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Affair With Teacher

It happened accidentally to go thorough this site couple of days ago, since then I started to visit this site twice a day.Let me come out with my first affair with my computer Teacher which is real and not fictitious.

Am Raj from Coimbatore and I was studying in a convent at Coimbatore, where I had my first sexual encounter with my computer teacher, her name Latha. Now am 35 years of age with good masculine.

Of course when I was studying we usually have extra classes during summer and it winds up late at night. Let me tell about my computer teacher, then she was around 25-27 as of age then, she is beautiful,

slim with big boobs and she always wears cotton saree in which she looks sexier. She stays in our college hostel. We are of five students who perform well and much attention was paid to us get state rank. All this happened when she was staring at my bulged pant.

(It was raining for 3-4 days continuously where all my underwear was wet and I did not wear underwear on that particular day). We all five were writing the test and I was in hurry to finish early and go home before rain.

She came to me and saw the hand writing was horrible, she tore my answer sheet and asked to come again with new answer sheet, by then rest four had completed and they leaving for home. When they left she sat near by me and said she feels for tearing my answer sheet,

asked to complete only three questions out of eight. It was almost 2130 hrs where rain started to trickle. Suddenly I felt some soft object being pressed at my left shoulder, shocked to seek that my teacher's her right boobs out of bra which was pressing,

and then she asked whether you had seen any lady nude before this. My reply was no, like to see now..... No reply from me by then my dick started to dance within my pant without underwear. She has put her right hand on my left thigh and it was moving up and down.

Now I felt the reason for tearing my answer sheet, and she kissed my forehead where her breath was very hot and am motionless. She asked me to pull down her saree top, which I did, and she removed my shirt and asked me to remove her blouse and her black designed bra,

what a great boobs she had and I was astonished, she asked me to squeeze and suck it, literally which I followed her instructions and she removed my top inner by then. She was mourning yoooooo ahaaaaaaaaaa for long time and she asked me want to she her pussy!!!!!!

Said yes in feeble voice then I was aroused completely. She removed here saree and petticoat and I can see a pink panty covering here pussy, I put my hand over here pussy which was wet with her juice, she removed my pant and I stood nude before her.

Which is my 1st nudity before a girl/lady, she asked me to remove her panty, and widened her legs and placed my mouth on her pussy? I sucked her pussy very hard and she took my hand to her another boob and started to squeeze it and I was caressing it lovingly.

It was nice to suck and taste her salty juice from her pussy and the smell from her pussy stimulated me more and more can feel my dick was being caressed and squeezed in her hand. She asked me to put two finger inside her cunt and to suck her boobs...

which was really wonderful for me since she was moving my hot rod to and fro.... And she asked me to stop and stand up she took my tool in her mouth and started to suck, bite, and tongue around my tool where I felt I was in heaven.

I was holding her boobs in my hand and she stopped everything and she moved over to the bench and lied down she asked me to come above her and I did the same she hold me tool and placed the same in her cunt....

I felt difficult to move inside since I had some irritation over mine, she took her orgasm and put over my rod and she said me lay down and she went above me, she sucked my tools for two minutes where I felt it is bulging like.

Then she placed her cunt on dick and pressed hard, my dick went inside and I felt a great pain and she was kissing my lips so tightly and she started to pump on my dick... she was screaming ahoooooo

I has wasted lot in my life and suddenly she pressed her waist so hard and I felt she cummed. She lay over me for while and sucking my lips and biting it. After 10 minutes she came down and sucked my cock hardly and she lay down on the bench and asked to me drill her pussy,

now my dick was hot and with sticky juice over and it went easily. I done my exercise and in between she got orgasm twice and she kissed my lips and put her hand caressed at my hair, I was continuing my exercise

and I felt some pain and hot fluid is rushing out of my dick, she held my waist with her legs and pressed very hard where I cummed first in her pussy and fell over her. No words to express the pleasure, which should be sensualised.

Then she got up and sucking my cum and she cleaned everything in my dick. Now time is almost 2245 hrs and we dressed ourselves and she let us have another session tomorrow. From then we had sex almost everyday and she got special permission.
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