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Sonia getting plumbing help

The phone was ringing loudly as I struggled to unlock the door. Finally, the key slipped in, door opens, and I reached for the phone hanging on the wall. “Hello,” I said, trying to shut the door behind me. “Rakesh, this is Sonia.” I heard the soft voice answer. “Hey, Sonia. What can I do for you?” I ask, thinking about the caller. She was my buddy Satish’s fiancée, and an incredible looking woman. “Well, I need some help. Satish’s gone with his brothers to his village and I’ve got a sink leaking like a sieve. I’ve got the water shut off, but being the weekend, I can’t get a hold of a plumber. I wouldn’t bother you, but I’ve got my mother and sisters coming after three days, and I have to have water.” she explained, her voice practically pleading for assistance. “No problem, I’ll grab my tools and be over in about 20 minutes. Ok?” “That’d be great, Rakesh. I really appreciate this.” “Not to worry. See you then.” I answered, hanging up the phone. I was kind of irritated, mainly because I was looking forward to watching the cricket game tonite, but, duty calls. I grabbed my toolbox from the basement, and headed back out the door. As I drove over to Sonia’s, my mind wandered. I started thinking again how she looked, and why she was with Satish. Don’t get me wrong, Satish’s my friend, and a real good guy. But, he’s ambitious and would do any thing for a promotion and moving up the career ladder..
She’s mentioned several times how she never gets ‘any’, and how Satish doesn’t even seem interested. Considering what she looks like, I can’t believe it’s a lack of interest, but an inability to perform. I mean, if I had something like Sonia next to me every nite, I’d be exhausted by morning. She has an incredible body, with nice, melon-sized breasts, curvaceous hips, and a beautiful heart-shaped ass. And her personality just completed the whole package. She was shy until she got to know you, but once she did, held nothing back. She could give as good as she got, and on several occasions had left me speechless, unable to answer for fear of incriminating myself. And the whole time, all she could do was smile. Ye! ah, she loved to flirt, and sexual innuendos were a big part of that flirting. As I pulled into the drive, I had to remind myself that I was involved, and she was engaged to my friend. So fantasizing was my only option. Or so I thought. I knocked on the screen door, and Sonia yelled “Come on in, Rakesh. I’m in the kitchen.” I opened the door and went in, straight toward the kitchen.
As I looked thru the doorway from the living room, I could see Sonia, all bent over wiping water up with a towel. I stopped and stared, my mouth practically hanging open, admiring the view. Her white skirt was soaked, making them practically transparent. I could see her asscheeks clearly, as her underwear disappeared between them. Mesmerized, I stood there, not even recognizing that she was looking back at me from between her legs. I didn’t even hear what she was saying until she moved, breaking the spell. Well, up until she turned to face me. Her shirt was soaked also, and she wore no bra. I could tell because the shirt clung to the curves of her breasts, and her nipples pointed straight out, chilled from the water. I heard her speaking, but couldn’t tell what she was saying, as I watched her breasts sway as she moved to the coun! ter. Thank god she was looking down, so she didn’t notice me unconsciously licking my lips as I ogled her. As she looked up, I tore my gaze away from her charms, focusing on her face, trying to keep my hormones under control. She smiled at me, almost as if she knew what she was doing. My face grew red as I realized she’d caught me. “Well, Rakesh – what do you think. Should we just install a surround and make a pool out of it,” she said, her hands spreading outward, gesturing to the water that covered the floor. I quickly glanced down, as her movement displayed her chest even more prominently. I looked over the floor, covered with about a half inch of water, towels placed in the doorways to prevent it seeping outside the room. Smiling, I looked up at her, making contact with her pretty brown eyes.
“Let’s just see what we can do about it first.” I said, moving toward the sink. “Thanks for coming out, Rakesh. I have no clue what to do,” she said, that frustration beginning to creep back into her voice. “Well, first, you need to go change. You’re soaked, and I’m betting a little chilly. Let me get over here and see what needs to be done.” I set my toolbox down on the counter, and leaned down to look under the counter. She moved next to me, leaning down and looking too. I could smell her perfume, its scent filling my nostrils. I knew I was in trouble, and would get nothing fixed if she didn’t go. Nothing was said for several minutes, as I continued to look, even though I already knew what the problem was. Simple enough, really. The rubber water line had split, and needed to be changed. But I needed the extra time to relax and settle my hormones. She was really getting to me. Or more appropriately, to my groin. Finally, I straightened, and immediately moved closer to the counter, pressing my waist forward, hiding my growing erection. I pretended to look at the faucet, as she stepped back to give me some room.
Without looking at her, I spoke. “Well, doesn’t look to serious. It’s! just a cracked water line. Faucet looks fine. Tell you what; you go change, I’ll take care of this. We’ll have you back high and dry in no time.” I smiled at her as I finished, still leaning over the counter, covering my excitement. “You don’t need any help? I don’t know much, but I could hold something, or hand you your tools,” she answered, flashing a mischievous grin. “Trust me – I’ve got it under control. You can be more help if you just go change. You’ve got to be chilly. And it wouldn’t do you any good to catch cold this close to your wedding.” I said quickly, trying to sound nonchalant. I turned toward my toolbox, my back to her, and fished through it, fumbling for my pipewrench. She turned away, moving toward the hallway. “Ok, but if you need anything, just shout for me. I’m gonna go dry off, change, and I’ll be back.” After she’d left the room, I relaxed a bit. Leaning against the counter, I took slow breaths, trying to calm myself. My thoughts wondered back a few minutes. Sonia, standing there, bent over, her ass covered by barely a wisp of clothing. Then her breasts, full and rounded, nipples erect. I shook my head, clearing the images of her. Time to get to work.
I had the faucet line off in a matter of seconds. I inspected it, turning it over, looking for signs of wear. It looked to be a new line, and in good shape, except for the clean slice in it. ‘Oh, well,’ I thought, ‘I’m sure Satish’s got a replacement in the garage.’ I went out and after just a few minutes, found a brand new line under his workbench. ‘Satish the packrat’, I thought.’ ‘Good man.’ Satish was a packrat, kept everything, but kept it all neat too. “Boy definitely spends too much time in the garage,” I laughed as I headed back in. I slipped the new line on, grabbed the wet/dry vacuum from the garage, and sucked up all the water on the kitchen floor. After taking the vacuum back, and drying up the moisture from the rest of the countertop, I was ready to turn the water back on. “Sonia, I’m going out to turn the water back on. Can you come in and watch for any leaks?” I yelled down the hallway towards her closed bedroom door. “Be right there, Rakesh. Just one sec,” she answered. I waited by the door, and, true to her word, it was just a few seconds. She came into the kitchen wearing a short white bathrobe, a towel wrapped around her head.
She smiled, then done a quick spin. “Better,” she asked. I started to say no, but thought better of it. I answered, simply saying “Definitely drier, I’ll bet.” She giggled, then kneeled down to look under the counter, checking my work. “Just keep and eye on the line, and when I turn the water on, if it’s leaking, yell so we don’t have a mess again. Got it?” I asked. “Got it.” I went outside, turned the main line on, and waited. After a few seconds of not hearing anything, I went back in, wondering if it was leaking. As I entered the kitchen, I got the shock of my life! Sonia was kneeled down in front of the sink cabinet, ass high in the air, looking underneath. Her short robe had ridden up on her hips, exposing her beautiful ass and hairy swollen fat pussy to me. I said nothing, just stood there, staring, my mouth hanging open. I could feel my cock begin to harden, as she shifted before me. Suddenly, she glanced back, and a smile crossed her lips. She wiggled her ass just a bit as she popped up, turning to face me. Her robe was fully open now, her firm breasts and still erect nipples fully exposed.
Her hairy pussy was damp, the lips engorged and full. I realized as I leered at her that I was holding my breath, waiting for her reaction. “No leak, Rakesh. Looks like you fixed it. But I think I’ve got another leak that needs attention, mine or yours, if you know what I mean,” she said, still smiling. I was dumbfounded! Here was my friends wife, naked in front of me, coming on to me. I didn’t say a word, nor waste any time. I moved forward, my hands reaching forward. She moved into me, her hands grasping mine and guiding them around her, resting them on her pussy as she covered my mouth with hers. “Do something about the leak there “ she murmured as we kissed, softly at first, then more aggressively. My hands kneaded her ass, pulling her groin into mine, my now fully hard cock pressing through my jeans. Her arms went around me, one hand on the back of my neck, her other sliding down to my ass, pulling me into her.
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