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Sexperince Of Madan Kumar

Hi all story readers, i am Madhan, aged 23. I am a regular story reader. I am working as a sales executive at Madurai in Tamil Nadu. This is my first story and first fuck experiences but i’ve played with boobs and other parts with various women earlier. I am doing a correspondence course in mku, while attending its contact seminar I got introduced to a boy called jegannivasan.

Later we became close friends and I call him jegan as i’m away from my home,in staying in a lodge where he used to come in the evenings and chat.jegan’s family is financially down as his father lost a lot of money in business.they are pucca orthodox hindus.once he invited me to his home and introduced me to all.they all seemed to me as good pious peoples. being very much interested in sex I imagine all women I meet in that way.his mom is aged around 43.but looks much younger.her skin is milk white. She is short and plump.her boobs are like two melons and stomach fleshy and her ass is perfectly round.his sister is tall and she is nearly 28. She is white and her body is firm and her boobs looks like pointing towards you when she wears a nighty,other that them his family has his aged father and his younger brother. I used to go to his home whenever I have to pass that area as they all treat me very kindly.when one day I went there nobody except his mom aws present.his father would be out usually for business trips and his brother would go to college.his sister who has completed mca has went out for shopping and jegan has gone to his uncles house in tirupur.when I went his mom was doing some puja after bathing. She told me to wait and after completing them she came and sat beside me and was chatting various topics like future,career,politics and even films.while I was about to leave she told me to have lunch and compelled me to take food when I said no. So I decided to take lunch there. she told me to sit relaxed on the floor as that was the practice there.when I sat she kept the plate before me and served rice.when she bent down to serve her saree moved slightly I her pair of melons seemed to come out of her blouse.

I could understand that she saw wearing a black bra tightly.whenever she stooped her fleshy white assets gave me a attractive sight with her black blouse contrast until finally she noted my eyes and adjusted her saree.we were quiet for some time while I ate.then after lunch I asked where the bathroom is and went to urinate.my cock was hard from the moment I saw her cleavage. When I was waiting for the tension to go so that I could pass urine i,i remembered that I forgot to put the bathroom door hook and when I turned ,she was sitting in the hall and staring at my 7 inch penis.when I saw her she quickly turned and pretended to watch tv. I passed urine and came back she was keeping some bananas and asked me to have it. I pretended like watching tv and moved my hand towards her and kept my hand on her stomach with guts as if I was trying to get the banana . She was quiet . Still I didnt had the guts to look at her face but my hand caressed her stomach and moved up to catch her boobs. She was breathing faster. I turned towards her and caught her other boob with the other hand and kissed her on the lips. She embraced me with a smile and took me to the bed room. I removed her saree and made her to sit on the bed. I crushed my face between her big melons. It exited me. I put my hand on her boobs and pressed it as my my desire. I removed the blouse hooks one by one. I pressed her boobs with bra for some time and embraced her to removed the bra hooks at the back.when I removed it her boobs were dancing and the pink nipples encircled a big area. Its circumference was so big.

My mouth watered and I took one nipple inside my mouth while pinching and caressing the other then I put my mouth on the other nipple and sucked. I kept on sucking and licking one boob after another and then laid her on the bed. I moved my mouth to her deep navel and sucked it.all this while she was holding my head tight and caressing my hairs. I removed her underskirt and saw her bushy pussy with dense black curl hair.her thighs were white and big and I kissed her inner thigh and pussy she moaned ahhhhhhh……….. I could see that inspite of these 20 minutes licking and caressing she has cummed and was craving to put my lund inside her. I pushed it inside her pussy and it moved in smooth and I started fucking. I cummed within few mins but she needed more and took my cock inside her mouth and sucked so good that it erected immmediately. I took 15 mins to cummed in the second fuck . we fucked four times that day and I left when it was evening time when others would come home.this relationship continued secrectly,and we became so close . one day she was worrying about her daughters future as dowry system is so dominant in Madurai she couldnt conduct jyothi’s(not real name) marriage. I joked that”naa venuna purushan kudukira sokata kudukiren”(if you want I will give her what a husband gives).
After few days she started creating situations where I and jyothi would be alone like taking her to movie etc.and once when we were watching movie I got aroused by the dance of mumtaz and rubbed against jyothi slightly. She was quiet. I found that she was a thoroughfare.when we reached home her mom alone was present and she immediately left leaving me and jyothi alone in home. I hooked the door and went to kitchen where jyothi was standing,seeing me she stood quiet with a shy smile. I went near her and put my hand on her boobs she left a soft moan. I took her to the bed room and removed her churidaar (shalwaar) and her bra.her boobs were strong with nipples protruding. I took one nipple inside my mouth while slightly biting it with my teeths. She moaned ooooooohhhhhhh……….and then I took the other nipple and did the same.then I removed all other clothes and started licking and sucking and biting from lips to boobs to navel to inner thighs and then to pussy. She was moaning “ssssssss………..” “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” “uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh” all the while. I parted her legs and kissed her shaven pussy.

I put my cock in its opening and pushed inside. It moved in slowly with each push. I held her and rolled so that she comes above me and told her to fuck me .and she gave me a good fuck.we then tried various positions of fucking. one day I told her about the relationship I have with her mom and she said she dont mind it as long as it is kept between three of us. Then onwards we started group sex which is so funny which I shall write in future when I get time.
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