a couple of hours we all went to our respective homes and I freshened and sat for my studies. I did not realize when malti had come to our house and my mom called me. Mom,asked me if it would be possible for me to teach malti math's asked her when do I have the time to teach her, as I had my own studies to take care.

Mom scolded me that instead of wasting my time playing stupid cricket, why don't I help her in studies. I was reluctant but had to agree under protest. But I had my condition and the condition was that malti would have to come to my house in the evening and I would teach her. My reasoning was simple that in that way I would also get time to study a bit more. Days passed and malti was not that dumb as I had thought and she started to pick up the topics faster.

One evening, my parents told me that they would be going to my uncle's place and would be returning late. I was like mad at them because I thought I would miss food. But mom told me that she has asked malti if she could make it for me a bit more extra. That evening there was something special about malti. She had worn a black sari and matching blouse.

We finished her session and as she was to leave she asked me if it is ok that she stays with me till my parents are back as her husband is also going to come in late. I thought yes in that way I would be able to finish her studies a bit faster. She rushed home, cooked the food and came back with her sleeping baby and without any books. I asked her what does she intend to do without her books. She said that she would just be here and read some novel.

I asked her to go to my room that had an ac so that the baby will sleep properly. I was not able to concentrate on my studies so I decide that I would go and talk to her for some time. As I entered the room, I was stunned at what I saw. She was lying on her stomach and she was reading her book. As she was reading she was swaying hers legs and this had caused her sari to fall down.

When I looked up I saw an even beautiful, in the mirror opposite to the bed I saw her sari fallen off her shoulder and for the first time I had seen the cleavage of a woman. I was so dumb stuck that I did not even notice when she got up from the bed and was looking at me and the state that she was.

She came upto me and touched me, that touch was different and led me to the bed and made me sit and asked me to close my mouth and laughed. Then she asked me is first time that I saw a cleavage and I said yes. She knew that I had a girlfriend. She said that tonight she would be my teacher and me her student. I had nothing to say and I agreed.

She asked to touch her cheeks and I placed my palms on her cheeks and then she asked me to kiss her wherever I felt like. I was so mesmerized by her cleavage that I kissed her there and as I tried to lift my head I found a resistance and she had held the back of my head so tight that I had no other option but to continue with my act.

I kissed her and licked her cleavage and then it was an involuntary act that followed. My hands reached upto her breasts and I fondled them slowly. She on her part was removing the hooks slowly and as the blouse parted I could see more and more of her breasts.

I moved my mouth from her cleavage to kiss her on her breast and I helped her in removing the hook of the bra. As the bra came apart I slowly caressed her breast and held her right nipple between my thumb and middle finger and started sucking on her left nipple. I felt like I was out of this world.

Slowly we both stood up and she was half naked from top and I was going on sucking one nipple after the other till both of them gleamed with my saliva. Then I started kissing er over her milky body and licked her navel real deep. My hands moved down and lifted her sari and caressed her legs and then continued till I reached her thighs.

She parted her thighs and my hands continued their ascend till I reached her panty. I tugged her panty down all the while kissing and licking her navel. As I removed her panty I had the access to her shaven love hole and I pushed my fingers into her. I think I heard her moan and then moved my second finger into her and this time I was sure that I heard a moan.

I lifted her sari upto her waist and replaced my fingers with my mouth and started licking her with my tongue. By this time she was going weak in her knees and so I lay her on the bed and continued licking her and fingering her clit. This went on for some time and suddenly her body shuddered and she held my head tight in between her thighs and I saw that her love hole was leaking. She had the most beautiful smile on her face. A look of being completely satisfied. She got up and kissed me on my lips and said thanks.
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