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Sexy Rain Goddess

Submitted by a fan

It was a rainy day . The rain has started suddenly. In the morning no signs of rain was there. So naturally many has not carried their umbrellas.I, Vimal, had a lot of work in the office. So was in the a/c cabin with my new soft wares. When came out it was found that only two were there in the office apart from watchman. There was terrible rain outside. Water was filling the road I have decided to move quickly fearing flood. Then the watchman has told me that sheeba mam is also waiting for a cab. But no cabs or autos are playing. Will you give her a lift? I was astonished to see her in this late house .She was a very silent and serious type lady. I had a talk only once. But since I am a software man and has a separate cabin where others are restricted,I never get much chance to flirt with ladies. Sheeba has joined since six months. I was a senior staff with 5 year service. I was told of her by my friend once ,and also I have got introduced but her indifference made me to avoid her further. I am a bachelor aged 31 and was staying alone in a large flay. Since parents have shifted to HP I was alone. After my first love failure I was being unhappy in a fixed marriage. I did have temporary sex relations but never serious. Lucky I did get them constantly ,or I could seduce successfully.

My friend Mathew was also single staying in the same apartment. So we always stay together and cook together. Also we were very close that there was nothing secret in our personal life till then. He knew all about my first love and I was told all about his continuing affair. We also share our catch when ever possible. Also we help when help in required to tame the girls in some cases. It was a rule that once come to our place they will be tasted at least by one or if resist then both . Till now no one have gone against us and usually used to give again happily.

I have immediately agreed to give a lift . Since my place in 5 Km before her I have to drive bit more. She has been called by the watch man. When she has come out I was surprised in seeing her in a dark sari. She was looking very beautiful as if made of marble. How could I have failed to see her beauty earlier, I have astonished. My friend had told me about her big bust and tall stricture and color etc earlier. But some how I have missed all that.

She was very tall about 5.7 and slim. She was staying with her friend who was a nurse in a 5 star hospital. She has thanked me in advance and requested me to drop at my place ,so that she could get a rickshaw from there. It was about 8 PM by then. After moving 5 k.m we could find that the roads are not drivable. She has called her friend and found that she in having night duty. She was told that there will be no vehicle near her house ,so better to get dropped at her place itself. We have a long talk about her family and education liking etc to avoid boring . While reaching at my place it was 9 P.M .She has pressed me to leave her there , Finally I have agreed to do so. There was no water in our road and there was a high mast light. She was confident of getting a vehicle ,as she was familiar to those areas. . In the car I have tried to touch her and have got her smell. But has controlled myself from catching her. .I could touch her beautifully maintained feet when she has cross legged after leaving her foot wear. It was itself was a scene to remember. Pink soles and brown painted long fingers made me almost mad.

Just after I have entered in my room and has removed my dress the watchman has called me over phone. He has told that there was a lady calling me . When talked it was Sheeba. I have invited her to my place. She was dropped in by the watchman. She was sorry to trouble me. The area around her house was having more than to 3 feet water. so no vehicle could go. .I was requested to drop her to her friends hospital which was 10 K.M away. I have reasoned her about the rain and the road condition and finally agreed to stay with me. I have 3 bed rooms and so if she like she could use one room by locking from inner side. She has smiled and said that she is not fearing me like that. I have given her a pajama and shirt to change.

I have informed my friend about her arrival. He was jealous of me in getting such a top one with minimum effort. .He has told me that he wil sleep only after waiting for my call up to 2 Am.He has also told me not to loose this chance. I have some bread and jam and we took that with a tea. She has offered me to cook. But I have told her that the entry of such a beautiful girl itself is a great thing and if I will make her work it will be injustice. She has laughed for that .We had seen the TV. for some time and she has gone for sleep. I did not get that mood of seducing then. Just after her left have put a sex CD and started seeing that in low audio. Along with that I have thought of her and got a good erection. By then my friend has called me. He was surprised in hearing my condition. Had he been here he would have fucked er at least 2 times by then, he told.slowly I have a short nap. When got up I have seen her in my bed watching that video. I have caught her with our any further talk. She has resisted a little But them how could she succeed in escaping from an expert like me.

I have made her naked in minutes.I have removed my UG. and entered in with out much fore play. She was so tight but now appeared as a virgin. She has cooed and cried when I have pumped her in force. The marble statue ha turned to pink at the end. I found her totally calm and then I have licked and kissed her all over. The feet which has made me mad while in car was sucked and licked .It was found her thigh and feet was of same tone and softness. .When asked she has told that she was used by one of her teachers in her metric period for many times. Then she has feared to tell others. But then onward She has only agreed-me till now. I have told my relation with my friend. But she was not willing. BY then he was called and so I have no way to stop. When he has come in with his key she has tried to get away. I have reasoned her that this was our understanding.and she will never be blackmailed and all will be secret. But By then he has climbed on her and being a strong and tall man with black skin she has simply surrendered with out much cry, I have taken a video since the golden and black bodies were so beautiful to see. His strong and speedy pumping were so rhythmic and long and her cries were so loud . She has tied him with her legs and has a lock with feet. .Again after a gap and rest he did again with more vigor. But she was almost a dead lady under him then. He had left soon leaving her. I have lied near her embracing her till morning. By about 5 she had a wash and again came to my bed. .

By then I also had a wash and has got an erection. .She has caught it and has taken to her mouth. Just her touch made me its maximum. She was not an expert in oral still it was enough for my dick. I have climbed over her and we had a nice fuck with both operating well. We have gone to office together. It was divided that all will be available on call .Really it was a blessing of the rain goddess.
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