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In a Bus With Mom

In India On vacations we used to go to the village on such days we travelled by train due to the heavy rush, but that day we missed the train and we had to go by bus My mom pulled me and sis inside as the bus moved unfortunate for her that day there was a procession which had just ended and all the men were climbing into the first bus going to go so the women had moved away but we unknowingly and since it was becoming late grabbed the first one Even the women’s seat were taken and when she requested they just laughed The bus moved on slowly we were surrounded by men the only 2 women were my mom and sis ,all eyes were on mom slowly like a pack of hyenas they moved nearer As I said the bus was already full and not even a pin could be dropped.

Slowly the men near her began to move their hands here and there I watched helplessly My mom tried to struggle but the more she moved from someone the more nearer she came to someone else Slowly I saw one of them pressing my moms bottoms she couldn’t even turn to look due to the rush and they knew it Another one was slowly lifting her sari with great difficulty after some time he succeed in lifting her skirt Her panties could be seen and some smiled while others bit their lips while some others tried to come nearer but none had any idea to stop it. Me and sis being small were frightened Then I saw another one trying to remove her panties One person sitting reached out and helped him to pull it down She began to wriggle He then slowly inserted his fingers to her anus and began to push Another one nearby took out his rod and pressed it on her

I looked at sis she was watching this I told her to look away An old man sitting moved a little so that she could sit I was glad there was at least one good person but as she moved in to sit he pulled her to his lap saying this was better I just stood there The old man began to talk to her and she became calmer but as the bus moved on I noticed his hands creeping on to her thighs He then placed a bag on top of it so none could see anything, but seeing sis’s face I knew his hands were going to her pussy Whenever the driver puts a break it was holi for all men who took time to regain Slowly I moved in desperate to save mom and reached near her and stood behind her but no use for now I saw the men in front of her had their hands behind it was like a see saw.

When one presses her bottom, she would move away and directly to the person front resulting in her crotch in his hands. When I came behind she felt relief and smiled at me now she had only to take care of the front person Suddenly I felt someone rubbing my john I couldn’t see who it was and neither could I bring my hand down to strike it off due to the rush I understood my moms difficulty I moved to the other side but the man didn’t leave me he unzipped me and my penis was hanging out I felt my face going red I moved further and then it happened.

My penis collided with mom’s ass I couldn’t move to other side in fear of the man so I was stuck here As the bus moved on my john slowly moved on her ass since her sari was all up and panties half down her raw skin was on me the more I resisted the more hot I began to grow As my john grew I heard murmur from behind and I knew what they were thinking that I grew hot on my mothers ass They had tricked me and I fell for it now they were not the danger I was The man sitting continued to pull moms panties down till it was down on her ankles.

She was stark naked and leaning on me Then the driver put on the break and mom went forward and so did I ,I don’t know how it happened but as the bus moved on from the break my man was in her She gave a startled and helpless look. I looked towards sis and saw the old man rocking her in his lap her panties too lay down and her hairless cunt exposed My penis grew in my mothers pussy I tried to pull off but due to the bus motion I was actually fucking her Even though I was fucking my mom I thought nothing but to move away till I felt a giddiness and something coming over me When the feeling was over I regained my senses.

That time I did not know what happened but now I understand that what leaked out to my mom’s pussy was the first cum to shoot from my cock and that too to my mom. I moved away and someone else eagerly jumped in we had a long journey in front of us and there were many men and only two pussy. I felt a warm feeling on my john but I did not look I thought it was just a feeling but my john grew on and I exploded again Now I looked down and found my sis sucking my cock with closed eyes The old man had tricked her in closing her eyes and made her suck me.

I don’t know what came of me I pulled her up and turning her around lifted her skirt and split open her ass and inserted and began to fuck her hard the old man by that time had brought his fly out and plunged to her mouth I saw him ejaculate all over her face as I ejaculated on her ass. As soon I was over someone pulled me up and gave me a seat I saw, my sis again rushed on to do her duties as this time there were multiple inserts. I sat there with my dick still hanging out wondering when this wonderful journey would end or begin again.
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