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The Bollywood Bet

The harsh cold of a miserable winter's night set a perfected cozy mood about the shared household of Abhisraj and Risharya. The battering of the heavy, freezing rain on the windows throughout the house only reminding them of the warmth and comfort inside. There was a great cheer about the pair, but that's usually the case on most Friday nights with people. A long week of work and miserable weather only let them appreciate the comfort of their house a little more. The house had been set up much differently to the way it normally was, this was because Abhiraj was hosting a weekly poker game among his Bollywood friends, he was grateful he was hosting this week and didn't have to weather the storm outside.

After shuffling a bit of furniture, and organising a few stacks of poker chips, Abhiraj had proudly set up the perfect round poker table in his living room. Risharya, his wife of 7 years gave a small, sarcastic clap after a good 10 minutes of struggling on Abhiraj's part, who bowed in return, furthering her sarcasm.

"I'll be here all week." Joked Abhiraj, joining his wife on a nearby sofa. "You still going out tonight?" He added, nodding toward a nearby window.

"Probably not." Risharya answered. "Wasn't really in the mood for the girls tonight anyway."

"You'll have to join the game at this rate" He replied, looking through the messages on his phone, "Johny and Ameer can't make it."

"A little rain and everyone quivers indoors" Risharya laughed, nuzzling up against her husband as he continued to read his text messages. "Is anyone else coming?"

"Ritwik." He replied, "Ritwik never misses a game."

Twenty minutes of uncertainty passed, the game should have started by now but nobody had shown up yet. Abhiraj hated waiting about, and his pacing between the kitchen and the front door only showed that. Risharya at this point had poured herself her second glass of wine and was quite content having the entire sofa to herself. This was quickly disrupted by the piercing beams of light as a car pulled into their driveway, the light shining through the living room window.

"Honey, I think that's your friend." Risharya called through to her Husband, not shifting from her place.

"About time." He muttered to himself as he went to the front door.

The sound of heavy rain filled the room as Abhiraj opened the front door, welcoming his friend. It was still raining hard outside, and the talk between the two friends quickly turned to it. Risharya heard faint hints of idle chatter as the two boys walked through to the kitchen and got themselves a beer, complaining over the lack of commitment of Johny and Ameer.

"Bit of head to head action it is then." Called Abhiraj, considerably happier now that one of his friends had shown up.

The attention of the boys was equally divided as they walked into the living room. Abhiraj walked proudly towards his grand poker table set within the middle of the room, admiring the efforts he had gone to for tonight, though partially being wasted. His friend eyes on the other hand, drifted toward Risharya, who had now looked up at this point. Risharya looked back, greeting the stranger. At this point Abhiraj had notice them staring at each other.

"Now, now boys, play nicely." Risharya said playfully as the two continued to gloat between each other.

The cards began to fly and the room began to buzz of friendly rivalry, jokes and general comfort. Abhiraj and Ritwik had been strategically absorbed by their game for the better part of an hour by this point. Risharya looked on now and again, watching curiously at the tension between some of the hands. She didn't understand the game, but she loved the excitement of it. She followed the mood of who was winning between the shouts of victory and cries of irritation with each hand. Risharya was having trouble focusing on anything, the excitement of the game beside her drew her away from reading or sorting chores.

The game pressed on, and so did the drinks. Before long Risharya was practically a barmaid clearing out the empty beer bottles between the three of them. Upon clearing the second round of drinks, she peaked across the table, trying to make sense of who was winning. Her eyes met with Ritwik's, who for the first time that night, to Risharya's knowledge at least, had taken his attention away from his cards and towards the wives figure, now practically bent over the table to reach at a faraway bottle. She looked over to Abhiraj, wondering if he had saw his friend blatantly eyeing up his wife, but his attention was focused solely on his cards. She quickly moved out of the room towards the kitchen, turning back to see if Ritwik's eyes were still following her. They were.

Risharya re-entered the room and sat down on the sofa again. A little tipsy, but a little intrigued by the unwarranted attention Ritwik was giving her. She peeked up toward the table again, looking straight to Ritwik, who this time was now throwing a large stack of chips into the middle of the table. An odd sense of disappointment came over Risharya, which made her question why she even wanted Ritwik to be paying attention to her in the first place. More importantly, how didn't Abhiraj notice his friend obviously staring his wife of 7 years up? Was the game that intense?

"Oooh, confident are we?" Abhiraj cooed, in response to Ritwik moving a large stack of chips into the middle of the table. Ritwik didn't respond, not wanting to give away any hints about his hand.

The boisterous tone of the table drowned out due to the rattling thoughts plaguing Risharya's mind at that point. She tried to convince herself that it was merely the drink making her this paranoid. Was it paranoia? A moment ago she was hoping Ritwik had been looking her over again. Risharya looked back up to the table, staring in a somewhat drunken haze at Ritwik.
Ritwik was now staring back at Risharya at this point, smiling at her as she had been looking him over. Risharya didn't want him to assume anything taboo of it. She looked over to her Husband who was preoccupied sorting out his newly acquired chips from the hand before, a smug look covering his face. Risharya turned back toward Ritwik at this point, blushing, noticing his eyes piercing her as they followed her curve line and figure.

"Big win?" Risharya said nervously to Abhiraj, making conversation merely to break the suspense between herself and Ritwik.

"Ritwik might as well leave now." Abhiraj laughed, smiling at his Wife before noticing her flushed face. "You ok, honey?" he asked.

"Yeah..." Risharya nodded shortly, "Just a bit warm in here, I might get another drink."

"Good idea, do you mind getting me one?" Her husband asked, smiling as he checked his freshly dealt cards.

"Yeah, of course." Risharya replied sweetly as she left the room, she decided not to turn to see if Ritwik was staring again.

What the hell was the matter with her? She was more than experienced at ignoring ogling eyes from random guys while out on the town, why was Ritwik setting her body on edge? She thought back to when she was so blatantly exposed over the poker table, collecting beer bottles. The thought of Ritwik's eyes peering down her shirt as she did so sent a flutter to her pussy. Risharya tried to convince herself it was the effect of her drink. There's nothing wrong with guys looking now and again, she knew she drew that sort of attention. There was hardly any harm in it. She tried to bottle up the sensation flooding her for later tonight. She was getting horny, and thought about how Abhiraj was going to benefit from it later.

A cheer came from the other room, Risharya's husband had obviously won another hand. At this rate she wouldn't have to wait long until the couple were alone again. Soon enough she would be able to vent some of this 'frustration'. The thought of Ritwik's depleting chips spurred a naughty idea in Risharya's head. Ritwik had been losing a lot recently after becoming distracted, and if she was the distraction, she might be able to end the game a little sooner.

Risharya re-entered the game room with a couple of beer bottles. Both the boys looked up at her as she did this. She gave a cheeky smile to the pair of them as she did so, staring a little longer at Ritwik as she approached the poker table.

"You feeling better?" Abhiraj asked his wife as he smiled back at her.

"Much." She answered playfully. "This room is just making me feel hot."

Risharya positioned herself a little closer to Ritwik's side of the table, despite having to give the beer to her Husband. She waited a moment until her Husband was fixated on his cards. This was part of a well-crafted plan as the stunning actress bent over the table and reached the beer bottle out in her arm, placing it next to Abhiraj. She remained still for a moment, he ass pushing against her jeans and in perfect view of Ritwik mere feet away. Risharya felt another bolt of electricity surge towards her pussy, she had never done something this naughty, but it was for Abhiraj's sake.

"You sure you don't want something?" She turned her head to Ritwik, her hands placed firmly on the table and her ass pouting out towards him.

"No..." Ritwik gave a delayed response. His eyes could have been burning a hole in Risharya's jeans at this point. "I'm fine."

Risharya turned her head and let out a smile as she walked back to the sofa, sitting down. No doubt Ritwik's eyes followed, as his attention had to be perked by Abhiraj.

"Call or fold." Abhiraj said light-heartily, oblivious to his Wifes ruse to have the two of them alone sooner rather than later.

Ritwik practically had to shake his gaze off, and with little consideration to his cards, grabbed a decent portion of his remaining chips and threw them into the pot.

Risharya continued to smile to herself at the success of her plan and opened her bottle of beer, before taking a swig of short lived victory.
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