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My First Experience At Salem

Hello friends I am a regular reader of experiences and fantasies and great fan of HumanDigest.com. Your experiences encouraged me to write my own. I hope u all will really enjoy this and will send me your responses. My name is Jimmy (not real) doing computer science engineering in Salem, Tamil Nadu. Let me describe about myself. I am 5′8″, 69 kgs, well built body, I must admit, that I am a bit handsome. Well I’m very friendly and loves the company of girls.
I was looking for a good girl from the first day of our college, I was having healthy relation with many of our batch girls. I tried making a deep relation with one of our junior girl, but it failed, by that time a girl changed her department and came to our class, I became friendly with her soon, I started thinking about her,! but she was in love with another guy, we became close friends and I told about my love failure and during our college picnic she was sitting near me, when she saw me sad she took my hand in hers and told she was also not having a happy relation with her lover, so its better not to have affairs, this gave me a green signal, during our travel she was lying in my lap and my 8″ tool started to harden.. I kept my hand on her hip as unknowingly but I was afraid to proceed further. Oh sorry I forgot to tell about her, her name is Divya (not real) She is an extremely sober natured girl with a very sweet face and milky white skin. I always secretly admired her beautiful body and the way it gracefully moved when she walked or sat or did anything. Divya is gorgeous, stunning, pretty, inviting & totally she is REAL SEXY GODDESS FROM ‘GODS OWN COUNTRY (KERALA) !.,Her pretite boobs which were well developed, amply swollen, luxuriant, quite shapely, bulging, protruding, opulent, curvaceous, firm looking and her sexy buts made all boys of our class restless and gave most of them the biggest jerk of their life. She has a pair of pouting lips which looks very fresh and juicy. Her dresses always reveal that peek show of her cleavage which would give any guy an instant hard on. She is a sculpture’s delight., with 36 30 36.We began to know each other and soon we started to go around together. We watched a lot of movies together, went to net cafes went for long drives n’ did al the stuff like we were lovers.
One day she rang me and said that we wanted to meet at once, I asked her to meet at the near by ice-cream parlor, that evening at 5:00 pm sharp. She came there clad in her best with lively protruding structures . She told that she was feeling lonely in the hostel and was not able to cover her lessons,all her hostal mates wer avoiding her as she was moving around with me. She also asked for my help to study 4 our exams,she took my hand to her face and started crying, I told her that I will help her for her studies and asked her to call me at night so that I can tell her a most suitable private place,as hotels were very coastly and also had a heavy risk, I selected my friend’s appartment .Next day morning she came to the place,she was wearing a white churidhar and was REAL SEXY in that dress. She gave me a sexy smile and we moved to the room and we locked the room and I started to explain her the lessons in between she told that she loved my company and always wished to b near me,she looked ver upset upset! with tears,she buried her face in my hands,her sexy lips was making my hand wet, I put my arms around her to console her. She moved her face to my chest and now she was hugging me hard. I was loosing my control. I started rubbing her back,then she took her face from my chest and began to look at my eyes. I felt like her eyes are inviting me, I kept my hand on her face and moved slowly to her lips,she was responding,then I kissed on her forhead and I slowly moved to her lips , I kissed her lips,then her cheeks and neck. Her lips were very juicy. I rubbed my lips on hers,we were kissing each others lips for 5 minutes. She looked in to my eyes sexily. I went on sucking her lips. She came closer to me holding tightly in excitement. I placed my hands on her boobs. Wow, they were really marvellous. I pressed her boobs over her churidhar,then I removed her churidhar shawl(chunni) and started touching her globes over the bra It was really a great touch on! my palms. Her breasts were fully swollen. I pressed them for quite some time and kissed her lips, cheeks and neck.
She placed her hand over my pants and she started to take my bulge into her hands and caressed it from outside. She unzipped my trousers a stripped my underwear and bent down to take my rock hard 8″ inch manhood into her mouth. I moaned with pleasure.ah…..ayoooooo…divya molay… Suck it hard. She gave me the blow job for 10 min and I was in my full erection. I started to realize her intention and one by one I removed her clothes,she was wearing a white bra and a rose panty. She did’nt mind as she was busy with my tooI then stopped her. I got a hold of her boobs with my two hands. I started sucking the black nipple.Now she was at her peek. I bit her nipple slowly and she started shouting with pleasure. ahaaaaaaaaahaaahh oyaaaac ‘jimmy kuttaa eat them”. I could! ‘nt control myself, I started going down to her navel,stomach. I started sucking her white fleshy body. She was really enjoying it. I started kissing her ears,nose,and rest of the body. I pushed myself towards her vagina. I started sucking her vagina., I sucked her lower lips hard, Her pussy had become wet and oily. I spread her legs and entered the love hole with my rock hard oragan. it was very tight and she was shouting., “aaaaaaaa hhh oooo(pathukkay). She had a grip of my hair, I started my strokes slowly any she began to moan with pleasure, I fucked to her satisfaction, and finally she had her orgasm with a big shout “aaa aaaaa hhhhh ooooaaahh”.Then I made her to kneel down and I started fucking her white little ass.At the last w! hen the semen was ready to be sprayed out,she had my dick in her mouth. She received my semen,and she did’nt waste a little bit of it. She really enjoyed and collapsed on me. She caressed me and we slept together.and we bathed and it was late and she told that she had to return to hostal.but the sad thing happend is both of us did’nt studied anything and so we did’nt the exams next day.
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