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Licking My Teacher Armpits Part 1

This story is about me and my teacher. Her name is swati. And guys believe me or not she was my first teacher. That means that she was the teacher who taught me in the kinder garden or as we say in India nursery class. And also she was from the same town that my mom was from so to me advantage she knew me very well and also took some extra care of me. So the real story starts when I was in my 11th grade.

I got fairly good marks ion my board exams and took science as my subject. Also beside some of the science subjects I also had to choose a language, and I choose English as I had studied in an English medium school. So it was a long time science I had met swati teacher and I did not even think about her. She was the kind of teacher who was loved by every one because of her lovely nature. And being a teacher for kids it was evident that she had to have such a nature. Nobody I think in this world would have thought of her in any other way. I think she would be called the perfect milf for us.
She was about 44 years of age.

That is she was of my moms age. She was fair in color and had light brown natural hair. I don’t think she colored her hair. Her light colored hair looked very exotic on her fair skin. She had a perfect face, nice wide and pout lips which were made up very well by her lipstick. She had a not too long but sharp nose, nice almond shaped eyes and nice high cheek bones. Her cheeks were a sort of con caved. I think she was 5 8” tall. She had nice big boobs and a wide ass to give her figure a complete hour glass shape. She usually wore sarees or at least I had seen her only in saree as it was a common code of dress in our school.

This story starts when I had my last exam of my 11th standard science. Just wrote my exam and was sitting with my friends in the parking lot. We were chatting and laughing as we were very happy that our painful exams just got over. Then after some time some of my friends left and I was left alone in the parking lot. Just as I was about to leave I saw swati mam coming towards parking lot. I decided to wish her good morning and then leave. So I waited for her in. she came towards me and gave me her lovely smile. Her smile was the one thing that made her what she was. She was very sweet or I would like to say innocent and her smile was equally like that. It did not look as fake smiles that people give to each other now a day. And I think that was obvious as she was a kinder garden teacher and it was expected from her.

“Hello mam how are you?”
I asked as standing to give her some respect.
“Hello beta how are you?”

She said again with a smile looking dead into my eyes. I was spell bounded by her presence. Although she did not have the perfect face or the perfect body but still her personality was such that she charmed every body she met. By the way she was wearing a sleeve less blouse with a black colored saree. She looked magnificent in a sleeve less blouse. Although her arms were a little flabby but still her fair colored skin was a complete pleasant contrast to the color of the saree .she was with cimpu. Chimpu was her 6 years old son. His real name was something else but we used to call him chimpu.
“Hello Mr. chimpu”

I said in a playful voice. And then went near him and started to some how amuse him and make him laugh. You know ho we usually play with kinds with all the idiotic behavior coming out all at once when we see a small kid. I took him in my arms and then tossed him in the air. I was playing with him then teacher came towards near me and extended her took chimpu in her hands.
“Ok baby its time to say good bye to bahi”

She said and then went near her scooter. She was really looking angelic in that saree and especially in that sleeve less blouse. Now she took chimpu in her hands and then raised him up and makes him sit on the back seat on the scooter. Wow man I thought I saw something. Something I like very much. Yes as usual my eyes were on her armpits and as she raised her hands I saw just she hint of hair there. Wow man it’s really sexy to see the naked armpits and even that hairy armpits of a sexy mature married lady. I am not sure as I did not get a clear view but I was sure that there were some hairs in her armpits. They did not seem to be long but just haven’t been shaven since a fews day.

Now I was really excited. I mean this was the area of my interest. So I went near just incase I could get a better view. Luckily my bike was parked just beside her scooter. So I went near my bike and sat on leaned on it. She was taking out her helmet out of her scooter. Now I knew that I was going to get a treat. Just in time I thought weather she had hair all over her body. I mean I couldn’t see a single patch of hair on her hands. So that means she surely cared about it. But the place in was thinking was not her hands. I think you guys would have guessed about it. So I do not need to mention it right now. Bcoz I think foreplay and the seduction part are the most important part of a story.

So any ways lets continue with the story. So now she was keeping her belongings in her dickey. Chimpu was sitting on the back seat quietly. I thought he is a nice well behaved boy. Well like mom like son. As now I sat on my bike and was looking towards teacher to give her a final good bye before the vacations. So now suddenly she started to put on her helmet. First I did not notice nut then all of a sudden out of my habit I glanced at her armpits. As she was wearing her helmet she had to raise her hands and now her armpits were available in their full glory. Wow man they were just fantastic. They were very fair in color but as I had thought there were some hair in it.

Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh man I thought I am going to die right there. Her fair and long hands ended with her torso with her lovely armpits. They looked as if they were made of some velvety material and they black colored hair were in complete contrast with her fair colored skin. And I wanted to like them right now. Of course of she allowed and there was no way I was going to ask her about it. She just looked so fantastic with both her hands raised, showing her lovely and erotic armpits to me. There was a hint of sweat there. But of course it just made them look more delicious. I thought if I did be give a choice to spend my rest of life some where.

Then I would surely like to spend it there, right in her arms, very very close to her armpits. Now to my disappointment she had fixed her helmet and now she lowered her hands. So my view got blocked and now I released that I was constantly staring at her armpits. I hoped that she did not notice it. Some hoe I looked in her eyes and then got relieved as she was busy with some other things. So now I knew that I wanted so see more of armpits, I mean more of her. So I thought of some very quick plan. Suddenly I remembered about the assignment we had been given during the vacations. Under normal circumstances I would have never done it but now I intended to do it and that also not alone but with my lovely teacher. Just in case I get to see some more of what I like to see.

“Um mam can I ask you something?”
I asked just as she was about to leave, wow man that was close. if only I would have been a few minutes late in think she would have gone .
“um sure Sid”

She said. Actually I wanted to ask if she would allow me to spend my rest of the vacations in her arms, but I stalled the question for now and asked
“ ummmmm mam, I have taken English as my subject for the vacation, I thought I iiiiii…. Could just get some help from you”
I stammered knowingly so that she would think that I am still an innocent boy that she had known form such a long time.
She gave a sweet smile and ten answered
“Sure Sid, I have always told you that you could to me any time you want”
I was relieved for that reply.

“Ok mam then when can I come at your home?”
I asked as it was obivious that she would be at home during her vaccationds.
“Um if you don’t mind then can u come to the school?”
She asked
“But mam , wont the school be close ?”
I asked out of curiosity.

“No Sid we few teachers have to come during the vacation for the paper corrections”
I was glad that I will get to meet her in the school where no family member will be present to disturb us.
“Ok sure mam”

I said with some how suppressing my excitement
“That will be good for me also; at least I will have some company”
“I assure you that I will give you very good company, mam”
I said with all the dignity and manners I had and with that I gave her a smile
“I hope so Sid”

“So mam, when should I come?”
I asked hoping the the reply would be like very soon
“Um if you want then we can start from tomorrow. I am here from 9:00 in the morning, you can come any time”
She replied.

“Ok mam then I will be here sharp at 9:00”
“ummmmmm really excited to do your assignments, huh sid?”
“Yep mam, and doing them with you will be my pleasure”
I said
“Um already flattering your teacher?’

She said and then gave my hairs a rub. Wow man again this time I got a view of her armpits from real close.shit man they were really sexy and I wanted to take hold of my mam , raise her hands and lick her armpits with all the strength I had in me. I some how controlled my urge and said
“No mam, you are really so nice, that I had so say it”
Hearing this she again gave me a smile and then left saying
“ ok bye Sid, see you tomorrow”

Wow man how am I going to spend this long day. I mean I right now I fel as if to follow her and then tell her everything fucking thought that I have for her and even **** her if she doesn’t cooperate with me. But these are just thoughts and I think I wil never have the balls to **** a women. And I don’t even think I will ever want to **** a women. Because the pleasure just dies right then and there.
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