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Nostalgia Of That Horrible Fuck

I mrs. sopna banerjee,aged 50 and is living as a rich and famous and beautiful too. We has 2 children and now have grand kids. Still our sex life is in good form. I an not a orthodox in sex and relations .I knew this as same with my actor husband. All my relations were very polished and stylish. But the first sex relation was the most memorable and dramatic even now. It was painful and a one sided affair .I have disliked it at that time ,and want to escape from mentioning to any one. Now only one living man is aware of that day,that is my husband.

That was during a train journey. I was 21 then. a tall very fare ,confidant girl ,who was ready to face ant thing. I was a NCC gold medalist and had rock climbing experience. Fear was a word not in my dictionary. I was moving to Delhi for an interview .The compartment was 3 tier one There was a family with one newly married pair and their parents .and a young fellow who was mad of me.

He has tried to become a presentable man with all his ability. I felt it as a time pass. He was a medical rep, and has told about his fitness training and jokes happened i his job. I have not introduced myself expect name and place.The train was about to reach the MP AP boarder police personals have asked to close all boors and windows to avoid the attack of thief. that area was considered as thief gang prone at that time People have started discussing how a group of 10 or 15 gang can fight with 72 passengers. On that day it has only about 20 ladies and about 10 seniors .

so after about half a hour they have opened their windows. I have got up by hearing cries and shouts. I Then I found a group of thief's a are inside with swords and guns collecting gold and money. All were giving things as their slaves ,including those" young" men. I have no golds but I gave my money. They have checked my bag for surety. The sward was on my neck. Some youths were taken out from under the seats and were beaten. with in about one hour their work was over .I Then i thought that our cordial is over Them one tall fellow has pulled a girl of 15 and carried her to the end of the compartment.

By then they have removed all passengers from there to the other end With out any shame he has removed her cloths and put her on a lower birth and started fucking .No talking at all only her cry and sound of train. Their parents were under the gun. I immediately lied on the ground covering my face and closing my ear. Hardly it took 5 minutes to stop her cry. By then each one took their choice There were lot of crying But passengers were made silent. Then some one has pulled my feet and in no time i was taken on his shoulder.

I could not produce any sound. Throat was dry .I was taken to the last birth near the door. I was made naked in seconds. Dresses and bra etc were torn away. With out and foreplay I was fucked with a extremely long and thick black structure. The pain was horrible .still I had no sound .He was a old man with gray hairs .Even his prick was with full white hair. He has lied on me and i could not breath. the pumping has continued for 15 minutes. He has bitten me on breast lips and inner thigh after cumming in side.

I felt as if some one has pored hot water inside my womb. when he has got up another youth has come and did the same, His prick was small and was less paining. then came a boy about 16 and he has kissed licked and bitten my body before fuck.He has even sucked my legs, fingers and heals and pussy. He had a long dick but did the act for 5 minutes or so. Almost all ladies of their choice from 14 to 40 were used by them and then came a station . before the stopping of the train all of then has jumped away . slowly ladies were taken by their relatives.

I have excepted my friend to come but I did sleep there for an hour. when all lights were off I went ti the bath and cleaned up and had my dress. I did sleep there itself and got down when the train has reached Delhi. some have filed a theft compliant. There my aunt has taken me to a doctor and did all necessary.

I still Remember what that doctor has told me "beta ,suppose if you fall from train people will take you to a hospital ,do you feel when they ere touching or catching your body, and in hospital the doctors and staff will open your cloths for treatment. Just forget all and think that it was an accident and attend your interview" I did so and was selected. I have also told the board that I had a fall in rail injury when they have asked about the bite marks and bandages. I have passed and that was the start of my present job. .I had many relations But before marriage,.

I told him this accident. .He also considered it as only an accident. But now a days some time i used to think those white haired penis and his cruel fuck etc with a nostalgia. I think that a girl cannot forget her first fuck that also from a strong hero.some time i wish to dream him doing the act again more elaborately enjoying my beauty in full. May be perversions of my hidden interest for a fo**** fuck ?
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