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The Guilt

On a fine winter morning, I was reading newspaper. My eyes got stuck on an advertisement of a worldwide contest being sponsored by National Geographic Channel inviting candidates for sending documentary films to them on various genres like adventure, wildlife, natural beauty etc.,indicating that they will give one million dollar cash prize and an exclusive award to the winning documentary.

I, being a professional videographer myself got interested in taking part in this contest. I thought to myself that if I am able to win it, not only will I get famous internationally, but also will be able to fulfill my dream of opening my own production house.

I being a nature-loving person planned of combining all the three major genres i.e, adventure, wildlife and natural beauty in a single documentary film. Since there was a short deadline for submitting the documentary film, without wasting any time, I packed my luggage the next morning, kept all the necessary videography equipment in my SUV and headed towards the hills.

3 Days later

Location: Dense Snowy Forests, 5 Km ahead of Rohtang Pass

Time: 02:00 AM

I was lying in a camp setup by me beside a river, trying to get some sleep. I had also setup a small bonfire to keep myself warm and to keep wild animals away. I was very tired because since last two days, I was busy capturing many video clips of wild life, my own adventure and nature that I came across till now. Suddenly I heard some strange sound.

Realizing it to be sound of some wild animal, I picked up my video cam and wore my helmet with inbuilt lighting equipment and ran outside. I saw a wild animal standing across the river which I had never seen in my entire life. I started shooting it. But when the light fell on the animal, it ran away into the forest. I checked my cam, to find that I had captured only a five second video of that strange looking animal.

Thinking to make the video of such a rare animal, I decided to cross the river and follow it. I looked here and there and saw an old wooden bridge over the river shining in the moonlight, at some distance.

I put the strap of my cam over my neck, and ran towards that bridge. When I reached near the bridge, I realized that it was deteriorating from many places. I started my video cam and as a part of my adventure shoot, started shooting myself crossing the bridge slowly. When I reached the middle of the bridge, my feet fell on a broken wooden plank and I started falling down. But luckily, I got stuck in between the two surrounding wooden planks. I tried to pull myself up by pressing those wooden planks with my hands. I succeeded initially, but when I applied some more pressure to get back fully on the bridge, those two planks could not bear it and they also broke up .I fell into the river along with the planks. This all got recorded in my video cam.

Though I knew swimming, the water was so cold that my body stiffened up completely within seconds and I could not move my hands or feet. I realized that I was close to my end. I closed my eyes and started remembering God.

Unknown Day
Location: Unknown.

Time: Unknown.

I opened my eyes finding myself lying inside a hut. I saw here and there and recognized my video cam, lying over a table. It was dark and snowing heavily outside. Suddenly, a girl came inside the hut and exclaimed ”You regained your consciousness. Let me call my dad.”

She ran outside and brought her dad with her. He came near me and the girl gave me a glass of water to drink. He asked me how I was feeling. I was shivering badly and could not utter a word from my mouth.

Realizing that I was not well, he touched my forehead and told her daughter: “He is dead cold. Please call Vaidyaji.”

His daughter brought Vaidyaji who inspected me. After that, Vaidyaji said to the girl’s dad, “Ramesh, can you please come with me outside. I need to talk to you”.

They both went outside the hut and started some conversation. The girl also ran towards the door and started overhearing the conversation between the two.

After some time, Ramesh called his daughter outside the hut and closed its door. I was wondering about where I was and what was happening with me. A few minutes later, all three entered the hut. Vaidyaji took out a bottle and gave it to me.

I managed to ask somehow: “What is it?”

Vaidyaji told me that it was desi liquor, which every villager used to drink to keep their body warm. He then told me that I would have to drink that full bottle if I had to have slightest chances of surviving till morning.

I told Vaidyaji: “I have a liver problem. If I drink even a single drop of it, it would act as poison for my body”.

Vaidyaji looked worried on hearing this and told Ramesh, the only way out in that case.

Vaidyaji said, “Ramesh, if this person cannot have liquor, the one and only way he can survive, is by getting some body-to-body warmth. I told you what I had to. Now it’s up to you how you get it done”

Saying this Vaidyaji went out of the hut. Ramesh followed him. They both had some conversation outside and then Vaidyaji left.

After some time, Ramesh entered the hut and introduced me to her daughter saying, “She is my daughter, Poorvi who saved you from drowning. You seem to be a good person to me. I don’t want you to die like this. According to Vaidyaji, you require heating up of your entire body which only a young girl can provide you. The only way left for your survival is getting cozy with Poorvi. But I will allow this to happen only if you promise me to marry her as soon as you get well and you will never betray her. You have only a few hours left of your life, if you keep lying untreated. This is a small village and the nearest hospital is quite far away from here. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to die just like this, or you want to survive as husband of my daughter. We are going out of the hut and give you ten minutes to think about it.”

I was lying on the ground confused what to do. Then; I thought, how I can die like this. I had just begun my life. After ten minutes, both Ramesh and Poorvi entered and asked me about my decision. I agreed to all the conditions put forward by Ramesh and said, “I don’t want to die just like that and I am ready to accept Poorvi as my wife”

Ramesh blessed me and Poorvi and said “Your new life is about to commence. Treat each other as your life partner now. Poorvi, do whatever you can do to save him. My best wishes are with you both.” After saying this he left.

Poorvi locked the door. I was lying on the ground wearing Kurta pajama and sweater. Poorvi came near me and brought her lips near my ear and slowly whispered “I will definitely save you”. She brought a bowl filled with hot oil and sat near my legs. She started applying oil on my toes and started massaging my feet, while looking concern fully into my eyes. Gentle touch of her soft hands was giving soothing effect to my body. I tried to move my feet, which was now moving a bit but I was unable to move my whole body.

She whispered “Are you feeling better? “I replied by moving my head up and down. She gave a gentle smile and removed my sweater gently, unbuttoned my Kurta and removed it too. She took some oil in her hands and started massaging my chest, looking into my eyes. I also started gazing at her body. She was looking damn hot in red woolen top and green long skirt. My eyes got struck on her boobs. I tried to move my hands and grab them, but was unable to do so. Her hands were moving circularly over my chest. I looked into her eyes. She gave me a gentle smile. I was feeling the warmth of her soft hands massaging my chest. It was the time when I realized that I am not going to die.

She applied some oil on my hands and started rubbing them. At that time I promised myself that I will never ever leave those hands. My fingers started moving and I succeeded to get hold of her hands. She was transferring her body warmth through her hands. She applied some oil on my arms and moved her fingers on them. Her touch was magical. Whichever part of my body she touched, it started moving a bit.

Poorvi looked into my eyes and whispered “Shall I continue further?” I replied her again by moving my head up and down. This time she moved her hands towards my waist and untied the knot of my pajama and slowly moved it down. Now I was lying almost naked in front of her just wearing my briefs. She put some oil over my thighs and moved her magical fingers on it. She was moving her hands up and down and suddenly, one of her hands unintentionally touched my dick over the briefs. This time I looked into her eyes and gave her a smile. She realized why I was giving her a smile and she blushed.

I was waiting for the time when she would remove my briefs too and give me a hot massage on my dick and make it alive. As she was massaging my thighs, I was getting sexually aroused. After some time I felt some movement inside my briefs. I realized my dick getting hard. Suddenly, her eyes went over my semi-erect dick. She started gazing it while massaging my thighs. And this time, she intentionally touched it. She looked into my eyes and this time her eyes were full of desire. She didn’t ask me anything, but I moved my head up and down.

She kept one of her hand over my briefs on my semi-erect penis. She slowly removed my briefs and started moving her gentle fingers over my tool. She slowly bent towards my face while holding my dick and gave me a super hot smooch. Her boobs touched my chest. I was unable to control now, and my dick got fully erect, but my body was still not moving fully. Somehow, I grabbed her waist with one of my hands; smooched her and moved my other hand under her red top reaching her boobs. I felt immediate warmth of her boobs as she was not wearing any bra. I started caressing them gently and started moving my fingers on her nipples, while she gave me a hand job.
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