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Cheater The Teacher

This is a true story. I have no part in the incidents. I was a cpwd staff staying in a new house on transfer.I was a man of 40 at that time.I had one daughter ans a son. I had habit of nap at about 2 to 4 noon.

It was the second day of my stay. I have got up by hearing some sound. I came out and opened the front door .But no one was there. There were only @ houses at the end of a small gully. Except the members of our houses none used to come here. t was a peaceful and silent area of the small town. After closing the door i was returning. accidentally I have looked through my front room window.

I saw the opposite window was open and the light was on. So I could see inside as the houses were only 4 feet away. I saw a young man was enjoying a girl of 13-14 year age. He was on the floor and she was standing. He was sucking and licking her pussy. T he girl was crying with out sound. The scene was sexy as the girl even though young was extremely beautiful with a lemon sized breast.

I was told by the house owner about my neighbor as a baker and a state govt clerk.Then i had a talk with the banker.He told they are very busy people only reaching after 6 P.M. Also told me of a old retired teacher who will teach his 2 girls from 4 to 6 on their arrival from school. I also thought this as the best method than leaving the girls alone..Now who is this man ,T thought. where is the teacher? . went out to see the inner rooms window. It was closed but it was having a gap through which light was visible.

I kept one eye to see in. It was still horrible. The old master was making ta 16 year naked girl to suck him.She was on the floor and old man sitting on a coat. I stood there for some time. Then i found the young man enter .He pulled her and started fucking in standing position. Probably he has got a full erection .And the young one is not convenient .

The old one has moved to the younger after some time. He has smiled and enjoyed the fuck by the youth. .He was having a 8 to 9 inch tool. and was a tall man. in first room the old one has started licking her pussy and caressing her body. I came back akd sat for some time. Initially I thought of knocking their door. Then in a second thought prevented me.

Who knows all including girls may tell against me. Then I have called the banker. I have requested him to come to my house foe a 5 minutes and told that i an in a problem.. Since the bank is very near he came soon I was waiting on the road. I wanted to prevent him to go to his house. in that case he or they can be killed,i thought. I took him to my bed room and told that the teacher is punishing his children a lot.

This is horrible. He should look for a lady teacher for tuition or a maid who stay with them. His face got red and lost his sound. He has understood my side. Then I took him out. By them we say the young man coming out of his house. I have caught his hand for not reacting. Then came the teacher,who gave a wishing. Any how that was the last day of teaching. then i have never got a chance to talk with him. A lady teacher has started coming i heard..I have left the place with in 3 more months. One day I have met his wife , and she simply told me a thanks. I also did not want to talk about that .

The story again came in front if me after 6 months. The young man has appeared i front of me on a busy day. Immediately I have identified as that youth. He was the son of one of my contractor the most corrupted one. I called hin to my place. He was aware that i can finish their contract by just reporting the faults. He came in the evening. By then I have lost my angry mood.

What is my interest in his hunting ways. I simply asked him how he could reach that place. He told me sorry. He was a playboy always try for getting girls with money ,power or force ot blackmail. He had a n eye on the elder girl. One day he came only to see her place. Then he saw the scene as i have watched. He knew the master. He has threatened him and got the entry. He has started only since one month. he was a specialist with the young one and has claimed that he could insert his dick in full in her pussy. There was pain and he used to tape her mouth then. That day it was for a 2nd time and she has cried. That was his faulty . and the reason for my entry in their case.

He finally told a truth.sex is a two people act. any action there is OK for them But for a third man it will look as bad or horrible. Just imagine if you are supplied with such girls will you say No. I told so. but later I was sure as a third man the judgement will be wrong. Here the real culprits are the parents. The teacher it seems is a expert in this field.

The boy says that if allowed he may use their mother also ..it would have been easier by showing some photos etc. but we have not yet have done that. if the young one was tamed i would have made a sex film. that means I have pored soil in their food. I am lucky in not entering to that place on that day.This man was dangerous .Also the money behind would have finished me.
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